did humans come from orion
While their journeys began in Africa, these Hominins quickly moved toward Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, and eventually, the rest of the world. There is a growing body of research that suggests modern humans were not the first intelligent beings to live on our planet. Why is this pattern of stars repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world? And as we mentioned before, the Orion constellation was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris. This unique theory states that comets, rocks, meteorites, and other heavenly bodies, all speeding through space, transported bacteria and other DNA to Earth, and throughout all the galaxies and Universes throughout spacetime. In the Egyptian Sirius calendar, the year began with the helical rising of Sirius. Ardi’s skeleton represents the oldest and most complete study of Hominids to date. He created “The Personality Cards,” a powerful Oracle-Tarot deck that’s helpful in life, love and relationships. Sirius is also ancient Egypt’s inspiration for one of its first Calendars. The Reptilian Alien Race: Living among humans for centuries? Has The Lost Ark of the Covenant Been Found in Israel? The Enigma of the Lost Chinese Pyramids of Xi'an, A Strange Story Untold: A Cryptic Rock in France, The Temple of Damanhur: Aliens, Time Travel and a Neo-Atlantis, Ancient Protection: Using Apotropaic Magic to Ward Off Evil, Russian Archeologists Find Elongated Skull with Perfect Teeth, The Zone of Silence: An Ancient Mystery of Old Mexico. Even humans and our ancient ancestors were successful at regrouping, regenerating, adapting, and reemerging in new and inspiring forms. When you subscribe good things happen. The Orion constellation is one of the most prominent star formations in the night sky and is one of the most famous constellations today, easily identified in the clear night sky. Episode 137 - This piece is inspired by my love for the TV series, Ancient Aliens. ', Matías De Stefano's Initiation Season 2; Atlantis and The Creation of Races, Ancient Sound Technology; The Breath of Creation, Exploring the Ancient Pyramids of the World, These Hindu Texts Describe Flying Vimanas And Details Of An Ancient Nuclear War, Viracocha: The Great Creator God of the Incas, Puma Punku; a Mystery That May Be Greater Than the Pyramids, The Hollow Earth Theory and Underground Civilizations, Study Shows Giza Pyramid Concentrates Energy Within its Chambers, This Hindu Prophecy is Eerily Similar to Nostradamus' Predictions. It wasn’t until around 200,000 years ago that modern humans took a cue from Homo Erectus, the “upright man,” and became the dominant Hominid species here on Earth. While Lucy is the most famous Hominid, her cousin “Ardi” (Ardipithecus ramidus), at 4.4-million-years-old, became the oldest when he was discovered in 1992. “The Quinametzin were created during the time of the “Sun of Rain” and its ruler was Tlaloc.”. !Happy Drawing Things!#ancientaliens #monstersketchtime #drawwithme Egyptian mythology actually suggests that the gods descended from the belt stars of Orion and Sirius and they believed that from Sirius and Orion came beings in the form of humans, they called them Osiris and Isis, and it was The interaction of this race with humans was considered by the Orions to have the purpose of bringing a similarly designed order to us claiming this is a duty on their part given by the 'Creator'. Our ancient Hominid cousins, who evolved into Homo from the genus Australopithecus, may have appeared as late as 2-3 million years ago. Egyptian mythology actually suggests that the gods descended from the belt stars of Orion and Sirius and they believed that from Sirius and Orion came beings in the form of humans, they called them Osiris and Isis, and it was them who actually instigated the human race. Dragons are the best!If you love FUNKO, click here to go straight through to start shopping! Since electric-sparks can turn water, methane, ammonia, and hydrogen into amino acids and sugars, it might be possible that life on Earth was initiated by bolts of lightning. The Origin of our civilization: The Constellation of Orion. These Men from Orion are an unusual life form, not really humanoid at all. There are groups from all belief systems — Christians, conspiracy theorists, alien researchers, evolutionists, and more — who believe pre-Adamites (humans or intelligent beings that walked the Earth before Adam) actually existed. How did this come to be? The three principal stars in the constellation are Alnilam, Alnitak, and Mintaka which form the belt stars of Orion. As humans, we are members of the Hominidae, which includes great apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, and human beings. Instead, he proposed that an evolving genus, species, or lineage could make miraculous and aggressive jumps within a generation. Episode 137 - This piece is inspired by my love for the TV series, Ancient Aliens. All estimates, for man and planet, they say, stem from approximation, which is neither precise nor relevant. Forming tribes, cultures, and civilizations. Or is there an otherworldly connection to this phenomenon, phenomena that could clarify our very own origins. The Tower of Babel Story: A Cross-Cultural Tale. They notice now, however, they are ineffective; their last monitors having visited Earth … Orion has been crucial to ancient man in the past, and these long-lost civilizations paid tribute to the gods of Orion by constructing incredible monuments and placing them in specific locations on Earth mimicking the sky. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. It is absorbing that the Babylonians describe Orion both as a constellation and a supreme being, and he is referred to as the “Loyal Shepherd of Heaven” They called the constellation of Orion “Sipazi Ana” which some researchers translate as “the shepherd of Anu” or “the shepherd of Heaven” because Anu was seen as the god of Heaven. Discovered in 1974 in Ethiopia, by paleontologist Donald C. Johanson, Lucy is our most famous, ancient human cousin. Alien species may have had the forethought to utilize these vents to birth new life-forms from a distance. https://funko.pxf.io/c/1227400/381533/5541 - I do get a little tiny commission if you use this link! On a side note: while it appears Homo sapiens have come a long way, human consciousness and awareness, Terrestrial living (on the ground) versus trees, Changing physical movement from quadrupedal to bipedal, Developing a large brain (encephalization). The Aztecs, Maya, Ancient Egyptians, and other ancient civilizations point towards Orion. According to Darwinian evolution, humans evolved through a long process that began with their ancient ancestors, the earliest primates. Charles Darwin and a handful of other naturalists and scientists postulated that, over time, the strongest and most aggressive species are the ones that tend to survive. As they endured and improvised around the drastic changes and extremes of African climates, they developed traits that led to a new, more evolved species. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. Aridity hypothesis, also known as the Savannah hypothesis. The reason they had hundreds of “Gods” is because those were the people of Orion who came from the sky. Each of these has a unique origin and a variety of unique characteristics. Long ago, possibly during the prehistoric eras, alien visitors traveled to Earth and educated a variety of our cultures on science, biology, infrastructure, and leadership to kickstart life for humanoids. Upon soul-travel to Earth, these conscious forms/souls merged with our soil, water, and air, and gave birth to new life forms – all through soul-intention. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Hathor was closely connected and identified to Sirius but then again so was Isis. One thing is sure: planets, creatures, and bacteria will always find a way to survive. The idea of the possibility of a pre-Adamite civilization and discussion about the origin of the human race is not a new one. Debates on the topic have been taking place since 170 AD.


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