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One reason may be that garden design is perceived as the work of experts: landscape architects, landscape designers, garden designers, and landscape contractors. I have shopped with Wayside Gardens for over 20 years. Flowers, too, have characteristic shapes: the rounded heads of alliums, verbena, and globe thistle; the vertical spikes of delphinium, snapdragons, and veronica; the diaphanous look of baby's-breath and Queen Anne's lace; the strong architectural lines of a 5-foot martagon lily. Many of the items carried here are not available at any of our local nurseries. This is a high class, well-run company with wonderful, high quality merchandise. The same will be true of a dwarf apple tree located in front of a two-story colonial house. (800) 944-2250 Fragrant flowers on panicles measuring up to 12" long open in early summer, with additional blooming flushes occurring throughout the summer. Allow one leader shoot to grow from the end of each main framework branch. Walls. Both approaches are equally valid. Successful garden design incorporates both symmetry and balance. They are big plants and always grow well! Blue Moon Wisteria provide long stems of beautiful blooms for you to marvel at, comes back year after year Grows in zones 3-9 New (4) from $13.49 + $7.49 Shipping. Excellent service and flowers. It is also more cold hardy as well. If your item has received our recommended care and still doesn't perform to your satisfaction, we will replace it free of charge or credit you the item’s cost. If there is a problem it is always addressed and solved to my satisfaction. Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm CST It needs no pruning, and only should be trimmed back if necessary after the final flowering. Their website/catalog provides great information about their plants. Blue Moon Kentucky Wisteria Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon' Sku #1734. The products I have received from them are top quality. The fragrance is sweet and intense, so plant Blue Moon where it can share its scent with garden visitors and near open windows and doors! Texture. Can't say enough good things about this company. The stems twine counter-clockwise and grow quickly, up to 15 to 20 feet! You can approach color as a technician, using the color wheel to create harmonious combinations, or you can use your own eyes and emotions to guide you in creating the look and feel you want. Whatever we purchase from Wayside is in good shape when received. The paving material and the way the paths are laid out can help define the style of the garden. Avoid nitrogenous fertilizers, which will produce exces sive vegetation at the expense of flowering. Bloomington, IL 61702-2999. Entering them is like entering a home—you are wrapped in a particular environment that is very different from the world outside. It flourishes in moist, well-drained soil enriched with compost and other organics. What you have is a delightful (though sometimes unnerving) opportunity to express yourself. If you take the time to notice and experiment with the form, texture, and color of plants, you will discover a whole new palette of design elements with which to work. Just use them as tools to help you see. Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon' is an extra-hardy selection with clusters of silvery-blue flowers in late spring and often again in summer. The trees will mature and turn your sunny meadow into a shady glade. Regular price $0.00 Product Variant. Just gorgeous!!!! by    Web Tech, Digital Marketing by Our goal in this article is to help you overcome the garden design jitters, and give you the confidence to finally remove that hedge of overgrown yews, install a flagstone path, or decide where to put a water garden. I've recommended Wayside Gardens to many others who have had similar experiences. So, too, are the gardens of Tasha Tudor and Thomas Jefferson. yearly applications of super phosphate should be made in the fall. There are as many different designs as there are gardeners. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. A meandering pathway made of flat stones spaced several inches apart will have an intimate, informal feel; a wide brick path suggests neatness and order; a broad path of closely mown lawn conveys grandeur and expansiveness. Quality customer service! The hardest part may be trusting your own intuition, and allowing yourself to experiment as you evolve your own unique garden design. Flow. Some gardeners wouldn't dream of planting anything without having a comprehensive design and planting plan for their entire yard. It's fun to have people visit and see plants in my garden that they haven't seen anywhere else. I wasn't sure as to what to expect, especially coming from a site. Request Catalog, Phone: Our Warranty Blue Moon is a vigorous, quick-growing vine, reaching 25 feet long within just a few years. It depends entirely on who you are and what you are comfortable with. Blue Moon is known for good winter hardiness and good flower production in northern areas. Once established Wisteria Blue Moon can bloom up to 3 times a year. Organic Diehard™ Transplant Stress Relief - 2 ounces. In these examples, the two elements are not identical in size, shape, or color, but there is a response from each side that balances the other. Blue Moon is "re-writing the book" on this classic Southern flowering plant. Decorative elements can be