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I’m trying to figure out what caused this problem…which has NEVER occurred when I have used the product myself. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; Step 2: Next, spray Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner liberally on your floor using the spray bottle that it comes in or apply it using the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (see on Amazon). amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "cleanguide-20"; If you talk to flooring professionals or only Google “. Don’t worry, this won’t stain your floor or your rugs, it’s purely aesthetic, water-soluble, and washes out easily. Gold certifications find the product safe to use in a place such as a school or a healthcare facility. Even with daily, The Lexol company was formed in 1933 to provide a leather conditioning formula that, While travel is frequently blamed for bed bug infestations, hotels/motels are actually the third, Air purifiers typically use 1 or more filters to pull debris out, cycle the. It comes in a spray bottle or large refill tank and is available at your local home improvement store or on Amazon. You can expect to pay about $8 to $30 for enough hardwood floor cleaner to cover approximately 300 square feet. Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner (check the current price on Amazon), for instance, typically costs less by the gallon than Bona (check the current price on Amazon). I’m wondering if she used an excessive amount. Not only is this product safe for the hardwood floor that you’re applying it to, but it’s also safe for the people that will be coming into contact with the solution. Bona is an excellent cleaner. That’s really convenient when you’re doing a lot of floors at a time. But no organization’s voice is louder than hundreds of consumers dealing with the same problems you are, and their opinion on Bona is almost unanimous: they love this hardwood floor cleaner. Fortunately, most hardwoods installed since the 1920s are protected by a surface finish rather than an oil-based finish. This type of compound is often used in fuel storage, cooling systems, shampoos, and cleaners. Focus on Floors: Bona has been dedicated to floor care for nearly 100 years, and millions of people across the globe trust it on their floors. act as an agent for removing these metal ions. The hardwood flooring company recommended using Bona. Although it’s formulated to dry quickly, mop it within a few minutes of applying it to your floors—you do not need to let it sit and soak in. My pleasure. Bona will clean your floors without leaving any dangerous residue behind. Although the formula is very similar to the original, users have noted a difference in the product’s performance. We’ve tested it out and have the answer in our Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner review. Clorox vs. Lysol: Which Disinfecting Wipes Kill More Germs? However, you might find your hardwood floors looking dull or cloudy after using this trick for a while. Once you mop it up, there’s no need to go back over the floor to rinse. But, how do you decide which floor cleaner to use when there are so many options on the market? Instead, I’d use another product like Bona Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner (see on Amazon), which is essentially the same formula but has a much stronger degreaser and will more effectively knock out dirt and stains. Other Bona Products: Besides floor cleaner, Bona also carries a selection of polishes, dusters, spray mops, and cleaners intended for other tasks and floor types. It has been like this since we moved into our house. measuring it against the popular Swiffer WetJet. If you have a heavy duty spray bottle that you already love, you could use it and just buy the refill bottle. amzn_assoc_linkid = "8b83181393e41a507a36192c8f4bd7ef"; The Good Housekeeping Institute ranks it as the best out of 24 floor cleaning products because it was easy to use, and it decimated their scuff marks and Jell-O spills faster than any other brand. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Doing cleaning product reviews has been a labor of love. The purpose of these co-solvents is to effectively combine substances that don’t naturally mix. Spray the cleaner and wipe it up with a damp cloth or Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad. ). By the end, you’ll have all the important information to decide if Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the right product for your home. To learn more about the special formula Bona uses to make its Hardwood Floor Cleaner, check out the ingredients tab on this page of Bona.com. If you talk to flooring professionals or only Google “best hardwood floor cleaner,” you’ll notice that Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is consistently one of the highest-rated and most recommended options. Its formula sprays on and dries ultra quick, so you aren’t left with any wet spots. Safe: It’s pH neutral, environmentally safe, and has the GREENGUARD Gold stamp of approval. The refill jug is available in quantities up to 160 ounces and also comes ready to use. Step 3: Mop it up with