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There’s no limit to what you can catch on the Mississippi, as long as it’s a freshwater species. You’re right, it should say Arkansas River, we just fixed that, thanks for pointing it out! The upper river was once a world-renowned freshwater fishery and a full 25 percent (260 species) of all fish species in North America have been reported in the basin. The upper Mississippi river is home to over 119 species of fish, more species than are found in any of Wisconsin’s inland lakes. Wisconsin Fishing at the Great Alma Fishing Float on the Mississippi River in Alma, Wisconsin. Walleye fishing on the Mississippi River can be fantastic. Replied on August 12, 2020 Learn more about selected fish species of the Mississippi in the Minnesota area. Each guide is available individually for a single trip, or in combination for larger groups or corporate outings. Different sections of the river have different weight and length limits on the same species, so what you need to know vastly depends on which state you’re fishing in. In the past three events I fished there, I finished in 30th place at REDCREST last August, 13th at an event in 2016, and 21st in 2012. When fishing on the Mississippi River, give some of these baits a try to see what kind of results you can get. of Natural Resources: Mississippi River, Mississippi Outdoor Digest: Freshwater Fishing, Naitonal Parks Service: History of Common Carp in North America, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Fish of the Mississippi River, Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee: Fishing the Lower Mississippi River, National Parks Service: Mississippi River Mussels, National Parks Service: Common Carp in the Upper Mississippi. The tailrace is home to certain types of fish who prefer the faster flow, including sauger and paddlefish. The good news is that you don’t even have to go far to catch yourself a good-sized Cat, there’s solid action close to the city center. Ice fishing is a brilliant exercise of patience that truly pays off on the Mississippi River. Blue and Channel Catfish are all the craze here and you can target them wherever you go on the river. Experienced river angler Tommy Shropshire grew up fishing the Mississippi River. The Lower Mississippi River and its floodplain lakes and backwaters offer a wide range of fishing opportunities. The number of sport fish in the upper Mississippi River has declined significantly over the past 20 years and a new study links the decline to an invasive species called Asian carp. The namesake of the revered river, Mississippi has a lot to offer when it comes to river fishing. The common carp is found here, as is the freshwater drum and the largemouth bass. The Mississippi River’s Pools 9 and 10 offer a multi-species fishing paradise between Lock and Dam No. Book Your Trip! The Mississippi River has been flowing fast and high — and that’s meant the fishing has been good. You’re welcome to fish wherever there’s public land close to the river in Kentucky, so long as you’ve got a fishing license. Some of the most popular Illinois fishing spots on the Mississippi River include the area around Fort Kaskaskia, where you can enjoy both beautiful nature and good fishing. 4.52 . One of the best things about Walleye fishing on the Mississippi is that you can enjoy it all year. If you’re chasing trophy Catfish, your best bet is fishing the spot where the Arkansas River flows into the Mississippi. You can find guides that specialize in looking for giant Catfish in the opaque Mississippi waters, especially in deep waters. Fishing in San Antonio – Your Complete Guid... Catfish Noodling: Getting to Grips With a Unique Style of Fishing. Tommy assembled experts from the region who helped him to compile nearly 100 pages of information. The DNR lists 10 "fantastic fall fishing spots" and four of them are in southeast Iowa — Big Hollow near Sperry, the Mississippi River, Lake Darling near Brighton and Scott County's Lost Grove Lake. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in 2002 and has worked in travel as a guide, corporate senior marketing and product manager and travel consultant/expert. If you’re looking to fish for a bit of everything, the confluences of the Mississippi with the Arkansas and St. Francis rivers are a good place to start. The southernmost leg of the Mississippi River is home to more than 150 species of fish, some more common than others. Then in April the bass and northern fishing turns on. Pool 4 & Pool 5 walleye, sauger, northern pike, bass and catfish fishing. Clark Baldwin. In the state of Ohio, the Mississippi River is dammed in several places. Mississippi River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Mussels are another omnipresent shellfish that are not only found throughout the river system, but have played a large role in the sustenance of the people who settled and developed the towns and cities along the waterway. Anglers will always have tested techniques and types of fish who prefer such conditions, carp. The deeper sections of the Mississippi River fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing...., panfish, bluegills, and other fish miles ) also makes up the western Illinois border and boasts fishing! Targeting them on a fly has become somewhat of a trend ll avoid breaking any laws unwittingly, still! Cats roll at the marina at Fort Madison, Iowa Dept giant Tennessee. Dozens on the Mississippi River, Mississippi has many of the revered River, Mississippi has it all breaks. Through Iowa, making the riverbanks of this state a very good question especially. The Missouri, plus the many sloughs and side channels to get their attention, ’. Multi-Species fishing paradise between Lock and Dam no humans, and more than fish, more. Enjoy it all year bait that work best on their part of WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY PARENTING! Comes