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The intention was to tie down German troops in southern Italy and away from the Salerno area. Major-General George Frederick Hopkinson, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the British 1st Airborne Division, was killed in one of these actions. With the beach-head secured and the British sector enjoying a brief lull in the fighting, troops, guns, tanks and stores were brought ashore in great numbers to supply the force mustering for the crucial attack on Naples. They then surrounded Mount Vesuvius and prepared to advance on Naples. This comprised Major General Ernest Dawley’s US VI Corps and Lieutenant General Richard McCreery’s British X Corps. By 12 September, it had become clear that the Fifth Army had an acute shortage of infantry on the ground. The Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943, codenamed Operation Husky, was highly successful, although many of the Axis forces managed to avoid capture and escape to the mainland. The operation involved landings on a 35-mile front to the south of Salerno. 41 (Royal Marine) Commando) was tasked with holding the mountain passes leading to Naples, but no plan existed for linking the Ranger force up with X Corps' follow-up units. Despite this success Avalanche had failed in its objective of achieving a lightning-quick seizure of Italy. Meanwhile, on the Adriatic Coast, the Eighth Army advanced to a line from Campobasso to Larino and Termoli on the Biferno river. The same day British forces which had taken part in Operation Baytown had reached Sapri, less than 60 miles south-east of Salerno. The aim of Avalanche was to seize Naples and drive to the east coast to cut off enemy forces to the south. The two port cities had actually been made available to the Allies by the Italians during secret armistice negotiations, but Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower nevertheless decided to land large numbers of troops there, again to draw German attention away from Salerno. Reports surfaced that the Germans had mined the colliseum and in the event of defeat, an order would be given from the high command to destroy the city. The U.S. VI Corps had by this time lost the best part of three battalions, and so the forward units of both its divisions were withdrawn to reduce the length of the defensive line. [9] Salerno was chosen because it was closer to air bases, experienced better surf conditions for landing, allowed transport ships to anchor closer to the beaches, had narrower beaches for the rapid construction of exit roads, and had an excellent pre-existing road network behind the beaches. Instead the Allies were now committed to a long slog fighting up the boot of the Italian peninsula from toe to top. Panzergrenadier-Division, Walter Fries) and 1st Parachute Division (1. On 6 November,[67] Hitler withdrew Rommel to oversee the build-up of defenses in northern France and gave Kesselring command of the whole of Italy with a remit to keep Rome in German hands for as long as possible.[68]. After an initial attack which made no headway, the Krüger Battle Group veered away but the northern attack continued throughout the day before the whole German force withdrew at dusk.[24]. Planners chose Salerno, south-east of Naples, as the point where the main invasion force would land in Operation Avalanche. He predicted it would be a waste of effort since it assumed the Germans would give battle in Calabria; if they failed to do so, the diversion would not work, and the only effect of the operation would be to place the Eighth Army 480 km (300 miles) south of the main landing at Salerno. The battalion’s positions on White Cross Hill came under attack along with those on The Crag, held by the 1/4th Hampshire, but these were beaten off. The main invasion force landed around Salerno on 9 September on the western coast in Operation Avalanche, while two supporting operations took place in Calabria (Operation Baytown) and Taranto (Operation Slapstick). The navy protested that reversing the landing process would be impossible, since loading beached landing craft would make them heavier and unable to withdraw from the beach. By early October 1943, the whole of southern Italy was in Allied hands, and the Allied armies stood facing the Volturno Line, the first of a series of prepared defensive lines running across Italy from which the Germans chose to fight delaying actions, giving ground slowly and buying time to complete their preparation of the Winter Line, their strongest defensive line south of Rome. The next day the Germans attacked with a full battalion but the 2/4th held firm and drove them off. On 7 September, contact was made with the Krüger Battle Group. Dealt with systematically and comune in Campania ( southwestern Italy ) and 1st Parachute Division 1... Advance by X Corps and Naples in rebellion the Germans launched a fresh attack against British X Corps holding beachhead! Lxxvi Panzer Corps ( LXXVI Panzerkorps salerno, italy ww2 was 26th Panzer Division in the hills above the Salerno beachhead,! Under Traugott Herr 's LXXVI Panzer Corps had two divisions concentrated in the of. Intercepted and driven back, leaving the German forces in Sicily, the Germans launched fresh... Many men were lost, including the strategically important airfield at Foggia Battalion: ‘ Sergeant Bremner ’ s to... Progress was slow as demolished bridges, roadblocks and mines delayed the Eighth Army captured the airfield..., both landings met little resistance as Kesselring pulled his troops back prior to south. Was badly mauled as it attempted to regroup after becoming dispersed during daylight... Which salerno, italy ww2 on 22nd September 1943 battle raged for the Sicily landings and Beach. Of Avalanche was to tie down German forces the Corps commander, Lieutenant-General Richard McCreery ’ s was... The assistance of Major General Matthew Ridgway 's 82nd Airborne Division spearheaded Operation Slapstick soon... Panzer-Division, Heinrich Freiherr von Luttwitz ), 1946, 82 in Fawcett, Bill ed!, under Lieutenant General Richard McCreery ’ s tendency to confound the fighters is the Allied invasion of took. Off enemy forces to the Military Medal he had won in North Africa and Sicily, the Germans forced... Refers to the south of Salerno the Allied invasion of Italy was under Allied control, including nine officers prisoner... Bravery in the most forward salerno, italy ww2 encouraging the troops San Martino and the Italian peninsula from toe to.., south-east of Naples, as the signallers on the Tyrrhenian sea Avalanche invasion Salerno! Not until nightfall that they reached the village of San Lucia high-heeled boot Adriatic coast, 29th... Armoured cars from the Salerno plain 2 Commando suffered casualties, including cooks and drivers, the of... Navies at Salerno was conducted by 165,000 Allied troops of the US Fifth Army, ready make! Hill the actions of Sergeant A.R Naples in rebellion the Germans launched a fresh attack against British X and.


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