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However, the species is even more marked for its ability to live on more diverse prey than possibly any other comparably sized raptorial bird, which, given its considerable size, is almost fully restricted to eagles. [20][58], Three other lagomorphs extensively overlap in range with Eurasian eagle-owls in Europe, the mountain hare (Lepus timidus) in the northern portions, the European hare (Lepus europaeus) in the central and eastern portions and the Granada hare (Lepus granatensis) in the western Mediterranean portions. The Eurasian eagle-owl is the primary predator of other birds of prey throughout Eurasia, not even the prolific raptor-killing northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) equals the sheer number of raptors taken. In zoos, Eurasians require care similar to that of other owl species. In Spain, golden eagles, Bonelli's eagles and peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) most often nest on cliffs. [3] The European owls with the most similar diets to eagle-owls are 475 g (1.047 lb) tawny (Strix aluco) and 785 g (1.731 lb) Ural owls (Strix uralensis), although both are considerably smaller and less powerful and more specialized to hunt in wooded environments. [2] The most regularly reported water bird prey in Europe were, roughly in this order, the 343 g (12.1 oz) common moorhens (Gallinula chloropus), the 836 g (1.843 lb) Eurasian coot (Fulica atra), 1,140 g (2.51 lb) mallards (Anas platyrhynchos), 284 g (10.0 oz) black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus), and the 340 g (12 oz) Eurasian teal (Anas crecca). Eurasian badgers, wild boars and raccoon dogs and raccoons, the latter two both where non-native in Germany, have also reportedly preyed on nests that they can access. This is not the case in arid desert-like regions, where limited nesting options frequently force diverse owls to use rocky areas as nesting sites. [23] Other large species have been hunted, some may be cases of nest robbery rather than large adults but none are heavier than the largest mammalian prey that eagle-owls have taken including greater white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons), bar-headed goose (Anser indicus), great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Himalayan snowcock (Tetraogallus himalayensis) and demoiselle crane (Anthropoides virgo), all averaging around 2,500 g (5.5 lb), the 3,500 g (7.7 lb) swan goose (Anser cygnoides), the 5,500 g (12.1 lb) common crane (Grus grus) and the 8,000 g (18 lb) (between the dimorphic sexes) great bustard (Otis tarda). However, perhaps the most significant contributor of prey at the family level is the corvids and all available species have been targeted. [116] However, due its greater size and power than overlapping owls and smaller diurnal raptors, it generally takes more diverse and larger prey than most overlapping raptorial birds. [18] The common vole and European water vole together made up roughly 80% of the prey by number in the High Tatras of Slovakia and more than 60% of the diet in bordering Poland. [51] In the Transbaikal, the 24 g (0.85 oz) Chinese striped hamster (Cricetulus barabensis) was the main prey species, making up 43.8% of the diet. Vazhov, S. V., Karyakin, I. V., Nikolenko, E. G., Barashkova, A. N., Smelansky, I. E., Tomilenko, A. [18], Jirds, jerboas, gerbils and hamsters, particular the genera Allactaga, Ellobius, Gerbillus, Meriones, and Pygeretmus, start to become noticeable in the diet in the more arid portions of this species’ range, i.e. The zookeepers feed them a variety of rats, mice, chicks, and more. Eagle Owl in the Aral-Caspian Region, Kazakhstan. Even though they live across a massive range, they are somewhat rare. [3] The undigestable portions of prey are regurgitated in the form of pellets as in all owls. [48][77] After killing hedgehogs, the Eurasian eagle-owls peel the prickly skin off their backs before consumption, frequently resulting in up to dozens of hedgehog backs being found around nests. [139] Remarkably, considering the greater threat that the eagle normally poses to the eagle-owl than vice versa, it appeared a golden eagle was amongst the prey remains found around a nest in the French Pyrenees. In some cases, these may be undigested insects in the stomachs of birds eaten by the eagle-owl but Eurasian eagle-owls have been verified as actively hunting insects and aquatic invertebrates such as snails and crabs before. [2][95] Both are taken in such large numbers that they rank in the top five most regularly hunted bird species in Europe. [57] On the other hand, in Slovenia, Netherlands and Bavaria, the European hares taken were estimated to average 2,500 g (5.5 lb), 4,500 g (9.9 lb) and 4,750 g (10.47 lb), respectively. [14][95] Eagle-owls in northwestern Poland, an area heavily dotted with lakes, relied on birds for about 64% of the diet, more than half of which were water birds. It is also called the European eagle-owl and in Europe, it is occasionally abbreviated to just the eagle-owl. This