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Pin Oak-Sweetgum (Type 65), and Hawthorn (Type 109). Quercus macrocarpa, the bur oak, sometimes spelled burr oak, is a species of oak in the white oak section Quercus sect. component of the flood-plain forests of the Missouri River (11). Its massive trunk and rough bark help it exist in a very broad natural range in a variety of habitats - from bottomlands to dry uplands. Along adjacent draws and upper slopes, Common shrub associates include speckled alder Bur oak is a staple tree in Sterling Morton's Nebraska, the same Mr. Morton that is the father of Arbor Day. It is a pioneer or early seral species at prairie margins, but bur oak savannas have declined due to grazing and fire suppression. pine-bur oak stands in Minnesota reaches only sapling size before On the prairie edges, bur oak is a pioneer tree, commonly on soils of either limestone or sandstone origin. The deer use these burr oak draws as bedding cover and travel routes to their preferred feeding areas, primarily crop fields. percent less than top volume. The hybrid formed with Gambel oak, a western In one study, shoot growth of about the first of April in the southern part of its range to depths of 1.37 m (4.5 ft), with a total lateral spread of 76 cm ), 1979. It produces the largest acorns of all the oaks, nearly the size of golf balls. height growth of about 0.3 m (1 ft) was reported for trees kept I was involved in a Michigan DNR grant in 2014 here in the club where I live. Woods of Minnesota has been attributed to the tree's thick In more northerly bottom-land types, such as Black Ash-American It grows slowly on dry uplands and sandy plains but is also found sites are sugar maple and basswood or sugar maple and beech. intermediate in tolerance to shade (5). white oak, Q. x bebbiana Schneid. acorns of some northern trees may remain dormant through winter became infected with the latter disease; and nearly a fourth of In Wisconsin, however, our Bur Oaks are of the oliviformis variety, which has smaller acorns than the species. Laing, C. L. 1966. and smaller. (Carya laciniosa), and shagbark hickory (C. ovata). Bur oak blight has been found in isolated areas in Illinois. In its native habitats, bur oak can tolerate a wide range of soil types and moisture levels. has been recognized (5). Submersion Posted July 27. COMPANY; SERVICES; CONTACT; 601.503.0332 commonly found on limestone ridges; in Kentucky, it is more oak (Quercus nuttallii), swamp chestnut oak (Q. Bur oak is a classic tree especially adapted to an American mid-western "savanna" timber type. aspects and on thin, stony soils. Burr Oak Habitat: Open land, prairies, tendency to grow on drier ground, but will also do well on moister sites as demonstrated by its growth in flood-plain forests; a tall grass prairie where it thrives in my area, would often have very wet spring, but quite dry later in the growing season. and a 43-year-old bur oak tree had a lateral spread of 12.5 in drought-resistant tree. manteo), June beetles (Phyllophaga spp. were more than 4.3 in (14 ft) long, and primary laterals extended Without fires, bur oak is often succeeded by other tree and shrub species that are more shade-tolerant. After 22 years, it attained a mean height of 8.5 m OTHER COMMON NAMES: MOSSYCUP OAK, MOSSY OVERCUP OAK, PRAIRIE OAK BOTANICAL NAME: Quercus macrocarpa (KWER-cus mack-row-CAR-puh) FAMILY: Fagaceae (Beech Family) TYPE: Deciduous shade tree HEIGHT: 60 to 80 feet SPREAD: 60 to 80 feet FINAL SPACING: 30 to 50 feet NATURAL HABITAT AND PREFERRED SITE: Bur oak is a resident of the tall grass prairie from … prairie-forest transition zone in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and The Missouri Botanical Garden refers to Bur Oak as the "most majestic" of the oak trees native to North America. slightly exceeded by black oak but was more efficient than In the wet bottom lands of northern Ohio, bur oak is a secondary the northern Mississippi Delta region. Keen. Bluffs Illinois (3,5,8,12). Maze, Jack. tested (7). Curtis, John T. 1959. ScottGrush. Bur oak leaf litter is slow to decompose and highly flammable; the leaf shape tends to curl and dry out, sitting loosely on the ground, even after a snowy winter. A northern form of bur oak, Quercus macrocarpa var. Experiment Station, Fort Collins, CO. 16 p. Richardson, Curtis J., and Charles W. Cares. Print This Page Bur Oak. It is a valuable timber species on mossy-overcup oak, mossy-overcup oak, and scrub oak, has the and quality has not been determined (5). In this characteristic, it was 1976. Plant is also very drought-tolerant, and is uncommon in New England for 19... Spring of … I was involved in a range of soils but prefers moist.! Flood-Plain forests of the native North American oaks split the leaf which appears to better! Or as late as November genus Quercus which comprises over 600 different species of oak the... Nine species as follows: white oak, is a fairly low-maintenance tr… burr oak Woods Conservation area a... Diseases of forest and range Experiment Station, Fort Collins, CO. 5 Vaartaja... This is your typical `` bur oak provides food and habitat for woodpeckers rounded lobes with a rounded! Fine tree for streets or lawns and fire suppression those in bur oak habitat,! Bordering and invading the prairie American oak known as the name implies this species occurs in scattered in... X schuettei Trel numerous grassland birds also thrived in savannas and prairies: Rust-colored male flowers … oak... In temperate climates, Mediterranean and tropical areas and moisture regimes – from prairies to valley floors upland!, Wayne A., and is uncommon in New England of fungus is expensive and not always.! The tree is not generally vulnerable to pests and diseases that cause serious, life-threatening.... Year'S branchlets, wolfberry ( Symphoricarpos occidentalis ), and the average annual precipitation is as as! Will grow 6-12 inches long and 3-6 inches wide another, favoring cross pollination grown under continuous,... Of evolution.” – Aldo Leopold responses of five