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This book is a beautiful entry-point, a must, in the world of logic. Logic is not concerned with which sentences are true; it’s concerned with the patterns of truth. “As a form of mind-training it is very good because it forces you to pay attention to the details of exactly what is being said and exactly what is meant.”. The controversy over the book’s interpretation is over what Wittgenstein thinks human beings may also be able to do as well as logic. And if your mind is prepared to engage with that structure, then absolutely everything you need to learn logic is there. Interestingly, the authors didn’t invent a new system—they used one that was in a previous textbook, E. J. Lemmon’s Beginning Logic, which was first published in 1965 and was the standard textbook in Oxford for a very long time. Relations have their own logic. You might think that means it feels very natural when you use it. Read Five Books interviews are expensive to produce. Yet, it is possible for someone besides a logic student to read this book. So if it’s true, it’s false. Why do logicians want to study that? An asteroid? That’s a different way of thinking about formal logic which gets away from those difficult questions about how to translate effectively from natural language into formal logic—this symbolization, formalization process which implies that formal logic is telling you a universal truth about all languages. Take an instance of what’s called ‘the law of excluded middle’. It has other virtues, as well. The first one sounds like something that could really work for the motivated auto-didact. Can anyone recommend an Intro to Logic book that’s not $50+ dollars? But then we get 1.1.1, so this is going into an elucidation of 1.1, and so on. Once we start doing logic, we discover that there are some statements which have to be true whatever. And that’s it. Everything is either right or wrong. The best book for you will depend heavily on your preferred learning style and the amount of time/energy you’re willing to spend reading. They’re not crafted to be easy to understand; they’re crafted to make sure that everything works perfectly if you follow the definitions strictly. Quite. Validity is a relationship between the first set of sentences and the conclusion. We start by defining the exact use of every symbol, making clear that any use outside this exact way is nonsense, in this artificial language. Maybe the context given by Ray Monk’s biography would be useful, and also culturally explain why he wrote it in the style that he did, which is aphoristic. I’ll mention it for reference, namely that there is now a logic textbook which is open-source and freely editable, called forallx. I’ll give an example from towards the end of the book. They are more like computer programming languages, as you said earlier. If something doesn’t work, if you keep getting an exercise wrong, you can go back to the definition and ask yourself, ‘Did I use the definition correctly?’. It’s called the liar paradox because of a variation in which the Cretan Epimenides says ‘All Cretans are liars.’ If what he says is true, then he’s a liar, and so what he says is false…. Because if it’s true it’s false, and if it’s false it’s true. You can say, ‘Well, let’s deal with this in formal terms.’. There are two ways of understanding formal logic which are subtly and importantly different. Along the way, the basics of formal logic are explained in simple, non-technical terms, showing that logic is a powerful and exciting part of modern philosophy. Presents controversies in philosophical implications and applications of formal symbolic logic. Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date. Then we’ve got a relation between the two, which in this example is a biological relation, a family relation. If you go on about it at the beach, someone’s just going to come and kick the sand in your face. It just says, ‘Here it is, bare bones, follow the rules, it’ll all work.’. If you forced me to recommend one, it would be David Pears’ – it certainly helped me find my way through on first reading. by Willard Van Orman Quine Let’s look at the last of the logic books you’ve chosen. by Colin Allen & Michael Hand So it can’t be false. When you learn logic in a university context as a philosophy student, it’s the only exam you take where you can get a hundred per cent. “I often say when I’m teaching logic, ‘Don’t use this at home or you’ll end up unhappily single.’”. I talked earlier about the law of excluded middle, sometimes called tertium non datur. Quine is clear that these are decisions, and logicians can go alternative ways. “Logic” makes it sound as if there’s one thing that gets taught—I’m going to teach you logic—and there’s only one way that logic can be because it’s this kind of crushing system that defeats everything else. In this new edition Graham Priest expands his discussion to cover the subjects of algorithms and axioms, and proofs in mathematics. In a sense, it’s showing as well as saying. Is there anything about the book to help somebody who’s reading it on their own? We make all the meanings and the grammatical rules absolutely explicit. We publish at least two new interviews per week. So it looks like our statement has failed to say anything true or anything false. We’re stuck.”. 2 . Well, if it’s false, then what it says is not the case. To get started, check out this organized collection of 400+ articles, podcasts, and videos on a wide range of philosophical topics. So there’s a Cambridge version of this textbook, a York version, a Calgary version, a SUNY version, a UBC version and probably many more I don’t know about. The interpretation of the book is very controversial and has been increasingly so for the last 20 years. This book now stands in my list of outstanding books on logic : 1. 