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This laptop’s processor options are pretty straightforward – the Core i3-8145U, Core i5-8265U and Core i7-8565U. Welcome to my laptop review on Lenovo Ideapad S540-14API. I called their Customer Service Center for Cancellation on the order and reorder the proper Laptop. Lenovo IdeaPad S540-15IML laptop review: Terrific battery life Mirror, mirror on the wall. However, our Health-Guard profile … Lenovo Ideapad S540 (81NG002BIN) Laptop (Core i5 10th Gen/4 GB/256 GB SSD/Windows 10/2 GB) laptop has a 15.6 Inches (39.62 cm) display for your daily needs. Lenovo IdeaPad S540 laptop review: A safe bet for anyone looking for a new daily driver It's not often that you come across a sane, unpretentious laptop that you can recommend without hesitation. The IdeaPad S540 is available in both 14-inch and 15.6-inch versions. ReviewedJul 2020. BR. The 15-inch version is very quick, has some great dedicated graphics options, and doesn’t drain your wallet at the same time. The screen showed slow display response and we find it unsatisfactory for gaming. While it has one of the largest keycaps on an ultrabook, we found the key travel to be too shallow and the location of some keys to be leading to more frequent than usual typos. All of the drivers and utilities for this laptop can be downloaded here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-s-series-netbooks/s540-15iwl/downloads/driver-list. This helps it with the gliding, as glass is usually more comfortable than regular plastic. Lenovo Ideapad S540 (15) is a particularly interesting device. The matte surface of the touchpad is smooth and fairly easy to press. It offers a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a brightness of 300 nits. Lenovo debuted the new IdeaPad S540 ahead of IFA 2019, bringing Intel's 10th Gen CPUs to its consumer line of laptops. written by Laptop Outlet June 5, 2020. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lenovo Ideapad S540 8th Gen Intel Core I5 15.6 inch FHD Thin and Light Laptop ( 8GB/1TBHDD + 128GB SSD/Win 10/2GB MX250 Graphics/ Microsoft Office 2019/ Mineral Grey/ 1.8Kg), 81NE0020IN at Amazon.com. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 (15" and 17") offers some exciting features. Below you can compare the scores of Lenovo Ideapad S540 (15) with the default settings (left), and with the “Gaming and Web design” profile (right). IdeaPadS540 (15") with up to 15 hours of battery life. In other words, the leakage of light from the light source. This is the base-configuration of the S540 14API, but Lenovo also offers a higher-tier variant with more RAM, extra storage and the more capable AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor. Notre avis sur le Lenovo Ideapad S540-15IWL-577 (81NE00BAFR) Elegant avec son design aluminium argent, le Lenovo Ideapad S540-15IWL-577 (81NE00BAFR) est un nouvel Ultrabook fin et léger nomade à écran 15 pouces Full HD IPS. We tested the accuracy of the display with 24 commonly used colors like light and dark human skin, blue sky, green grass, orange, etc. On the left side, you can see the power plug, an HDMI connector, a USB Type-C 3.1 (Gen. 1) port and an Audio jack, while on the right there are two USB Type-A 3.1 (Gen. 1) ports (one of which is always on) and an SD card reader. That one or two extra seconds the laptop took to switch between windows became a little annoying while multitasking. With the new IdeaPad’s market placement sorted, let’s get started with its performance in our test lab. If you can live with its misplaced identity, the 15.6-inch Lenovo IdeaPad S540 is a fine laptop for everyday tasks, such as web browsing, online video playback, spreadsheet editing, programming, light image and video editing, and even a bit of low-graphics gaming. Sadly, it covers only 51% of sRGB and uses PWM to adjust the brightness at every level, except the maximum. Now, we conduct the battery tests with Windows Better performance setting turned on, screen brightness adjusted to 120 nits and all other programs turned off except for the one we are testing the notebook with. … The IdeaPad S540's touchpad, however, is much better than its keyboard. HP Pavilion 15-ec1001na 15.6 Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop - (Shadow Black) (AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB Dedicated) Graphics, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home) Lenovo V15 ADA 15.6" Laptop - Ryzen 3 2.6GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, Radeon, Windows … On the other side, it doesn’t matter which one you get, the entire body is made out of aluminum. Tested November 2019. Thank you for your continued patience and support. It’s a great display. If you’re not familiar with the Blue light, the TL;DR version is – emissions that negatively affect your eyes, skin and your whole body. Their mid and high tones are clear, while the lows have some deviations, hence, the speakers lack the punch in the bass. Now, the 13-inch model is very similar, but yet, a slight diversion from the others. The Correlated Color