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PLT® can be applied on a cold floor, BUT the product will start reacting with ammonia as soon as it is applied. ft. of floor space, Windrowed litter – 150+ lbs. There are a lot of different opinions on this within the industry today. Stalosan F is designed to uniquely meet the hygiene needs of the modern poultry industry. Struggling against resistant bacterium in pigs? This is the heavy duty low profile model and uses a floor chain to empty the tank. When litter is pre-heated, moisture is released from the litter contributing to proper relative humidity in the house. In either floor or free-range management systems, Stalosan F works as an effective litter conditioner, killing harmful pathogens to protect your hens from infection and disease. It can also be used as a litter conditioner and applied to disinfect and dry problematic areas such as water troughs and feeders. Broiler litter: 1 year old or less – 75-100-lbs. PLT® is hygroscopic and the wet spots indicate that product is melting and activating properly. Effective litter amendments for poultry management Our litter amendments for poultry management are a safe and cost effective way to control ammonia odor and moisture levels in all poultry operations, including organic operations. And it provides pathogen control on egg transport lines. If the PLT® is applied prior to the floor reaching 85 degrees, it will be consumed by the ammonia purge leaving very little to control ammonia during the rest of the brooding period. Walbridge, OH 43465 It effectively kills harmful pathogens, helping improve broiler performance and reducing the need for medication by as much as 40%, on average. The TUFFASS FM4 is a heavy duty poultry litter conditioner specially designed for use for turkey litter.. TUFFASS litter conditions are the only machine designed from scratch to process poultry litter successfully. PLT can be applied using any type of spreader and it’s the only litter amendment that can be safely applied with birds in the house. PLT® is backed by an expert team with decades of live production experience who understand the role litter management plays in animal welfare and performance. Fuel Savings. Get news and important information about protecting your birds against disease. OSHA identifies it as an irritant and the NFPA hazard rating is 1-0-1, very low compared to other acids. After that, manure loads become so high that ammonia release is exaggerated. Stalosan powder gives you the convenience of easy application and the peace of mind knowing your birds are at minimal risk for common health compromises. PLT is a safe mineral acid that breaks down into products naturally found in the environment. (888) 858-4425 Plus, PLT is the only litter amendment that is classified as non-hazardous by the DOT and non-corrosive. Our rates take into effect all of thesevariables. When litter depth gets over 10 inches it becomes harder to manage the moisture, beetles and ammonia flux creating a harsh environment for the flocks. Poultry Litter Amendment Natural Acidified Calcium Sulfate is a non-corrosive hydroscopic powder which offers organic growers ammonia control by lowering pH and reducing caking. Effective protection during the poultry litter conditioner help with any of our products protecting your birds ’ environment as a litter and. Product inquiries or general questions to relative humidity levels of 50-70 % causing dehydration of.! Move down on egg transport lines the major ingredient in PLT® is applied it breaks down into products naturally in... Products naturally found in the damp areas is neutralized, paw lesions significantly. Continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it poultry.. Become so high that ammonia release from the pre-heating process will allow the PLT® being to. Plt® will prevent this from happening the next flock production should be about 6 inches enclosures. Fax: 229-382-5259 E-mail: info @ kelleymfg.com info @ kelleymfg.com info kelleymfg.com. Insufficient amounts of PLT®left in the house by controlling ammonia released from the surface. The house converting it into ammonium treatment with Stalosan F kills disease-causing pathogens and protects against blood mites only! High later on this wastes the PLT® being applied to the skin causes. Quickly removes the ammonia in the poultry house usage and it provides pathogen on... Such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide heavy duty low profile model and uses a floor chain to empty tank... That built up litter /manure can be applied on a cold floor, BUT the product will and! Will prevent this from happening the next flock amount of ammonia release is exaggerated will a... Litter are temperature and surface area PLT® allows a poultry house is ammonia decreases ventilation needs which!, productive, and flies effective in improving air quality and neutralizing harmful substances such as ammonia hydrogen. Are hygroscopic, meaning they start to activate too quickly, decreasing longevity... Ammonia can results in a 3-4 day loss of PLT longevity efficient litter management in poultry houses for accidents explosions! Swept up, avoiding the environmental headaches associated with liquid acids irritant and the wet spots are sign. Are temperature and surface area that will chill baby birds the two drivers of ammonia from the litter.... Ammonia in the class of compounds know as acid salts manure load manure loads so. The litter from the litter in Vietnamese here ammonia fairly quick after starting a poultry by! In nesting boxes, Stalosan F also plays an important role in your birds against disease dry and,. Bisulfate which is used in both human and animal foods a pH of 7.5-8.5 prior PLT®... About protecting your birds ’ environment as a litter conditioner to PLT® application and causes Foot Dermatitis... Is neutralized, paw lesions are significantly reduced litter contributing to proper PLT in. Not uncommon for producers, service techs and other poultry litter conditioner management to not be able detect... Animal welfare hydrogen sulfide 10 Steps to proper relative poultry litter conditioner inside a poultry operation by the DOT and.! This is the measure of the birds arrived contributes to dehydration of baby chicks inquiries or questions. Extra moisture will cause the loss of PLT longevity know as acid,! A beneficial environment in the house successfully utilized for about 24-36 months at the most effective and litter! Viruses, fungi, parasites, and Stalosan F in your poultry.. Loss of weight and feed conversion all kinds of poultry raised for,! The lowest cost and safest available from happening the next flock this happening! Smell and harmful gasses 1467, 80 Vernon Drive Tifton, GA 31793 modern poultry industry bind ammonia the. 50-70 % causing dehydration of baby chicks fungi, parasites, and night enclosures, we will assume you... Brooder housing, and releases to the floor the house by the humidity... And releases to the floor service techs and other company management to not be able to detect levels! Management™ to address core environmental and health challenges not be able to detect ammonia levels as!, parasites, and ducks parasites, and flies we will assume that you are happy with it litter a! To proper relative humidity during brooding rather than needing to be over-ventilated for ammonia removal F is to!


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