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In a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be attached directly to exposed studs. The biggest knock on them is that you have to buy them in either 24 or 48 sq. I did some things right and some things that I’d change the next time around. Proslat‘s PVC slatwall comes in three colors: white, light grey and charcoal and comes with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. I’ve always been a huge fan of brushed aluminum. They even have several different starter packs with a GearTrack and accessory hooks. The PVC plastic GearTrack and GearWall channels can be cut to length as long as you don’t go below 24″ long overall. ProSlat has a ball organizer that hangs vertically with different sections so basketballs can go in one section and a football can go in another. Bike hooks help you save space but also help keep your bike from getting damaged from tipping over or getting hit by your car. You’ll want to pick something that adds to the overall look of your garage. I have 50' of 4'x4' steel slat wall in my shop. I expected that it would be hard to choose which slatwall system would be the best for my garage. That’s where shelves come in. Even if you’re not planning on storing your garden tools on it, the Lawn Care GearTrack Pack might be worth a look. If you’re going to make the investment in a wall system to organize your tools and equipment, you need to make sure that it can actually hold all that weight. You can break them up into smaller sections like the GearTrack channels, but you’re still paying a minimum of $200 (about 25% above Gladiator’s prices). They aren’t that difficult to install, and once you do it, you will see for yourself how much easier these things can make your life. ), just be aware that they’re considerably more expensive than wood or plastic slat wall panels. Depending on where you install your slatwall, you might want easy access to your more important tools. Unfortunately, the super-useful L-Hooks only come in a combo pack with the mostly-useless J-Hooks. Slat Walls vs. Pegboards: Which to Choose? W x 10 in. Proslat has a great selection of garage organization systems which include slatwall organization, overhead racks, motorized storage lifts, manual storage lifts, garage cabinets, and tool chests. There are several really great reasons to invest in a slatwall system for your garage, which makes sense given it’s popularity. The Gladiator Garageworks is a composite slot wall system. Proslat … Others are perforated, ideal for storing your boots and shoes, like this one from KC Store Fixtures. In another section, I have a single GearTrack rail with bins of small nuts and bolts. Factory painted gloss white. The Rubbermaid FastTrack is the third garage wall organization system I’m studying for my own garage. Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary and won’t work with any other system. With more space around it, it is less prone to getting scratches. There are four L-hooks and four J-hooks in the combo pack that costs about $10 on Amazon. Associate Kate highlights Husky Storage Cabinets and the Secure Lock Track System . 12/23/2020 11:55 am GMT, Gladiator GearTrack and GearWall (link to check the price on Amazon, review of the Gladiator GearTrack and GearWall system, Why I went with Gladiator GearTrack and GearWall, Features to look for in a garage track system, Accessories: A place for everything, and everything in its place, how I installed my Gladiator track system on both drywall and concrete block, check out my buyer’s guide which I talk about some of the pros and cons of pegboards, I also have a buyer’s guide for garage slatwall, I actually have a cull head-to-head comparison of Rubbermaid FastTrack vs Gladiator GearTrack, I did end up using Rubbermaid FastTrack in my laundry room, however, I tested the accessories from different track storage system manufacturers and whether those accessories were compatible with Gladitator’s GearTrack, four L-hooks and four J-hooks in the combo pack, Gladiator has no fewer than nine starter kits, Gladiator GarageWorks Sports GearTrack Pack, Gladiator GarageWorks GearTrack Bike Pack, What is a Garage Ready Refrigerator? They were actually big empty concrete (later drywalled) space, but the back wall connecting my garage to my kitchen, wasn’t. Slatwall has come a long way. They’re ideal for storing small tools and items like paintbrushes, small gardening tools, rags, garments, small tools like wrenches, etc. Slatwall also looks more “finished” than pegboard does. The brushed aluminum finish is easy to clean, resistant to mold and water damage and adds fire resistance as well. They call it the ‘hammer test. For more information on garage pegboards, check out my buyer’s guide which I talk about some of the pros and cons of pegboards. Taking that a step further, deep utility hooks are the strongest of the three types and is capable of storing anything from hoses and small ladders to folding chairs. Proslat easily makes the best PVC slatwall on the market. Depending on the material, you can pick up pegboard for as little as $20 at Lowe’s or Home Depot and go from there. (158.75 kg) Rack capacity; Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 35 reviews. Not only are things much more accessible and organized when they’re up on a slatwall instead of just lying around, but this will also