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Seriously struggles to edge through buffalo grass, even struggles to shred a single runner of buffalo grass if it is fresh and green. For starters, the robust 40v battery is a huge improvement over the old 24v model. The 40v model is a good deal longer though, and has the weight spread out better as a result. You come across as unknowledgeable or a shill for Ryobi. My garage was burglarized and you are correct, the thieves got a good tool. Required fields are marked *. I was able to find a few issues though, but none were big enough to stop me from giving it top accolades; mere small annoyances really – so was RYOBI able to keep things next to perfect while taking care of those small issues, or did they make a mistake by trying to fix what wasn’t broken? Ryobi RHT6160RS review. These products make me think of the printer market – one that sets up every buyer to spend even more $ on the ink and toners. I’m looking forward to trying the two-string bump feed trimmer with heavier line. User manual 2. I was very mad. I don’t know the warranty issues on the new motor can anyone tell me? Reviews There are no reviews yet. Easy to replace the cord spool, you just buy another spool and plug it in. The line continually breaks where it comes out of the spool and has to be manually extended before starting again. Corded electric; Reviewed Mar 2020. $18.95 up front to leave for repairs within the 5 year warranty. My well kept four-stroke mower would drown it if that helps. It works so well that my housemates are quite happy using it around the house now and do not have any complaints. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for the review! I just bought a ryodi 8 v. Cordless trimmer and i was happy i boufgt it until i had to take it back cause the first time the battery went out than i took it back home and it was running great until the trimmer line broke 3 times still continue and last than 1 hour the battery went ouut again .i bought a cordless so i can at least trim the yars so it i can kepp buzy scince i lost my leg . So, let us take a dive into what they have to offer and find the best one for you from this Ryobi string trimmer review list. There is excessive use of thread from what is required. //.

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