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Its classic tapered headgrille design gives the TLM 103 a distinct Neumann look. It is capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 138 dB without distortion. cast base gives the MC-125 the girth you need to anchor your microphone during any kind of recording session. We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. The TLM 103* is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the utmost in sound quality on a limited budget. And, the superior, 35 lb. You will receive a quick response from our crew. 94 dB SPL) : 76.5 dB, Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted1) (rel. The frequency range reaches below 20 Hz and thus even very low bass signals are reproduced without coloration. We also offer sets with a color-matching elastic suspension to protect the microphone against rumble and impact noise. With TLM technology the usual output transformer is replaced by an electronic circuit. 1 x Mogami 25' XLR Cable. Smoothly raise or lower height from 52"" to 83"" with a reliable clutch. By utilizing the tried and true transformerless circuit found in numerous Neumann microphones, the TLM 103 features yet unattained low self-noise and the highest sound pressure level transmission. For such cases, the elastic suspension EA 1 and the windscreen WS 87 are available as accessories. However, the TLM 103 has a slightly more modern voicing with a wide presence boost for frequencies above 5 kHz. $1,568.90, Special Price: Pressure gradient transducer with with one-diaphragm capsule, Straightforward handling for homerecording and professional studios, High-quality professional equipment for limited budgets, Acoustical operating principle : Pressure gradient transducer, Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm : 23 mV/Pa, Equivalent noise level, A-weighted1) : 7 dB-A, Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR1) (rel. Thank you for contacting us; we will get back to you with the price shortly. As with traditional transformers, it ensures good common mode rejection, and prevents RF interference that may influence the balanced audio signal. The creation of digital iOS electronics is changing the face of music. td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} Once the Small Brother – Now a Modern Classic. 94 dB SPL) : 76.5 dB, Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted1) (rel. The MC-125 is in a class all its own. Its transformerless output stage also makes the microphone resistant to electromagnetic fields and minimizes transmission losses. If accuracy in reproduction is your goal, this is the cable for you. Available in satin nickel and matte black. The K 103 large diaphragm capsule is based on the K 87, well known from the U 67 / U 87 microphones.The capsule has a flat frequency response up to about 5 kHz, and above that, a wide flat 4 dB presence boost. By replacing large, heavy analog equipment with portable, highly streamlined mobile operating systems, today's musicians have a world of possibilities often quite literally in the palm of their hands. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." The MC-125 features a 5.75 lb. The MC-125 has been called the ""most adjustable studio boom on the market."" Also includes a unique, easy-adjust 5.75-lb. iOS Apple devices and accessories like iPads, MacBooks and more are revolutionizing the new age of technology. 94 dB SPL) : 87 dB, Supply voltage (P48, IEC 61938) : 48 V ± 4 V, Current consumption (P48, IEC 61938) : 3 mA. 1 x Ultimate Support MC-125. Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Ultimate Support MC-125, Regular Price: The TLM 103 is available in nickel and matte black with a swivel mount. We equipped the TLM 103 with a very broad presence boost in the area of 6 to 15 kilohertz which helps the voice to cut through the mix. It ranges in height from 52"" to 83"" and the boom can extend from 35"" to 61"" to meet any studio's needs with perfect placement every time. Depending on the size of your studio mics, the angle of the boom arm, and the placement of the mic itself, an adjustable counter weight on the boom can maximize the relative position of your studio microphone for added stability while minimizing the amount of vibration and force placed on the mic stand. The letters TLM stand for ""transformerless microphone"". Product description. $1,199.99. Neumann TLM 103 Set. Free shipping for many products! This also leads to a high feedback suppression when the microphone is used in live situations or where loudspeaker playback is a factor. Also includes a unique, easy-adjust 5.75-lb. counterweight for a stable microphone placement. The large wire mesh headgrille protects the capsule from plosive sounds and effectively prevents pop noises. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Due to the universal cardioid pattern, straightforward handling, extremely low self-noise level, and finally, the price, the TLM 103 is predestined for all demanding applications from home recording to professional broadcasting and commercial recording studios. The Mogami Gold Studio Microphone Cable is famous for unmatched accuracy, extremely low noise and remarkable flexibility. These characteristics are achieved without resorting to corrective resonance effects. The TLM 103 is fast becoming a standard for home recording and the music industry. Heavy Cast Base with Rollerblade-style Wheels. The microphone stand is not part of the delivery scope.