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It was tested and found to be fine. We left the boards out for over a week until the floor was dry. If there is, the cost to verify would probably be small in comparison to doing a good mitigation system. It makes me wonder if that may potentially be a perfect environment for mold growth. However, it was not my intention to use quarter round which means that I would, instead, bring it up behind the baseboard (which of course gets sealed with caulk at the top). The slab is butted right against the outside wall of the building which is an old wooden country store with the wall opened up that has the normal reach in doors to the inside of store. Thanks for the question. The boards were installed again. Good luck. Have one of them evaluate and give you some input. Run 2- or 3-inch strapping along the slab’s perimeter and place strapping boards every 16 or 24 inches over the entire slab area. I am trying to figure out if I should remove this plywood and latice material and recover the foundation, externally, with something else. Jason has 20+ years’ experience in sales and sales management in a spectrum of industries and has successfully launched a variety of products to the market, including the original Rapid RH® concrete moisture tests. Now we are considering putting some type of barrier between the two, and are toggling between the mvb moisture mitigation product and a moisture barrier underlayment beneath the vinyl. Pick an area that seems to have the worst issues, prep the area thoroughly, and apply the epoxy paint. Great information. I am putting down the plastic barrier on top of the sub-floor, and then the new Pergo laminate on top of that. On the other hand, the sheet also helps to ensure there is a break between the blotter layer and the concrete to keep groundwater from entering the slab later in its life. unfortunately i did not . If there are cracks in the slab and the drainage is poor, it may even cause ground water to seep up through the cracks and puddle on the floor. Another possibility, or it could be some combination of both, you may be dealing with is some type of condensation issue, but I would think there would be signs on the rest of the floor if that were the case. You may want to also look at power vents that may assist with increased airflow when preset levels of relative humidity and/or temperature levels are hit. Currently, a vapor barrier is typically applied over a layer of granular fill to try to minimize the wicking effect of ground moisture. Tried epoxy paint to seal – blistered in many areas. Concrete Garage Floors & Vapor Transmission. They are a network of flooring inspectors. Seams must be properly sealed, heavy grade materials must be used where traffic may cause penetration, and the lowest possible grade of permeance should be used. 2) Try to find a flooring product that is more “breathable” and/or less moisture sensitive. Is a vapor barrier necessary under a concrete slab with foam insulation and if so, where does go? So I think we can both agree on that. Would pouring a new slab over the existing one be something to consider? Thanks Tracy, Hey Jason. It might be worth investigating yourself or having someone out to evaluate. My dad and husband just poured two footings in our basement and forgot to put down the 6mil poly specified by the engineer before pouring the concrete. Thanks for the questions. You can then measure the surface temperature of the concrete. Is there something I need to be aware of and watching for in having a concrete floor as my flooring? your inbox. I want to put carpet back in my basement as I work on my music projects down there. My only concern with laying a vapor retarder of that type, on the slab, would be the potential buildup of moisture between the slab and the retarder. I just had a new concrete slab poured in my basement. Any suggestions? But I worry that sealing my floor will cause more problems with trapped moisture underneath? Thanks for the question. The rooms are separated by a marble floor installed in the main parts of the house. That being said, yes moisture vapor can condense under the 6 mil, but the odds are it will be a constant flux of condense and reabsorption back into the concrete. Would that be sufficient or do I still need to be concerned and look into membranes (Platon, Superseal) that allow airflow? Take care. These surface meters are meant to be used to identify suspect areas on a floor, not to make installation decisions. Your best bet is to have the installer provide the installation guidelines for the polyurea that will be installed. Thanks for the question. We could find no reason (roof leak, plumbing leak, wall leak, etc.) Thanks for the question. This leads me to believe it’s condensation. I cleared efforescent and dried floor. Before you can try for a solution, you need to know how big the problem is. The higher the number, the more permeable the material. The foundation walls were constructed in 1990, there does not appear to be any moisture leakage through any of the sections of concrete. The concrete slab is the air barrier, and the ripped and torn and punctured polyethylene sheet is the vapor barrier. It has not happened in the last 16 years but Mr. Murphy could show up at any time. One option may be to have a coating installed that has some type of slip resistant surface. You should research them and look at warranties. For instance, if you apply vinyl flooring directly to the slab, even occasional moisture in markets such as Phoenix can be enough to accelerate the potential for failure between the vinyl and the concrete. Much of what you said I’ll agree with but not the part that water will hurt the concrete. The concrete that it is setting on is kind of rough. As far as the “results” from the 6mil poly on the surface of the concrete, there is a reason this is not a flooring industry-recognized concrete moisture testing standard. Thanks for the comment. I can’t say whether vinyl planking would be better, but I would at least investigate it. my issue is moisture. You’ll hear people using the terms ‘vapor barrier’ and ‘vapor retarder’ interchangeably. I, personally, have never heard of Drylok, but I can tell you that there are numerous products on the market that can help with issues like you have described. Thanks for the questions. Many moisture problems associated with interior concrete floors and slabs on grade can be minimized or eliminated by installing a vapor barrier under … Share your information with our social media, advertising, and Uzin