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- Mesh topology with multiple ring redundancy. They are written in the C++ programming language and are fully integrated with Optimal Scheduler. Optimal Scheduler accesses a C++ based efficient dynamic programming optimisation algorithm. - Risk assessment and Method Statement in tunneling and mining. Instruments are designed for accurate measurement and for monitoring environmental conditions. - IoT platform. - Telecommunication technical regulations and legislation. Export of measured data can be fully automatized. While the casual user often assumes both of these criteria, some algorithms have a ‘distorted NPV’ calculation that biases the final choice of decisions. - Integrations with outdoor location systems based on GPS. In table mode can be easily and clearly showed measured maximal or minimal value, average, deviation a number of stored values.After purchasing the licenced version of SWR004 customer will receive a license code, which will be registered on, together with the number of computers for which the licence was purchased. %PDF-1.5 Designed to model multiple ore type processing and interactions of the processing facilities, the objective of each optimisation is the maximisation of Net Present Value … Evacuation indications personalized. With Optimal Scheduler you can create as many different cut-off grades as you need, model operational constraints by phase, incorporate multiple downstream processing options and control complex blending targets. Software for COMET Monitoring Systems series MS55D and MS6xx. - Technical specifications ang ingress protection rating. Data download with export to the DLDB database, Autodownload with export to the DLDB database, © Copyright 2020 COMET SYSTEM, s.r.o. Phones, computers, tablets, and similar devices are thermal design nightmares. - App for field engineers. Additionally, the GUI supports an integrated help feature as well as a custom toolbar/ribbon for frequently used processes. - Distributed architecture. Automotive bumper manufacturers typically develop a “template” design that can be used for multiple vehicle platforms. 9380 Montgomery Road - Remote access solutions on the move. The Comet Vale Project is centred on the old mining town of Comet Vale, 100km north northwest of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. COMET software is a revolutionary tool that delivers the latest generation of advanced production scheduling optimisation software available to the world mining industry today. endobj studies are from areas where large capital expenditure is often incurred. - Fiber optic solutions for tunneling, mining and industry. Innovative and user centered designed solutions guarantee the durability and the return of investment. Allows clear reading and working with the data.Software consists of communication and analytical section, which allows working with tables and charts.Intuitive and clear interface software ensures easy operation as well as the novice who first encounters with the logger COMET. - Video analysis software: number plates, suspicious situations, people identification. All of these features make the software easily applicable in the mining industry and supports the utilisation of databases and interfaces developed by other mine planning software. The optional distributed-processing implementation of Optimal Scheduler allows users to set up networks of computers with multiple processors and run cases simultaneously and systematically. - Industrial wireless handsets with PTT. ● Accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, dew point, 4–20 mA, 0–5 V, 0–10 V, pulses, events ● Nonvolatile memory ● Indication of alarm conditions ● Software for data analysis on PC ● Communication interfaces - USB, GSM modem ● Rugged design with integrated sensors and external probe (protection class up to IP67) ● Long battery life, ● Accurate measurement of temperature and two-state events ● Nonvolatile memory ● Indication of alarm conditions ● Bulit-in thermo printer ● Communication interfaces - USB, GSM modem ● Software for data analysis on PC, ● Accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, two-state events, pulses, 4–20 mA, 0–5 V, 0–10 V and CO2 ● Nonvolatile memory ● Audiable and visual indication alarm conditions ● Settings via keypad ● Various communication interfaces - USB, RS232, Ethernet ● Software for data analysis on PC ● Battery operated ● Backlit display, ● Accurate measurement of temperature (Pt1000, Ni1000, thermocouples and thermistors), current and voltage, two-state events, pulses, resistence, frequency ● Nonvolatile memory ● Audiable and visual indication alarm conditions ● Various communication interfaces - USB, RS232/485, Ethernet ● Software for data analysis on PC, ● Device settings ● Data storage ● Data analysis – graphs, tables, online display ● 24/7 supervision (SMS texts, e-mails), ● Various type of probes (Pt1000, Ni1000, thermocouples, DiGi) ● Different measuring ranges ● Design for every application, For better protection and more accurate measurement● naturally  ventilated COMETEO● actively ventilated COMETEO● solution