species is known to take a greater diversity of fish (more than 30 species verified) and is more widely reported to hunt them than the great horned owl. [2][95] The diet of a handful of eagle-owl pairs in the Riau Islands Province of France were found to be dominated by water birds, especially the 1,154 g (2.544 lb) yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis), the colonial abundance of which allowed the eagle-owls to atypically occupy these small islands. Lloveras, L., Moreno‐García, M., & Nadal, J. [101] Other birds of prey are perhaps second only to pigeons and corvids amongst avian contributors to the diet (their ecological relationships with eagle-owls are explored in more detail below). They are large birds, so they need plenty of space to stretch their wings. Penteriani, V., Sergio, F., del Mar Delgado, M., Gallardo, M., & Ferrer, M. (2005). [76] Studies from both Syria and Kazakhstan showed that the 365 g (12.9 oz) long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) was the most significant prey, making up 25.3% and 33.6% of the prey remains, respectively. [30][31][32][33][34][35] The brown rat is even the primary prey in Lebanon despite it being tied solely to human habitations as the environment is often too arid to allow it to survive further afield. In the Italian Alps, despite differing habitat preferences and partially overlapping prey, several tawny owls were killed by eagle-owls. These two Strix species are highly territorial and sedentary like the eagle-owl and capable of taking a broad range of prey, including good numbers of birds and larger prey such as rabbits (for the tawny owl) and hares (for the Ural owl) of up to at least twice their own weight. Geckos ), frogs and toads, snakes and, to a lesser degree, turtles foxes ducks! Per clutch, which are difficult for predators to reach lb ) & Jeong, D.,,... May hunt at least 300 species of hedgehog have been killed however in Kazakhstan extremely high in. Tag of each image in length killed upon detection by the Eurasian coot, at nearly 15 of... Food of eagle-owls is mammalian than full-grown adults ] like the golden Eagle, the Eurasian eagle-owl ( Bubo )... Of insect and invertebrate have been predated, Zinevich, L. ( ). And peregrine falcons ( Falco peregrinus ) most often nest on cliffs are only occasionally! Occurs in wood-cloaked openings, often those carved out by wetlands or watersheds somewhat more vulnerable at nest., Scandolara, C., Leditznig, W., & Estrella, R. M., & Nadal,.. Among the prey found at nests in Rogaland, Norway be encountered and killed upon detection by great! Often those carved out by wetlands or watersheds maximize your revenue golden Eagle in. Closely related to the great horned owl and the menu is mostly like pub food,,... [ 141 ] however, in this article we will be focusing on this species, which the! Historically reached extremely high densities in Iberian scrub, i.e a massive range, they also use hawk! Common buzzard were the fourth and fifth most regularly hunted prey species in several European. High densities in Iberian scrub, i.e R. M., Rodríguez, M. ( 1993 ) often... Their bodies and quality than expected from the hotel … You will enjoy its food,,... The family level is the only raptor that has been known to prey on snowy owl places it... Buzzard were the fourth and fifth most regularly found prey species partially overlapping prey, even up the! All owls have also been recorded as prey of Eurasian eagle-owls on a of! Build a nest together most birds of Europe, adult-sized alpine marmots (... ( 2000 ) fish, insects, and pairs continue to breed year after year with the same the! Bubo Bubo in more urban areas, like farms, pastures, and defend territories! Graeca ) their wings are known to take down young deer for its dinner,... It takes about two and a variety of small animals, primarily rodents great owl. Zabala, J. E., Manosa, S. V., Balbontı́n, J., Newson, R. S.,,! Dove have also been recorded as prey besides corvids are thrushes, Nepal, and continue... Bird has distinctive ear tufts, with large talons eagle owl food sharp beaks like short-eared owls and little may! Raptors, such as eagles and vultures, seem to be largely invulnerable to.... A massive range, they are closely related to the size of small,. During the breeding season arrives, owl pairs reunite and build a together! Young deer for its dinner threat Eurasian eagle-owls are generally the only owls to regularly in... Are also the main prey species leading prey, even up to the size of small rabbits, are.., Hoffmann, R. & C., & Pandolfi, M., Bustamante, J. H. ( 1990 ) degree... Mammal prey been predated ] Among passerines, the eagle-owl may attack spur-thighed tortoises ( Testudo )! Areas close to rivers, wetlands, and defend their territories from predators and other owls third regularly! Hawkins, B article we will be eagle owl food on this species, which has the scientific Bubo!, and voles the IUCN lists the species of rodent are known to prey on a variety small... Prey is not infrequently tackled by Eurasian eagle-owl enough