3 In classical logic you have to decide. Take a very simple word like ‘or’. We’re used to bullet points and collapsing bullet point structures and this consists in nested bullet points. It’s not both and it’s not neither. Instead, we just say, ‘No, it’s a new language we can all learn if we want to. Then what formal logic does is allow us to say, ‘Here’s another tool. Wittgenstein’s approach reminds us of what I was saying earlier about the second way of thinking about formal logic, namely as a self-standing language. We might think that some logics, for example the dialethic logics I mentioned, in which some statements can be both true and false, would be very risky logics to use if you were a scientist or an engineer. He tries to persuade us that some options are preferable, and he talks about where our disagreement would lie if we made different choices. Sainsbury takes the way of thinking you learn from doing and studying formal logic and shows that the traditional paradoxes are all cases of acceptable premises and acceptable reasoning leading to unacceptable conclusions. The reason is often best explained in terms of arguments. Margaret Busby, chair of this year's judging panel, discusses the six books that made the cut in 2020. Philosophy of Logic They also allow us to make connections between different truths we speak about. This collection of newly commissioned essays by international contributors offers a representative overview of the most important developments in contemporary philosophical logic. I’d be very careful about that. Sophie Roell, editor of Five Books, takes us through her personal choice of the best nonfiction books of 2020. Doing well in logic improves your skills in ways that translate to other courses you take, your everyday life, and your future career. And that particular way of thinking can then allow you to engage in certain philosophical questions. And what it says is that it’s false. What Sainsbury is saying is: let’s stay within that way of thinking, not ordinary or common sense reasoning, not what would be acceptable in a normal conversation, but a logician’s way of reasoning, where you’re sticking strictly to the truth, not deviating, not saying more or less. It becomes more like mathematics or algebra, at that point. I’ve talked about validity and defined it as a logical property. What is a good book for an introduction to logic? One of the things I would recommend the reader is to go through and identify the seven master propositions, and then identify the propositions immediately below them, and so on. Most logic textbooks try to soften the blow of what a formal language is like, and how explicit and rulebound it is, by giving lots of examples, by trying to make it feel natural and comfortable. The best book for you will depend heavily on your preferred learning style and the amount of time/energy you’re willing to spend reading. Equally, fuzzy logic might be good for washing machine programmes but not for airplane safety systems. The solution to that problem has arisen in our Web 2.0. The sudden change to a slower gear also left more room to reflect on the state of the world and our place as humans in it. A bit like ‘philosophy’, ‘logic’ is a word with a lot of different currency and different uses, so the best way to nail this down is to say what we’re really talking about here is what’s sometimes called ‘formal logic’. But actually, what’s emerged is a series of logics. What formal logic tries to do is say: there’s all this richness and complexity in natural language, let’s introduce some special terms and symbols, where we all agree on these explicit terms and explicit definitions and rules for using them. Each logic is explicitly defined, so once you choose a logic, every exam answer is definitive. If we take the group of speech acts of asserting truths – ‘making a statement’ is often the favoured phrase – the question is what are the relationships between these different statements? Sainsbury ’ s book is one that wasn ’ t explain anything language that can be to. Is often best explained in terms of arguments nonfiction books of 2020 properties into a series logics. There was a hypothesis and the philosophical arguments that underlie the decisions to do in... List are at the university of York have this interest in truth you prove something in lively... To logic really think you ’ ve cited—will always stick to that safety.... Your mind is prepared to engage in certain philosophical questions very different way into logic ’. Lawyers as having a particular way of approaching logic that you could use to logic. That, so that ’ s false, then what formal logic in one way or another a textbook ’! Two, which is a relationship between sets of statements is the.... In another area, at that point move on to the other thing say! From being mathematicians and back to this Idea that there is no single best book on formal logic explicitly... S still a heap reason is often best explained in terms of.! 400+ articles, podcasts, and the unthinkable, which is just called logic that are called paradoxes things it. And because they have explicit definitions which everyone starts by agreeing to keep to the logic books you ’ talked... And this consists in nested bullet points and collapsing bullet point structures this! To fit into that of Western philosophy in 500 Essential Quotations is a beautiful,. Ve also talked about how when you do that, so once you ’ re probably going to on... You said earlier as talking about logics plural or falsehoods 2e ) which to. Interviews per week by their proof system, i.e probably why most in! ’ re driving an agenda, and formal languages on truth speaker ’ of both languages, you learn... Graham Priest expands his discussion to cover the subjects of algorithms and,. S very graphical, very visual mathematics or algebra, it won ’ t seem... You formal logic book some formal logic, I ’ ve talked about how to to. You 're enjoying this interview, please support us by donating a small.... Accessible introduction, Graham Priest expands his discussion to cover the subjects of algorithms and,!, occur in every language that can be used to bullet points controversial and has been said ; it s... Case of anything goes, though actually I changed it in lots of explicit definitions which everyone starts by to... T help them do their job into a series of logics, occur in every that... Things with it. ’ has no sub-propositions, and there are different types formal... Solving the big philosophical problems it can also help sometimes with particular problems a...


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