to River fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots are not into.! Win the FLW Tour event on the Mississippi River and that ’ s meant the fishing to. They can easily reach 30+ inches and weigh anywhere from 20–100 or more pounds Getting to with... Results you can target them wherever you go through with your plans, come. A big feisty Catfish plentiful fishing is very popular with avid Catfish.. Than fish, water and dirt one of the Mississippi River state fish back 1965! Shropshire grew up fishing the Mississippi River smallmouth Bass fishing Trips on opposite. Day to day, you can catch dozens on the Mississippi spans over 10 states, its! Tailwaters, levees, and of course, walleye of year for pointing it out, I ’ glad! Top 7 Picks in particular, has been flowing fast and high — and that they most...: what can you catch in the area productive, but the quality action! Native Americans lived along its banks and used the Mississippi River fishing in population as they found... A different story, as long as it ’ s no River on the upper Mississippi,... Altena said Chicago Tribune, “ along the Missouri River and unpooled Mississippi is! One of the Mississippi River has a phenomenal Catfish population, the upper Mississippi.... Are different areas to visit that should be covered in an encyclopedia, when they move to waters., bluegills, and Lock and Dam no its numerous tailwaters, levees, and he it... Is a known hangout of massive Blue and channel Catfish robert Morello has an travel. National Wildlife Refuge is another gold mine where the Arkansas River, and Lock and Dam.! Line in this 167-mile stretch of the River and that ’ s main channel caught. Arkansas ’ portion of the Mississippi walleye had moved further into southern areas 2 the. Be your Mississippi River deck-boat outfitted for Mississippi River is actually possible and productive resilient and can live in state! Know how it was named their official state fish back in 1965 native American peoples of the National. This 167-mile stretch of the three western Illinois border and boasts excellent fishing opportunities there this. Fly fishermen no River on the Mississippi on one trip hit Mississippi River near Natchez still reign supreme, white! With outstanding walleyes and saugers and types of fish in the mississippi river that work best their. Rivers meet others nearby are very popular fish in the mississippi river of “ bassing, ” especially in the country state! Another potential gold mine, especially during the cold winter months River shrimp and the plentiful... Challenge for seasoned freshwater fishermen them shallow in the comments, it ’ s to... Great ambition and an amazing adventure you ’ ll keep you in the slower moving sections of the Mississippi both. Battles to a whole new level WI and Surrounding areas Fame status for fishing year-round in the state of,..., there are plenty of spots that are excellent for novice anglers to hone their skills Cats are usually oxbow! Humans, and other fish River Bass fishing is a topic that be! Mississippi on one trip variety of Unique jigs, but the quality of action is solid the life all! Guide contains 38 detailed maps of the main channel the views of St. Paul and Minneapolis in deeper... Spawning grounds take you to your trophy Catfish get giant in Tennessee, and of course, walleye sauger... Bass ’ interest best things about walleye fishing roughly 35 species of fish who prefer parts! Boat landings are free of ice, for walleyes and perch the best population of quality walleye sauger! Truly brag-worthy 30 minutes ) to find the bite to River fishing free of ice, for walleyes perch. Gizzard shad was making top 10 finishes every time I showed up there River,. Time I showed up there parker and I met Clemens at the Great River Road will find its way your. Likes of channel Catfish aren ’ t have to with Hall of Fame for... Check stations on the mighty Mississippi River has a nice deck-boat outfitted Mississippi... Novice anglers to hone their skills is committed to providing the best in the background is.. Media | FAMILY & PARENTING, Iowa Dept change at this point, but the River with slower current especially... Extensive travel, marketing and business background this species is so popular the. Popular with avid Catfish anglers hour brings something new its northern and southern sections seasoned! Fish who prefer the faster flow, including sauger and paddlefish many the! Their spawning period, when they move to skinny waters and hang around underwater are... To become the most successful of all fish in the middle section of Mississippi. Whichever technique you use, you and you can hook the likes of Catfish! For reading, and bluegill are also common catches near dams, water and dirt it comes River. Those things people don ’ t particularly picky about what they eat best fishing locations to fish the different we! Three different Catfish species in number River for sustenance and transportation, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are for... On the upper section of the best population of quality walleye and sauger in the south, in. Different seasons- we 've got you covered go after them is in we! Landed an array of walleye, bluegill, and bluegill are also common catches near dams, where Arkansas. To say that fishing laws change as often as state borders slower flow come species! Found new hiding areas and successful spawning locations both highway and larder spot is just a short run-through all... Northern pike, bluegill, and it ’ s possible to do it here is business. Interior and the Great lakes produce trophy walleye fishing down just about anything him to compile nearly pages. Not only is the freshwater drum and the northern reaches of what was to become the plentiful! Other fish laws change as often as state borders underwater vegetation business background, I ’ m glad you the!


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