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Worker Vitality: 1. BDO Nexus. Database. Send this to a friend. Black Desert Remastered OST Calpheon - Battle Of Shadow (BDO MMORPG Video Game Music Soundtrack) - Duration: 3:11. Nightmare Comes True 28 October 2020 . Period: October 28 (after maintenance)–November 11 (before maintenance) During this special week, Nightmarish Kzarka will appear at a fixed time. A Good Place to Scout. News Events Updates Wiki Enhance calculator. Show/hide full quest chain - Albtraum in Crioville - Für die Wurzelnymphe - Den Fisch anbieten - Im Inneren der Höhle - Eine fischige Opfergabe. Albtraum in Crioville: Quest Zone: Südwest-Calpheon Arten: Stadt Stufe: 1: Nächste Quest in der Reihe: - Für die Wurzelnymphe. Worker Strength: 1. Send Cancel Cancel Knowledge Crioville Black Desert Mobile The location on the map Knowledge Adventure Wobbly Bridge. According to the Otters who remembered their dreams, there is a Root Nymph that looks similar to the Otters.That Root Nymph kept repeating“I am your King! save hide report. Your email Recipient email. Obey me!” Toggle navigation. 100% Upvoted. Herawen's Teachings. Added in Patch. Wooden Outpost. Items. Prepare yourself to face off against the ravaging … It looks like the villagers of Crioville are having nightmares every night. Worker Vitality: 1. MMO Vault [OST Music Soundtrack] 3,179 views 3:11 This thread is archived. General. I've found a platform inside the cave, like those moving at the beach event, but it's close to ground and can't find how to go over this part, tried to craft with 1 starfish 10 eggs 15 dried salt but failed so have no idea what I'm doing wrong -.- 4 comments. Crioville cave - Essence of light. BDO Nexus / Events / Nightmare Comes True; 28.10.2020 — 11.11.2020 Nightmare Comes True. Worker Vitality: 1. share. Go to the list of all hidden knowledge


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