can we bring yesterday back around cause i know how i feel about you now
I just broke up w an ex over 2 years. I was with someone for 6 years when we broke up. It was definitely a time of emotional turbulence…to say the least. My boyfriend came at the right time but proved to be as disappointing as everyone else. Lately, I feel nobody cares about how I feel or understands me. I understand how difficult life and circumstances can seem. But, unfortunately my mom was acting not according to what I hope for. Not a single person on earth has more time than the other; it’s the greatest equalizer. Thank you!!!!! She even helped cover up priest abuse and tolerated and allowed sexual assault of her sisters by other sisters in the order by having a closed meeting with church official Alcoholism was tolerated and patrizi would put unfit superiors into authority torturing sisters and breaking thier spirits, souls, bodies and minds down, so as to make them submissive to do evil things. We’re sending so much love your way and hope that the months ahead will dawn brighter for you. It’s up to you to analyze your relationship and to understand the mistakes that you’ve made and what could have been done differently to make her feel like you were the one to make her happy. Can we trust our feelings? Talk about trying to not crawl into a big black hole. Pain nourishes courage. I am 23 now.. Being able to talk to each other is, you know, pretty important. It’s super simple, but really helps to basically “Love what is”. I am stuck in a rut now. Also had two NDE’s (it was good to see grandma and grandpa again, even in spirit form!). I try not to judge people regardless of how they look where they come from it what others say but only go by how they do me. If i do that, i can enjoy the happy moments too. It definitely sounds like this was not your fault at all, though it can still take some time to heal from the hurt when someone does you wrong. there is no such thing so I can’t grasp what it means. I activelly seeked people who would just shut up and listen instead of giving advice. All within 9 months – seriously God??! Why one time? Thinking why me why, how can someone be so mean, how can someone be able to take someone work and make theirs, AND THEN get away with it! The things I found most helpful were to remain open to my friends, to stay in the moment (ie breath, put one foot in front of the other, to make 3 meals a day), to keep in mind that no matter how low I felt that it was not a permanent state and that it would change, to get exercise (just leave the house and walk away from it for 15 minutes, then turn and walk home again = half hour dose of happy endorphins). And what do you need in order to fix something? We think, there must be some mistake, this can’t be real–everything was fine, yesterday or last week or last year.


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