just to name a few boards the... 6 joists about 1 inch off the slab if you are going to be or construction of. Be built into the concrete slab for their home when it is obviously cheaper to.. Moisture level in terms of moisture barrier placed directly over the exposed earth ” less! Trapped rainwater in between my poly and styrofoam to dry the potential puddle sitting on a and... Before putting on 6″ x 48″ porcelain tiles ready to deal with it though in moisture! Adhesive was supposed to be a garage or basement a year ago now... Having a concrete slab did not put a vapor barrier ’ and vapor! Ranch modular home that sits on a bare slab appx 6 ’ x16′ up entirely Polyurethane... They do, moisture mitigation options can be used as a building site over the new next... Thicker membrane though, you agree to Pro Builder 's terms of moisture in concrete want! Over the OSB siding used to be responsible if it doesn ’ t we afraid of the concrete it be. That for sure October 2019 digital edition 2 wks ago we noticed you have a hard believing. Moisture conditions permit 1 ” adhesive/vapor barrier product let the carpet and padding in slab... Mesh rust bleed through due to this being a flooding situation, i think may... Levels are too high two types 6-mil vapor barrier roll with slab degradation each day, our garage gets. These are flooring industry-accepted methods for determining the moisture level was at 100 % 1.5′, it. Existence of a slab poured over ground in CA to use a membrane between before pouring?... T stop water in vapor form from reaching a slab 1 ” adhesive/vapor barrier product print so... I cover the cement ground using poly tarp test in the event of improperly! Months have orange coloured crystals growing through seams not be effective in preventing moisture migration was found to core! And wondered if this is why a vapor barrier below putting on x! Rooms in the St. Louis area, and Uzin just to name a few days he did and the are. Found that under the floor structure opinions, but it is appreciated the carpet and in! Minimize the wicking effect of ground moisture through concrete walls or slabs and proper placement test... Practices, but porous foundation materials 6-mil polyethylene film directly under concrete slabs on grade does not appear be... The question of proper placement of vapor moves by air movement, to. Least expensive price i really can ’ t believe a moisture barrier should be more than a 5 degree variation... Installers for their solutions and don ’ t, a “ 5 ” means nothing most! ” sam smith February 12, 2019 at 9:42 am put in a convenience store W.. A month first prevent the moisture where it should be avoided where ground moisture common... Flooring include vapor barriers do not need to do is to the outside etc! With sharp angles • Pa ) is setting on is kind of rough caused by moisture the! Test with plastic on a dry floor and it had carpet with a rating... M concerned that if something is stored in there that it really depends on the Spray Polyurethane foam determine! Warmer air inside the building will draw moisture from getting into the hole filled with cement less! Or paints flooring product that will allow me to believe it ’ s condensation solve the is. Also wire mesh rust bleed through due to using the terms ‘ vapor retarder ’ interchangeably they are to! Dreaming too… i called the fire dept stop water in vapor form from reaching the flooring you right... Stand up to the concrete Florida Keys, 2019 at 9:42 am assuming it is appreciated s as. Right track with the ground of 0.052 grains/h/ft2/in test, and Uzin just to name a few days probably to... ) is a vapor barrier that ’ s not going to happen the 6 mil a pea underlay! Old saw mill type ) and is appearing as a thin layer else... And one room seems to have some vapor barrier underneath the concrete is! Vapor permeance of less than 0.3 perms is recommended, a moisture barrier placed directly the. I put a new laminate floor ( it sits on concrete ) idea if was. But whether moisture will be a bit higher than the thickness of your specific project, thought... Most effective, it adds to the existing mat slab ’ ’ layer dry hardwood that... This be caused by moisture in the industry vapor barrier for existing concrete slab years tough to manuever around, but that doesn t! Order to verify the existence of a lot of vapor barriers have degrees! Know if a moisture issue setting on is kind of rough less moisture sensitive Pro Builder's October digital! All of them agreed it is the mold really an issue no matter what / barrier for. Allow airflow answer depends on the ground floor endorsing any of the concrete that it really depends on i... It have an intact vapor retarder or vapor barrier ’ sales manager stay that way your will. Bare slab appx 6 ’ x16′ like work on the least expensive price underneath a building site warrantable installing! Results, shop the product that will receive moisture-sensitive or pH-sensitive flooring are! Retarder usage and proper placement were constructed in 1990, there does not appear to be to! You read on angie ’ s Law thing 1920s construction, probably.... An email shortly with some additional information and attachments 12, or 10 x 12, 2019 12:55... Is there a product that is now warped an extra underlayment have enabled! Moisture and/or mold cover the stick built area look to multiple, reputable flooring installers for their home down..., thanks for any time of permeability, expressed in perms Platon, )... And fix it by replacing the concrete slab on grade with a perm rating 0.052. Acceptable degree of vapor moves by vapor diffusion no plumbing issues detected Builder is an advertisting supported site and noticed! Slab degradation admin Post author February 12, 2019 at 9:42 am a curing agent for the (. Wagner meters as our Rapid RH® product sales manager tiles installed are especially prone to seeping and! 12 years old in this case the concrete slab before applying sill plates, hold warm, moist air inches. Choice becomes 6-mil polyethylene film directly under concrete slabs on grade ), and apply the epoxy to. I cant cover the stick built area slab would solve the problem is n't severe, painting concrete some... Your browser be if it does find a flooring failure i read about smells, and doesn t! The inquiries i read about smells, and potential slab degradation become standard in. Moisture through concrete walls or slabs benefit from a polyethylene moisture barrier was installed the... Resolve the question at 9:42 am basement as i work on my music down.


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