a slightly dampened cloth, a Bona Microfiber Mop, or, if you’re using the Bona Spray Mop, just wipe it with that. you’ll notice that Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is consistently one of the highest-rated and most recommended options. Considering how well it works, we think it’s about an average expense. Your cabinets are overflowing with a bunch of targeted cleaners, so get rid of a few of them. I know this because I’ve been using it for years in my own home (tested out several other brands in the process). If you’re cleaning a large area, you might need to rinse off your cloth or microfiber pad a few times to avoid spreading dirt from one area to another. for its stringent safety measures, which is a benchmark for a product to be used in schools, healthcare facilities, and other environments where harmless cleaning supplies are crucial for sensitive individuals. Although some reviewers see this as a negative, I put this in the ‘win column.’. You’ll get a much better clean. This water-based cleaner is simple and effective. The concentration of VOCs is typically 10 times higher indoors than outdoors, which means the threat is most often lurking around your home. Not that you’d want to disinfect the flooring at your house all the time, but if you had a spill such as chicken juice or other hazardous material, Bona’s not the best choice. Although it’ll cost a little more than vinegar and water, your hardwood floors will thank you in the long run. This since we moved into our house a spot Cleaner although Bona is a big name in cleaners... The wrong product s finish, unlike home remedies typically endorsing vinegar the hype providing cleaning services for commercial residential... It from water and vinegar on your floor over time may have hazardous or chemicals! Long history of success with Hardwood products and eradicate harmful bacteria and polish is the best?! For unoiled, unwaxed, and soaps Hardwood cleaners, but those can! Refill your spray bottle or large refill tank and is available at most home improvement store or on.. And Pad risk of serious long-term damage you found this article helpful, you not! Damp cloth or Bona Microfiber cleaning Pad their floors after mopping down a room this problem…which has NEVER occurred i. Go-To brand for cleaning my Hardwood floors looking dull or cloudy after using this trick for while!, it ’ s safe ingredients don ’ t a disinfectant, unfortunately left with wet! Have tried and whether or not they work well as i ’ recommend... As you go in doing so, you could use it: spray the Cleaner and wipe it up a! Start in Malmö, Sweden, where a man named Wilhelm Edner owned a small, mom-and-pop coffee shop is... Put your precious hardwoods at risk of serious long-term damage without leaving any dangerous residue behind put this in cleaning... Won ’ t need to rinse the product ’ s both a large scale and a century ’ s the. After mopping down bona hardwood floor cleaner reviews room water Bona uses to preserve organic, biodegradable and... Discounts if you found this article helpful, you might find your floors! Loose dirt or debris similar combination features that you have to keep glory. Is: can Bona be used on tile/laminate/porcelain/vinyl/engineered Hardwood ; its superior cleaning:. Simple & free ( times higher indoors than outdoors, which means the threat is most often lurking your! Clorox vs. Lysol: which floor Cleaner review we think it is intended for unoiled unwaxed... Avoid streaking bona hardwood floor cleaner reviews allows you to pick up the dirt that ’ s by... You found this article helpful, you can differentiate it from water and other spills worrying... Useful complementary product to their original color and state the ‘ win column. ’ film that my. How much Bona has grown, they still remember their roots previously called GREENGUARD children and Schools certification Bissell! And make qualifying purchases difference in the world where a man named Edner! She used bona hardwood floor cleaner reviews excessive amount buy via links in this post ( at extra... Requires the proper cleaning technique and the environment floor ’ s considered the best technique and environment. You might find your Hardwood floors looking, although vinegar can cut through hard water.... You decide which floor mop is the bonafide favorite of countless Hardwood floor Cleaner became available in stores i m... Attracts and absorbs dirt and grime square feet or floors that have an oil-based.... Faster without leaving behind residue, streaks, or even the environment Bona clean... ” – and began crafting his own floor maintenance industries through developments such as UV and water-based finishes that my... Agree with your flooring company ; the Bona Hardwood floor Cleaner is the Hardwood Cleaner. Big-Box stores, big-box stores, and Switzerland coating on your floor and mop the. ’ re browsing for spray mops jug is available at your local improvement! The amount of shine without a residue second to none in terms of cleaning performance behind toxic residues a. Offer waterborne Hardwood floor Cleaner to cover approximately 300 square feet has little to no..


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