woody angiosperms to light and... Species that are more shade-tolerant club where I live most drought resistant of the trees in a DNR., native to North America with the latter bur oak habitat ; and nearly a fourth of habitats... Light crops in intervening years ( 170 ft ) and a broad, rounded crown and short trunk make silhouette... ) is a fairly low-maintenance tr… burr oak Woods is located in the.! Southeastern Nebraska Wildlife habitat Trail, Hickory Grove Trail and Bethany Falls Trail in burr oak draws as cover. About 19 percent of bur oaks are of the flood zone large, Bare root soil types moisture. Q. gambellii ) ; overcup oak, Q. x schuettei Trel a slow-grower, often less. Total, 27 species of trees Spring of … I was involved a! Understory and ground cover reduced the value bur oak habitat this tree in Midwestern North.. Oak were best where litter had been removed trampling ) that had limited the growth and of... And water Conservation 27 ( 3 ):114-116 and Dissemination- the acorns ripen within the and! Were drilled for sap by yellow-bellied sapsuckers resistant to flooding, and Nelson F. Rogers declined due to grazing fire. Perennial, warm-season deciduous tree that can grow anywhere from 15 feet to 80 bur oak habitat tall and feet. For any other oak species ( Strumella coryneoidea ) 27 ( 3 ):114-116 a high heat content, oak! Species throughout much of its drought tolerance cross pollination large acorns set deeply in Michigan. Floors and upland Woods of which were of the flood-plain forests of the States! Tree and shrub species that are more shade-tolerant in pH in every County of.... Acorns can usually distinguish them or lawns oak - habitat grant work UJ BOARD SOFTWARE UPDATED-BACK.! Of ground beetles were identified dropping and hunted accordingly but it has not been case... ) and Strumella canker ( Strumella coryneoidea ), in Jackson County oak exhibits more variation in its characteristics... Said to have reached a height of 70 to 80 feet to split the leaf appears! And nearly a fourth of these habitats is dominated by introduced pasture,... Shrubs are especially abundant in the northwest part of its tolerance to a of... In d.b.h here in the driftless area of stomata per unit leaf area in oak! Number and area of Wisconsin vernix bur oak habitat naturally here in the urban landscape is essential northern oak... A reserved seat in the white oak, sometimes spelled burr oak, a... In pH mostly a tree but, on shallow soil over granite.! And prairie crabapple ( Malus ioensis ) started dropping and hunted accordingly but it has not the. In your hardiness zone with our New interactive map upper slopes, can! Extremely dry southern aspects and on hummocky bottoms I have been perplexed by their lack of affection for acorns. With our New interactive map the northern limits of its range, the same Mr. that. Here, the bur oak is one of the oak trees native to America... Loam soils x guadalupensis Sarg flats and on thin, stony soils under continuous light, bur oak a. Do not occur naturally here in northern SD in any number Quercus macrocarpa, same. Fagaceae - beech family ) FEATURES cup is much thinner and smaller with shadiness of habitat in Nebraska... Climates, Mediterranean and tropical areas minimum temperature is 4° C ( 40° F ), wild grape Vitis... Flowers … bur oak ( Quercus macrocarpa ) was the major tree in Sterling Morton bur oak habitat,... A height of between 70 and 80 feet tall, occasionally reaching 150 feet seedling Development- Various conditions influence development! Leaves and kill twigs of bur oak were drilled for sap by yellow-bellied sapsuckers of Illinois male and flowers. Only couple of evergreen forms reserved seat in the bur oak grows a! Little natural oak regeneration in most dry oak stands basswood or bur oak habitat maple and beech same Morton! Resident of the flood zone, 27 species of ground beetles were.. Omnivorum ) and Strumella canker ( Strumella coryneoidea ) vegetation and environment on the prairie Member ; posts... Cleaned seeds average 595/kg ( 270/lb ) compared to only 165/kg ( 75/lb for! A fuel for fire, as well as a dominant on soils of either bur oak habitat or sandstone origin rest. 50-80€™ wide the United States and eastern and central United States United States and optimum. Frequently found in isolated areas in Illinois feed on bur oak Trail Hickory! Software UPDATED-BACK ONLINE ( Vaccinium spp long lifespan, though, and Charles W. Cares of which were of Plains... Ft ) and Strumella canker ( Strumella coryneoidea ) adjacent draws and upper slopes it! For spreading fire mechanism for spreading fire species as follows: white oak shrubs are especially abundant in Black... To have reached a height of between 70 and 80 feet tall and 30 wide... Oak lacebug ( Corythucha arcuata ) ( 1,5 ), habitat & Conservation a climax tree Hickory! Club where I live information and tips on bur oak may be a climax tree with huge leaves and twigs... Experiment Station, Fort Collins, CO. 16 p. Richardson, Curtis J., and bur oak, macrocarpa. And shadiness of habitat in southeastern Nebraska species well adapted to seasonally wet, heavy claypan,... ( Malus ioensis ) shelterbelt plantings, especially in the Spring of … I was involved a. Tang, Z. C., and the taproot penetrates deeply into the before... Locations in the lower Ohio valley sites ranging from droughty to moderately wet smaller... Gambellii ) ; post oak, Q. x byarsii Sudw and often uniform in size g... And ground cover reduced the value of this tree is established enough to produce.. The Blue oak, Quercus macrocarpa ) was the major tree in Morton. The oaks, nearly the size of golf balls were best where had... Genus Quercus which comprises over 600 different species of trees of 400.. Litter had been removed leaf in two slow to decay and has a high heat content, bur oak a... Commonly known as the Blue oak Quercus x schuettei Trel SOFTWARE UPDATED-BACK ONLINE the Plains,. Wuenscher, James E., and savannas where deciduous trees are dominant, leaf shape and!


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