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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The cheese will collapse in a beautiful symphony of gooey-ness and flavor. Serve: With Cava, of course! Notes: A blue goat? Tomme de Chevre will save the day: I challenge you to find someone who does not swoon. Bleu du Bocage doesn't just taste like blue; it tastes like meaty, toasty, clean cheese, spiked with a perfect dose of sharp salitiness as a wonderful footnote. In southwest Europe and the Mediterranean, goat milk cheese is a staple, and its aged varieties are just as popular and delicious as its bovine counterparts. Region of Origin: Humboldt County, California. Mary Keens started crafting goat cheeses in the 1980's and helped lead the American artisanal cheesemaking revolution. Region of Origin: From Touraine, in France's Loire Valley. Place breadcrumbs in a separate bowl. If you’ve never had feta cheese made from goat milk cheese, you’ve never really had feta. Notes: "Gah-ROE-chah" is named for the gorge way up high in the Pyrenees of Catalunya. ): sweet under a bit of earthiness, milky, and fabulously luscious. Serve: Made for a Riesling with a touch of sweetness, or a great Port, or Moscato. ... My mind was flown when I first tried this one. RUNNER UP Neal's Yard Ragstone. Country Green Living advocates healthy green living urban or rural through writing and sharing blog post that connects to farming, homesteading, poultry and animal farming, backyard gardening, organic gardening and more! Post whatever you want, just keep it seriously about eats, seriously. This AOC-protected cheese has been made for some 1000 years and counting. This made our list of goat cheeses as the only U.S. entry. … This compact, semi-firm, smooth, gentle and delicious goat cheese was a once forgotten classic, revived by young Catalan cheesemakers in the 1980s; it quickly ascended to cheese world rockstardom. It is aged in the rind, like brie, and has notes of a mild blue cheese. Oh, man. Before Europeans were raising dairy cows, small villagers all over the world found it easier to cultivate goats and sheep as a prolific source of milk. And it all started in the small town of Elkmont, Alabama. Humboldt Fog is a gorgeous wheel of goat's milk cheese with a clean, lemony, lactic taste which becomes earthier and mustier with age. The creamiest gouda you’ve ever had, this goat cheese originates from Holland. Serve: Over a dish of roasted wild mushrooms. The milk is commonly used to make cultured dairy products, such as cheese. Serve with Spanish Jamon Iberico (or prosciutto if that’s in short supply) with a dense, hearty bread and a nice dish of Spanish olive oil for dipping. Belle Chevre has been making fine goat’s milk cheeses for 30 years! This cheese is aged for several months, but retains a stunning delicateness. Serve alongside hummus and fava bean spread and some pita bread and a light rose on a summer evening for flavors of the Greek isles. Use it in place of mayonnaise on a turkey sandwich with a touch of sweet pepper or cranberry spread. Or make a remarkable grilled cheese. Region of Origin: The village of Aydius in the Pyrenees region of France. Brunet tastes like mushrooms, yeast, and sweet, sweet cream. Brining rinds is a common method of seasoning cheese in Spain and perhaps nothing represents this tradition better than Drunken Goat cheese our favorite goat milk cheese. National pride of the Ile de Beaute, the Brocciu is the only cheese made with whey, which means the Corsican ewes and/or goats whey. The texture becomes firmer with age, bridging the crumbly/creamy divide.


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