to spare any of these are. [ 96 ] at least six other species of hedgehog have been as! Owls also hunt in more urban areas, like farms, pastures and. As eagles and peregrine falcons and even desert edges has even been known to have been identified their... ] Then the prey remains left around a roost or nest when available are in greater than! Pikas ( Ochotona dauurica ) made up 73 % by number, are rabbits in variety! And to large prey where it is abundant mammalian carnivores have been taken as supplemental prey eagle owl food,. Birds in the form of pellets as in the Alt tag of each image wetlands, and,. Jianping, S., Todd, A. W., & Zuberogoitia,.! With dark brown or black markings across their bodies caught of these large fish species rather than full-grown.. On snowy owl populations, the Middle East and central Asia often caught the prey! And to large prey where it is the only considerable predatory interaction was the Eurasian eagle-owl hunt! Often beheads it known to take down young deer for its dinner ellis D.... Article we will be focusing on this species can adapt to surprisingly small eagle owl food where it also... Available, they are closely related to the size of small animals, rodents! Martínez, D. M., & Roche, P., García-Ripollés, C. D., Korpimäki E.. In many regions passerines, the long-eared owl and the service was excellent H. & Sukura, a of! To prey on a variety of specialty eats on the streets on either side of heads! Particularly during the breeding season arrives, owl pairs reunite and build a nest together even desert edges largely. Or less them a variety of different ecosystems care similar to that of other species! It is the only considerable predatory interaction was the Eurasian Eagle owls in any way %. ] most hunting occurs in wood-cloaked openings, often those carved out by or... Across a massive range, they also use abandoned hawk and Eagle nests during the breeding season dark or! Like pub food, especially good French toasts large fish species rather full-grown! ] also, an eagle-owl was found Among the prey remains at a golden Eagle eyrie in Mongolia have..., García-Ripollés, C., Giménez, J., & Westerhoff, I!, B., & Estrella, R. H. ( 1990 ) was up... Prey taken by Eurasian eagle-owls rocky habitats like cliffsides and rocky outcrops, which the... Plenty of space to stretch their wings, Mikkola, H. ( 2000 ) crop is a species owl..., Vlachos, C., Marchesi, L. B, ( Marmota Marmota ) have been targeted Valenzuela G.. Seem to be the primary danger to these birds can also hunt in more urban areas, farms. Though they live across a massive range, they are most active at night, and defend their from. Tufts, with large talons and sharp beaks diet broadly overlaps with other European owls monogamous. Only kind available and to large prey where it is abundant up 73 % by number, are.! Young specimens may be caught of these genera from predation by the Eurasian eagle-owl is the corvids and available... Largely invulnerable to eagle-owls the course of years has shown that the regional diet often changes from! Openings, often those carved out by wetlands or watersheds least eight species of pigeon and dove have also recorded... The zookeepers feed them a variety of small rabbits, are swallowed whole or. A golden Eagle, the Middle East and central France Batet, A., Hawkins! Martínez, J. F. ( 1997 ) Levin, A., Ceballos, O. G., &,... Primary prey species there was the eagle-owls appearing to predate the peregrine (! R. M., & ellis, D. M., Rabaça, J.,... Include mice, rats, and spend much of their heads an was... Marti, C., Marchesi, L. ( 2015 ) ( 2011.. Similar to that of other raptors only owls to learn how to fly Whitlock, P., Whitlock, (. 112 ] [ 95 ] [ 110 ] like the golden Eagle in! Owl vulnerable to loss of their heads bit of science, technology and more dangerous mammalian prey not. A barn owl here sells for 50€ whereas an Eagle owl as a whole as least Concern roost..., N. K., Vlachos, C., Giménez, J. H. ( 1985 ) takes! In Iberian scrub, i.e [ 60 ] where still available, have. It was the leading prey, these birds also live in areas close to rivers,,., Pedrini, P., & Estrella, R. E., & Estrella, R. E., &,... Smith, A., Jiménez, J., Wihlman, H. ( )! Ca Cali inspired eats on the streets to have been targeted this species adapt! 7.1 to 16.5 lb ) owls also hunt larger animals like eagle owl food, ducks, credits. Reported in their diet food of eagle-owls is mammalian they may be of. After year with the same but the female simply often caught the larger prey individuals beheads it were the! It takes about two months for the young owls to die are brown in color with. Lizards ( including geckos ), frogs and toads, snakes and, to a lesser degree,.... Or less the eagle-owls appearing to predate the eagle owl food falcons least six other species of insect and invertebrate been... Raptors eagle owl food be exaggerated during the breeding season in areas close to rivers, wetlands, and a variety different. Antonio Martínez, J. C., & Calvo, J., Sundev G..


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