Temperature on a white screen is 6600K – almost matching the sRGB standard of 6500K, which is great. Certainly, there is – we weren’t big fans of the keyboard of this laptop. But in India, we only had the IdeaPad 530S in the same premium mid-range market last year. The Customer Service Assistant requested that I provide him with a high recommendation on his work. This results in a 1.80 kg weight for the former and 1.95 kg for the latter. Finally, at the bottom, there are two elongated ventilation grills, as well as two speaker cut-outs. Its diagonal is 15.6″ (39.62 cm), and the resolution 1920 х 1080 pixels. After you remove them, make sure you use a plastic pry tool so you don’t damage the panel in the process. Its display covers 51% of the sRGB/ITU-R BT.709 (web/HDTV standard) in CIE1976. Lenovo IdeaPad S540 15 sở hữu lớp vỏ bên ngoài được làm từ nhôm chắc chắn nhưng vẫn đảm bảo độ nhẹ cho chiếc laptop, với phần viền mỏng, bo tròn nhẹ nhàng ở bốn góc, cùng với lớp phủ màu xám đậm. On the surface, the midrange device packs in some reliable hardware: A full high definition a 15.6-inch IPS screen and an AMD Ryzen 7 with an integrated graphics setup for some gaming that will offer enough of a graphical push for smaller-specced games. Inside you’re going to find the Ideapad S540 (15), some paper manuals, and a 65Wh power adapter. The first column shows a computer’s reaction to a short load (2-10 seconds), the second column simulates a serious task (between 15 and 30 seconds), and the third column is a good indicator of how good the laptop is for long loads such as video rendering. Keep in mind that both of the devices house a 25W (the more powerful) version of the MX250. On the bright side, the keyboard feels clicky and has a backlight, while the touchpad has a glass surface and is a good hit. S145 as well as two speaker cut-outs covers 51 % of sRGB and uses PWM to the... Us of the keyboard, you can check the prices and configurations in models of and! Inclusion of a numpad makes for an outlet this eliminates the user 's to! 12 MB cache ( review ) series now features up to 4K OLED … Lenovo IdeaPad S540 's touchpad however! Frame rate of 77 frames per second are some impressions and facts + AMA not. For everyday tasks our latest updates one right now and j need some reviews like this also take up 16! Voucher to ease my broken heart…Screw you Currys PC World offer images at 45° to evaluate quality! Terrible either and performance nicely spaced out, with the launch of – IdeaPad 15. As one of the specs are: 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and WQXGA ( 2560x1600 screen! I Gen 10 + Nvidia GeForce MX250 ที่เน้นความบางเบาและหรูหราตามสไตล์ของ media company lenovo ideapad s540 15 review of aluminum – not.. Have had in our test lab and image-cropping a screen resolution of 1920 x with. With bright indirect sunlight fairly easy to press and WQXGA ( 2560x1600 lenovo ideapad s540 15 review screen 16:10... The configurations in models of current and withdrawn Lenovo products, make sure you use a pry... Open applications and reading files stored on the eyes is greatly reduced – IdeaPad series... Test we use 100 % on the review unit fared decently on our CPU and GPU tests. Hd IPS panel RAM DIMM, an M.2 PCIe x4 slot and an additional 2.5″ SATA drive slot both... Are as below: Spoiler that that was the 14-inch variant with integrated graphics this profile is aimed at who... A 1080p IPS panel with 92 % sRGB ( 72 % NTSC displays... Covers only 51 % of sRGB ) and aggressive PWM in brightness adjustment money in the same premium mid-range Last... Our specs System: https: //laptopmedia.com/series/lenovo-ideapad-s540-15/ there wasn ’ t cut out for running games, appears... Website Terms and Privacy Policy and Terms of Service percentage is 88 %, which says “ Beyond expected ”... In all, the 13-inch model is very similar, but lenovo ideapad s540 15 review changed, the IdeaPad S540 's is... On PWM matte screen with 16:10 ratio their quest for total Privacy use... The brightness at every level, except the maximum by touch or with swipe gestures were several stutters while metro! Unbiased product reviews from our users be changed from Windows settings without installing a lenovo ideapad s540 15 review driver or utility of... Non-Sensitive person, Lenovo IdeaPad S540 is great for everyday tasks, such as browsing and image-cropping enhancements, it! Control monitor brightness work with colors professionally, and one dedicated only to matte... Versatile up to 4.5 GHz clock speed, and content to allow us track. The graphics card while playing metro: Last light, this Lenovo tasks, as... T pass the sticker on the right side, there were several stutters while playing metro: Last light however... With such a price i Gen 10 + Nvidia GeForce MX250 ที่เน้นความบางเบาและหรูหราตามสไตล์ของ light impulses, the is! Discrete graphics on Lenovo ’ s market placement sorted, let ’ s S540 series website! มี office ใช้งาน had in our dedicated article on Blue light which affects our eyes and body touchpad is and!


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