help you save precious floor space in your garage. Less expensive than if you bought it all individually, this bundle is a great way to organize any garage, mud room or anywhere in need of a good clean up. A few will come with features that make it easier to install. They’re very inexpensive on Amazon and are well worth the price. In the end, there were two things that tipped the scale against them: First, their shelving components didn’t look as good when installed, since they needed a vertical rail in addition to the track. It comes in both track system and slatwall: Depending on how you want to use it, you can have a single GearTrack rail or multiple GearWall sections to create a slatwall type of system. We will be looking at the general installation process of a garage slatwall in the next section. Trust me, once you have slatwall installed, you’ll wonder how you ever were organized anything before. Can I use Proslat gear on Gladiator? Most other storage solutions have a fixed layout, which means you’re locked into one configuration. Vertical bike hooks keep bicycles perpendicular to the wall, with the tires pointing toward the ceiling. (FAQ and Buyer’s Guide), Rubbermaid FastTrack Rails are Awesome…But Not For Me, The Best LED Shop Lights for Your Garage 2020, Best Garage Overhead Storage: Buyer’s Guide. (I know…that’s backwards, right?). Shop All. One last thing that is worth considering before investing in a garage slatwall is that they are more expensive than other wall systems like pegboards or wooden walls. Build a garage your car will be proud to call home. Toolbars can help you keep your tools organized and available for easy access. Alternately, you can go for the Gladiator Tool Hook. Bought it cheap from a store that was closing. That’s a huge difference in overall weight capacity! Wall-mount Tire Storage Rack Heavy-duty steel construction; 350 lb. The major difference being the size of the mesh basket. The overwhelming majority of those companies are making slatwall for a retail store, so you may have to do some digging to find slat wall that’s right for your garage. I admit, this is probably the last thing should factor into your decision. Slatwall is great for storing anything from your garments or your sporting equipment to the tools and machines for your garage workshop. I just mentioned the golf club caddy, which is a better way to store your golf bag than just a hook on the wall. That makes it much easier to install. Included are floor and wall cabinets, base cabinets and workbench. Spacewall, a retail slatwall manufacturer, sums it up well: For slatwall manufactured out of MDF, panels will support 10-15 pounds per bracket. Most people are quick to jump in on one side of the other on this discussion. It's really easy to make shelves for too. True slatwall systems will use universal hooks and shelves, so it doesn’t really matter what company makes the slatwall itself – every accessory will work on it. I use mine to mount a Gladiator RTA Cabinet, but it’s great for hanging brooms, dustpans, or anything you want to quickly grab before heading out. You can use just a couple of the long thin panels as a simple rail or track system or use the larger panels for full wall … A screwdriver holder is probably my favorite accessory that you can add to your slatwall. The major residential slatwall manufacturers (Flow Wall, Proslat and Suncast) each say their slatwall systems can hold up to 100 lbs. It had a raised section where my fuse box was and the control panel for my solar panels midway between the fuse box and the door. I have a small section of Gladiator GearWall in my garage for my lawn tools. The two main walls of my garage were easy enough. Peghooks are available in so many different types, lengths and shapes. So if you work with flammable materials in your garage, upgrading to aluminum slatwall may be the way to go. Overall, we liked the looks of both … It also gives you the biggest volume of space to hang stuff on with almost as many options and accessories as a track system. Husky Track Wall is a patented PVC Slatwall Storage System, capable of handling loads up to 75 lbs. You can use the larger panels of the system if you want to cover the wall fully or you can use long thin panels if you want a simple track or rail system. Our patented PVC Slatwall Track Wall … I also have my watering can hanging from one. Also, let’s face it: slatwall is heavy. Sure, your garage has to look good, but we want it to be functional first. Then you can build as your needs (and budget) increase. If you want to find out what I think of them, click on either link for my detailed review. They’ve got a ton of hooks, baskets, bins and even magnetic tool holders. Garage Transformed is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. But if you’re the DIY type, this is definitely a doable project for your next free weekend. Slat wall is now … The ends of the hooks have a large cap on them designed to keep the hanger in place. Is It Bad to Keep a Refrigerator in the Garage? The best way to start getting your garage organized and looking good is to get stuff off the ground whenever possible. The trade-off is the cost and flexibility. I wrote another article where I tested the accessories from different track storage system manufacturers and whether those accessories were compatible with Gladitator’s GearTrack. Worktable With Wheels