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And yet these same companies often spend a tiny fraction of this effort and money on employing tools and systems to manage the information with which these people make decisions and do their jobs. What does this project governance example look like? The main aim of project governance is to ensure that projects are carried out in the right way, which is intrinsically tied to the financial governance at a … The second pillar of project governance is the people within this structure. Project Working Group (PWG) A PWG as the name indicates is used to drive much of the day to day work. All of this information is crucial to effective project governance, but the most important piece of the project governance puzzle is the analytics and aggregated information with which stakeholders can understand performance. But now we are moving into the next evolution of project information management driven by software, apps, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The governance of a project is linked to the governance structures in the organization overall. There were exceptions — two or even all five people worked on a project at the same time. Data is the new oil, and companies who can govern their projects using more accurate and real-time information are in pole position for the future of project delivery. Once again, the purpose of project governance is to create a structure and framework by which people can make better project decisions. And when the board or steering committee needs to align the project with the overall business goals and stakeholders, they can do that with the confidence that they are looking at the full picture. When the project director looks at the project, they can zoom out and look at all of that information on a whole project level. These elements include detailed guidance on: (1) project approvals and gated reviews and (2) project roles and responsibilities. Not only this, but each stakeholder has fragmented information i.e only part of the overall story. Projects need tens, hundreds or even thousands of people ensuring that information governance is maintained. The following are the types of governance meetings that can be used. This guidance will also be relevant to all senior leaders in projectized organizations in so much as matters of project governance will invariably interact with overall organizational governance and executive decision making. 1.3 Structure of the guide The guide focuses on the various aspects of project audits, to answer the following three questions: Your site’s council has probably been set up to fit local needs. Figure 10: Example of a Complex Structure for Large Projects ..... 19 Figure 11: The Broad Focus of a PSC ... • Part B of the framework will provide you with guidance on setting up the governance structures for your project. USAID’s IT Project Governance framework will govern the management and execution of all USAID projects.


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