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Burgos aloha above-average toughness to stand up and fight his style while taking some powerful counters on the other side. Activities offered by advertising links to other sites may be deemed an illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. In every sense, Shane Burgos vs. Josh Emmett seemed to be a battle of opposites. For his part, Shane Burgos won many of the minutes and hung with Emmett at nearly every step, proving that (while he needed development) the hopes that many had for him were far from wasted. He had the third-round knockout a couple fights prior, but that was more an effect of facing a man who was constitutionally incapable of consistent performances at that stage in his career, where Burgos was one known for building on his successes until the finish was all-but-certain. We should see a pretty classic match-up where both fighters will keep the punches rolling. Since his bout against Ricardo Lamas as a short-notice fill-in, Emmett hadn’t been the favorite in any of his fights, and considering how much of his success seemed contained to brief moments of unparalleled danger, it wasn’t unwarranted. At 35 and with a catastrophic injury behind him, Emmett couldn’t afford a holding pattern any longer, and he fought like it; Emmett vs. Burgos violently spelled massive things regarding both men. The other side of it is Shane Burgos, who showed some terrific skills even in a loss, but also showed the holes in his approach that made the fight a bit worrying going into it. 5 Dimes Casino a USA sportsbook recently sent shockwaves throughout the industry. For Shane Burgos, the fight was a fairly regular one, an expected step into top-10 foes, even if it was an obviously dangerous step. Josh Emmett not only worked in a different way, there was question as to whether he truly worked at all. Going into the fight, one could argue most of the intrigue was due to exactly that fact; Emmett and Burgos not only seemed to be headed in opposite directions as fighters, they seemed to stand in philosophical opposition to one another, technically and narratively. And of course, a knock-out is on the cards. Incredible fight! A win will motivate him especially now that he is in the twilight of his career. We…, The NBA season hasn't started yet because of the coronavirus pandemic. Burgos is a -162 favorite on the money line, with Emmett a slight underdog at +130. 20th (Saturday) June in Nevada, Las Vegas. If he wins on Saturday night in Las Vegas he’ll move a notch up the ranks. Much of Burgos’ offense in round 1, in fact, was as a response to Emmett’s big right, as well as his predictable distance-covering. Shane got to counter-kicking both the jab and the right-hand right away, and for someone who sits on their rear hand as hard as Emmett does, those can be absolutely debilitating; Burgos’ kicking game targeted Emmett’s leg at its most vulnerable, rooted to the floor with all of his weight on it. Knocking fighters stiff and dropping them with jabs isn’t common at 145, but without a consistent way to apply such earth-shattering power, it is simply navigable by top fighters; Emmett didn’t seem to have method to his might, and the Johnson fight was won despite facing a demonstrably slicker and more functional boxer, but Burgos brought something out of Emmett that he’d be wise to keep. Burgos has now won each of his last three fights and is 6-1 under the UFC banner. Curacao licenses them, and you must be at least 21 years old. Emmett covers distance with the jab and throws an overhand that sneaks behind Shane’s lead hand. So, we should take the overall record with a grain of salt. He’s very promising nevertheless, at the very least as a high-level action fighter who can put contenders through hell whether they win or lose, but even that is a bit of a disappointment given how deep his skills seem to run. Burgos was playing with fire with his strategic approach, playing in the pocket as the longer man against a puncher who could put out an elephant, but he seemed to have that fire mostly under control (albeit with a little help from one of Emmett’s knees betraying him). Both fighters are more or less pure strikers. Burgos was the best win of Emmett’s career, and there’s an argument that it isn’t particularly close; Burgos is a prospect but he isn’t raw by any means, and will likely age significantly better than veterans such as Lamas and Johnson (or even Bektic, who looks far less viable moving forward than Burgos ever has). Emmett is averaging 1.50 takedowns with an accuracy percentage of 45 percent. Where Emmett found success was on the counter, at least early. These were likely the biggest singular blows of the round, as Burgos worked for volume more than power and couldn’t roll with shots as well in the middle of messier exchanges. In the battle between the puncher and the boxer, the puncher won, but only after introducing a bit of science into his approach that he hadn’t ever shown before. The recklessness of Burgos took away any defensive polish he still had (off getting nearly finished twice), and Emmett started doing things like counter-jabbing and doubling on counter right hands and winning extended exchanges in a way he certainly wasn’t prior. In the past, Emmett’s counterpunching has really only been a threat to opponents who were doing fairly unsound chasing, such as Jeremy Stephens’ patented technique of running the man back to the fence, and then throwing an uppercut from the floor; however, even in the face of Burgos trying to work with straight punches and kicks, Emmett managed to keep him honest, countering in combination to catch Burgos leaving the exchange. Even early in the round, before the knockdowns, Emmett had success on the lead that he hadn’t before, and that was a function of him entering off bodywork; the right that he landed in round 2 was off a level-change, and while he couldn’t take Burgos down, entering with bodyshots and working to the head served the same level-varying purpose. As a condition of viewing this website viewers agree to hold the owner of this website harmless from any claims arising from the viewer’s participation in any of the games and/or activities offered by the advertiser. Burgos is coming off a dominating showing at UFC 244 that he finished in the third round after landing 161 total strikes. Josh Emmett vs. Shane Burgos Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 8:00 PM (UFC APEX) The Line: Shane Burgos -125 / Josh Emmett +105 -- Over/Under: Click Here for the Latest Odds


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