for agriculture. %���� The Net Present Value (NPV) needs to be maximised over the entire life of the project using realistic periods. stream MS system allows to monitor all monitored sites in real time. Complex processes can then be gradually added using the standard interface. Work and restricted areas management. This template design is modified to meet the packaging... “Template-based analysis processes mean much higher engineering productivity and confidence in simulation results, with fewer staff and lower expertise required. ... - Network supervisory and administration software. The development of real time videos analysis systems has given a new and innovative impulse to video solutions, as much as in systems orientated to vigilance and security as in quality control. The Goldfields Highway passes through the centre of the Project area and is alongside the Sand Queen main shaft (55m from the centreline of the highway). See in Google Maps, AVENIDA AMÉRICA 86 BAJO � zp2ͼ$>ƫo�Z*������H���y-q��׭wv�&E����KN�%ď� ���%�&I�d��=�Wq��J\>!�oꮫW�m{QJ˞yQ@d��g��X�C,�=%��S�q�?���x2 1U$� - Ventilation projects in underground tunnels and mines. Optimal Scheduler’s scalable design has been deployed in some of the world’s largest mining operations as well as for feasibility studies and rapid acquisition analyses. COMET ist nicht allein unser Business… – unsere Kunden machen es zu einem wichtigen Geschäftsfeld. <> More information, ● Accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, dew point, atmospheric pressure, two-state events and CO2 ● Various type of output such 4 – 20 mA, 0-10 V, RS232/485, Ethernet (PoE on selected models), Radio (Sigfox)● Industrial design with integrated sensors, external probe and duct mount design (protection class up to IP65) ● Interior design ● ATEX design for potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 2) on selected models ● Relays output 250Vac /8A or 50V on selected models. Optimal Scheduler is certainly a flexible and valuable tool for the whole business planning process. Designed by a mining engineer for mining engineers, Optimal Scheduler meets the needs of operational mine-planners who rely heavily on Microsoft Excel. Designed to model multiple ore type processing and interactions of the processing facilities, the objective of each optimisation is the maximisation of Net Present Value (NPV), taking into account changing conditions throughout project life such as economic and productivity. - Solutions based on smartphones (BYO Bring-Your-Own). COMET Software – von NIXDORF bis Microsoft – Support, Datenbank, Migration. Voice communication over data networks has become the most flexible and innovative solution, offering advanced personal communications services in mobility. ● Get Sigfox coverage details in one step. Operating System: Windows 7 and later, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and later; . Suite 16, Level 1 141 Shore Street West Cleveland, Queensland 4163 Australia. Das haben wir damals auch nicht erwartet: Seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten beraten und betreuen wir unsere COMET Kunden und noch immer ist dieses Software Produkt ein Bestandteil unserer täglichen Arbeit. items should be kept and which should be eliminated can be challenging. Thousands of scenarios can be run from a central controller, automatically dispatching new jobs as each case is completed. For example, when scheduling a 30-year project, if budget analysis (or optimisation algorithm) only considers 2-5 years to make a decision, then revenue and costs outside of this period are not considered. "Antamina have been using Optimal Scheduler for over eight years. Then can be actual status of measure values seen. 1 0 obj With Optimal Scheduler schedule you can even tag your block model with scheduled material and show end of year 3D plans in your general mining packages. Recognising the need for continual customisation and adaptation, Optimal Scheduler has an innovative set of modules (or custom functions) which are effective in modelling site-specific mining and processing relationships. Automatic alarm generation due to the presence of unauthorized people in a risk area. - Network supervision and monitoring. - Network redundancy. - Integration with messaging systems. Production includes data acquisition systems, humidity, temperature, CO2 transmitters and portable thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, CO2 meters. endobj Device must be connected to the Internet/Intranet. The inter-dependency of operating policies and decisions creates a combinatorial complexity that Optimal Scheduler is uniquely capable of handling. - Wireless train-to-trackside communications: fast roaming. Leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide CO2 transmitters, data loggers, monitoring systems, data acquisiton systems, thermometers, hygrometers, barometers. x��\mo�8��^�����D%� h�̠��Lw'3����L��ڒG��d����{�C�m'��)�Π�#S<~�|�uy��S���^����a�/?��ʻ��^�o�^�?^���H}�ű��$^�D�_���_D��ŷ�ys����R�@��h���)��S�He�WoV/_�b�?�|�q�k��g����������Y4��U�2��ׇ�ӫV|��߻�ٿ���^��&h�8 � ��f�1̄ ǀ


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