guru purnima 2020 in shirdi
At that time Baba asked TatyaKotePatil , “ Why is he alone worshipping me and why you are not performing a worship?”. One has to reach only the lotus feet of Guru to experience the resonance between the spirit and soul. Never try to equate with anyone and never condemn anyone. Look at me with all the love. I had a firm wish not to leave Him but obtain this mantra from Him. He asked for some money and I gave the same to Him at once and earnestly kept on requesting Him for the words of mantra. However, Baba did not allow anybody to perform such worship in the earlier period. She had learnt about the fame of Saibaba and had arrived at Shirdi for darshan of Saibaba. Behave with love for each and every living creature on earth, without any controversies. Although Radhabai was aged, she had full faith on Baba and she made a firm decision not to return home from Shirdi unless Baba provides her with a mantra as a blessing. Mother! This is why Shri Guru Geeta states, “GURU is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He anointed Baba’s forehead fully with sandalwood paste and then created a symbol of Shiva’s “Tripundra” with the paste. Guru should be questioned about knowledge and ignorance so that sumptuous returns are received from Him. OM SAI SHIVA!! Blessed are the devotees of Shri Saibaba and their family members. Baba was calm and said that Doctor had worshipped him as his Guru. When Baba explained in this way, it reached the inner mind of Radhabai, she gave up her firm resolve of fasting till she gets the mantra from Baba and placed her head on the Lotus feet of Baba. Wherein, it was stated that one should regularly listen to the excellent scriptures, abide by the words of Sadguru and while remaining alert all the time should choose his way to salvation never losing the sight of the objective. I gave Him both immediately. Recite the name of that Almighty. I occupy the entire universe both animate and inanimate world. Stay alive with consciousness. The method for shine used by both is the same. Where in, it was stated that one should regularly listen to the excellent scriptures, abide by the words of Sadguru while remaining alert all the time and should choose his way to salvation without losing the sight of it. Oh! Whatever is seen is my form alone. A Guru should be worshipped and servedby renouncing everything in one’s possession. Since then, Sai Devotees started to celebrate the festivities on Guru Pournima. Shirdi Sai Baba - Guru Purnima - 05.07.2020 Sunday (Main Day) This event has passed. Why do you want to cling on to sadness? Knowledge provided by anyone else will not be helpful in securing the freedom from the world and cannot bestow the fruits of salvation as it will not reside in the mind for a long time. Guru Purnima 2020 This 12 months Guru Purnima falls on the fifth of July. However, stone will remain stone and diamond will reflect an aura. Om sad gurusai nathaya namahan.I wish a happy gurupurnima to all Sai devotees, Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Sadguru is like the clouds during rainy season drenching us through water and sets us on the path of enlightenment. The entire system has already been set by the Almighty and I am the prime mover of this system.I am the one to activate all the senses and I am the one who creates sustains and destroys everything. With the holy and sacred ash, He will burn off all the sins of His devotees. In the beginning he looted me. Baba said, “I stayed at the feet of my Guru for 12 years and He reared me all through. He did not have any secret ways of advice to His devotees. Many people have an opinion that if the blessings from Guru are divulged to anyone else, it loses its effect. Whenever and in whatever way the circumstances may test you, the patience will carry you across the ocean safely. On sai ram jai sai baba jai shirdi dhaam. Eventbrite - Shirdi Saibaba Community & Cultural Org of SA presents Guru Purnima 2020 - Shirdi Saibaba Community & Cul - Sunday, July 5, 2020 at IAASA Community Hall, Broadview, SA. Baba equated the behaviour of those people who enjoy ridiculing others as that of a pig that would feast on the excreta happily. He did not have anything to do with money. Please visit us again nearer the date for details. “You follow me exclusively and I shall do the same for you”. My Guru was one for whom all His wishes had been fulfilled. Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 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