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I went into Crash Landing on You with practically zero expectations other than general character descriptions and having only seen one trailer, so I had no idea what to expect. but i think i get what you mean and i hope you are right!! The bad CGI and green screen work added to the fantasy feel (my favourite was weird CGI owl but I have to give weird CGI cow and weird CGI fawn a nod too). Lol. LOL I also loved Alhambra, he was like a lighter version of Jung-hyuk in that drama. I don't know if praying for the drama to stay this good is pessimistic, but please be good all the way through Drama. Her telling him he was her style in the middle of all that crazy cracked me up. And then I blanked out. He tells her to explain it at her investigation, but Se-ri has seen too many movies and she freaks out that they might think she’s a beautiful spy or a beautiful secret agent (LOL). or Love the short epilogue at the end. }); The way his fingers played with that trigger, omg, so sexy. -When Jun Hyuk warned her of the mines and he ended up stepping on it. I kind of felt left out. I'm the one sulking. I understand the sass and the silly cute play but please don't make her stupid. "All I had was the trust fund with a few million in it". It’s a lot funnier than I expected for a show set in North Korean and starring a North Korean soldier. That clenched jaw, those mean eyes, the dimples, the little smile at the end. Hahaha~. terrible writing. More Kim Jung-hyun though, please. And on an aside, that tornado was quite something. Jung-hyuk respectfully refuses, having given his word that they would be punished. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { We have a strong, independent woman who is doing her own thing and she's flawed. I'm glad I did. When Jung-hyuk had first found Se-ri, she’d been hanging from her paragliding equipment, complaining at Secretary Hong through her broken walkie-talkie. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access I had a feeling this drama was going to be interesting to watch even as others were saying that this drama was going to be ridiculous and a mess. I'm beginning to get used to being duped by Netflix, so I'm just going for it. Will have to watch this one now :). Tags: Crash Landing on You, featured2, first episodes, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, Hyun Bin, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Jung-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Seo Ji-hye, Sohn Ye-jin, Yoon Ji-min, Your email address will not be published. @leetennant But it's the angst I really look forward to, otherwise it gets boring. // Load the SDK asynchronously Se-ri and Jung-hyuk both stand to get into a lot of trouble if she’s caught, and I think Se-ri knows it, so I anticipate her leading Jung-hyuk around by the nose as he tries to figure out how to safely get rid of the annoying woman he’s been saddled with. Confidential assignment. I'm loving this drama and the chemistry between the leads which seems so effortless. The leads have it, the N. Korean outfit of soldiers have it, the N. Korean ahjummas have it, Kim Jung Hyun has it with the money he’s stolen. I’ve just come from Episode 2, and I won’t drop any spoilers, but I will say that I am impressed. Of course in real life this wouldn’t be funny, but this isn’t real life, and I can’t wait to see all the weird humor and hijinks that can be mined from the situation. It's also great that two actors with the same age is leading this, so no worries about any weird age gap, and they fit the mature characters. It was Park Kwang-Beom. The question I keep asking myself after watching the first ep is "How on Earth is the premise of this show absolutely absurd yet it still works?". really, (dare i say) incredibly bad. Chul-kang goes to speak with the grave robbers, and it quickly becomes clear that he’s involved in their poaching of artifacts. He's definitely an alpha-male in this drama... strong & commanding when they're in trouble, yet he turns so beta-male and almost passive when she backs him into a corner verbally and her smug south korean side bedazzles them all with what she's seen in the world and questions the ways of their own world. This waiting months--or years--reeks. }; Please enter your username or email address. I did like the first episode but there's that lingering feeling that this might go down on the 2nd half. So you're saying Catch the Ghost cheesiness is bad but it's good here? I love him/her already. I'm looking forward to what his scammer has up his sleeve. Is he in any other drama? What are they using to write these N. Korean scenes? I also like that its not just a love story but Hyun Bin has a accident mystery involving his brother to be solved on the side. ;). Those hooded eyes, the eyebrows and that drawl. Meanwhile, Jung-hyuk and his squad determine that this is kind of all their faults for being distracted while Se-ri was escaping. These past two weeks I guess the word is 'empathy', heh. I still have a PTSD twitch from the MOA recaps and two months of people using Hyun Bin's dimples to excuse crappy writing. Hardee, har, har... She's definitely on the entitled side, which is why the humour works so well. What really sold me though was the scene after the credits, when he sees her frustrated and is charmed. Their chemistry is already intense, especially their comedic chemistry, and I anticipate that to transfer over to romantic chemistry quite smoothly.


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