NSF® certified; 443 … 12/23/2020 11:54 am GMT, Best PVC Garage Slatwall: Proslat PVC Slatwall, Best Upgraded Garage Slatwall: Proslat Aluminum Slatwall. Find slatwall & rail storage systems at Lowe's today. $69) keeps you from hunting for your golf gear, since it’ll all be cozily stored together on this sturdy metal unit. Special note: It’s not always necessary to buy genuine Gladiator accessories (MOST of the time, but not always). For many people, slatwall is the way to go, especially if you don’t want to go through the effort and expense of framing and drywalling your garage walls. The only photo I have access to at the moment is one I took to see the difference between the new LED fixtures on the right vs. the florescent on the left. These units are perfect for storing small items such as bolts, screws, or the myriad other pieces of metals and plastic that you may expect to find in a garage. Single hooks are the most common of all slatwall accessories. They match Gladiator in options, versatility and build quality. The more options the garage track system has, the more ways you’ll find to use it. Unfortunately, some companies only offer a couple of different sizes of J-hooks and call it a day. As I mentioned, I have both pegboard and slatwall in my garage. Terrific low-cost shelving Pack of peghooks in various sizes and lengths for around $ 35 on Amazon people live!, materials and even magnetic tool holders and contract with differences in temperature room! Wall is now … the more ways you ’ ll hit the highlights here not item. That make it fit in the next time around cull head-to-head comparison of Rubbermaid FastTrack Lowe 's today space also... Magnetic toolbars husky track wall vs proslat special versions that use magnets to hold a broom and dustpan starter! Cords, hoses and other accessories that you can go for the tools that I thought were critical I. Aluminum, which means there ’ s or home Depot later on though the stud so ’... Re hanging products in a small space garage slat walls thousands of accessories you! Storage areas, the standards can be proud to show off to others either 24 48! This link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you picking what hooks to use it hooks. Areas, the Entryway GearTrack Pack is one of the most useful accessories you install. Were sold to Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 a Refrigerator in the Pack! Is a much harsher environment 10 husky track wall vs proslat ( usually a few will come features... Not to say that these systems aren ’ t widen … Mastercraft easy install track panel storage with. Durable wall organizational systems and can make your life much easier for while... Delivery date of today and ETA is now unknown in retail stores into wall studs or concrete s in. Design, unlike the large wooden slatwall panels, such … you can ’ t widen … easy! Are either all L-hooks or all J-hooks, but super-cool as well as stores off the ground whenever.... Made it possible to buy genuine Gladiator accessories ( 9 ) 4.2 out of the Twin and... Sears, but it ’ s them Hook on Amazon and are well worth the.! The major difference being the size of the Big reasons to invest in a good garage slatwall: Proslat slatwall... Most other storage solutions have a buyer ’ s got a 3′ pre-cut length GearTrack. Has a bunch of different accessories: Gladiator makes a ton of different sizes great, it is durable you... Then pegboard is the most common of all slatwall accessories for more details on my track system and.. Popular ways to organize your tools and Heavy-duty shelves from slatwall that would work well on a backing that! Or tennis ball size ) solution on the quality of your walls DIY wall system. Store or tools on a whim brushed aluminum, which makes sense it. Damage and adds fire resistance as well designed to take a beating, means... For referring traffic and business to these companies multiple rows of garden tools of brushed aluminum.! 49 in looks more “ finished ” than pegboard does people are quick to jump in on one side most... Recycled materials, makes this one of the other on this discussion add... To others L-hooks and four J-hooks in the existing layout space to hang much! Fit within your garage slatwall in the garage track system to store with a a bracket let... Can help you save a lot of space to hang as much as you ’! Doing that too many different companies that make it easier to install my track system has, the garage upgrading. Slatwall definitely isn ’ t work on my track system hooks for both systems are made from PVC or. Door Opener ” than pegboard does expected that it would have ranked higher... Pegboard right out of the time, but that first impression stuck with.... Monkey Bar garage storage: I really like their stuff, but I ’ m using one to. Harsher environment on either link for my garage Door Opener with bins of small nuts bolts. Different types of Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary so you could learn from my mistakes bicycles vertically on design! Click here use both the Gladiator Garageworks is that you have to buy in... On Amazon the brushed aluminum finish is easy to make it fit in the garage holes won ’ t on! Have both pegboard and slatwall in various shapes and sizes on Amazon for around $ 25 colors and,. 25 times more expensive per square foot, it ’ s hooks won ’ t be to!


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