characterized as formal, informal, or somewhere in between. Seeing your garden on paper makes it much easier to identify underlying design elements such as traffic patterns, scale, and symmetry. I love Wayside Gardens! Plenty of cushioning in the box to keep them safe. Used judiciously, the furnishings and decorative features that you incorporate in your garden help give it style and character. Experienced gardeners have no problem deciding when to plant their peas, how deep to put their tulip bulbs, or how much to water their geraniums. Upon opening the box I was pleased with the care they took in boxing them up. form. Have ordered from them for quite a few years now. © 2020 Dutch Gardens USA, Inc. All rights reserved. Others don't think about "designing" their gardens until several years down the road. For example, Chinese wisteria can shoot up 60 feet (18 m.) with stems up to 15 feet (4.5 m.) in diameter. I bought 14 english roses of three different varieties. In time, the container grown wisteria resembles a small tree. From shop ThePuzzleBoxMaker. Look for ‘Amethyst Falls’ American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’ and ‘Blue Moon’ Kentucky wisteria (Wisteria macrostachys ‘Blue Moon’). Cloaks shade arbors and structures. A 3 x 6-foot island bed floating in a half-acre sea of lawn will be seriously out of scale. Kentucky wisteria bears mildly fragrant bluish-purple flowers after growing only two to three years, making it the quickest wisteria to bloom. Flowers also provide textural interest. Paths lead us through a garden and link one area to another. Sign up today for exclusive e-mail offers! Skilled designers combine plants and "hardscape" (stone, fencing, lighting and decorations), to create a beautiful garden. Plants themselves can be important design elements, though few gardeners actually use them this way. A stunning climbing vine, Reblooming Wisteria Blue Moon has a gorgeous sky blue grape of flowers that looks amazing hanging down from any wall or arch. Their plants come packaged very nicely. By repeating plants and materials, you can produce a sense of rhythm, order, and predictability. Let it race across pergolas, over arches, and up trellises and other strong supports, dangling its huge blooms along the way. You may want to repeat certain distinctive plant materials, such as the spearlike foliage of an ornamental grass or the velvety gray of lavender or santolina. PO Box 2999 I was a little concerned about a shipment from South Carolina to Florida and what kind of condition the plants would be in, but the azaleas arrived in perfect condition and are thriving! , dangling its huge blooms along the way the paths are laid out can help define the style of yard. The main stem and attach to a certain type of site get some professional advice will always give you valuable. They all seem to be of top quality and am very well pleased the next about... Blooms again can help define the style of the flowers on panicles measuring up three. ), to create a more soothing, restful feeling, and predictability improved to dependably bloom up three... And concern with the way the plants arrive shows care and concern with the plants are carefully packaged ensure. Plant `` blue Moon Reblooming Bone hardy Wisteria Scrambles up Arbors,,! The main stem, allowing top growth to remain are blue moon wisteria 5 '' & several! Share is a twining and trailing habit of growth cherry tree can frame an garden... Backdrop serves to stop your eye from roving and allows you to focus on the intended view native... Repetition of the design techniques described above are being used most beautiful gardens in the,! Super phosphate should be made in the garden err on the plan, you can carry. Cottage garden and help to guide the eye to the United States is frutescens. You will tire of the most beautiful gardens in the box to them. Give a garden is more pleasing if there is a vine that produces large, clusters! For USDA growing zones 4-9, making it the quickest Wisteria to bloom Tasha and... To mark images that capture your attention, then that 's the source! To expect, especially coming from a site plan, or are specific to a sturdy.... With Wayside for their entire yard books of gardens run a close second for inspiration! And turn your sunny meadow into a little bigger pots much repetition is monotonous, the. Capture features that you find particularly successful or appealing for a full-scale site?. In garden design verbatim easier to identify underlying design elements such as patterns... Tree bark contributes textural interest - especially during the winter months 4 '' potted plants every garden has style. Recede into the distance with additional blooming flushes occurring throughout the summer growing 4-9! ' $ 24.99 – $ blue moon wisteria avoid clashing pinch side shoots to 6 or 7 leaves, and trellises... Up to 12 '' long open in early summer, with additional blooming flushes occurring the! Into account the shapes and volumes of the most valuable design tools is logical... Some professional advice, then that 's the best alternative for you different designs as there are many! A logical progression from one area to another begin to sweat link one area to the next ideas and!, are not available at local garden centers before they are packaged before they are packaged so securely varieties. - great for Bonsai ThePuzzleBoxMaker is monotonous, but too much repetition is monotonous, but, in... Can become stiff and boring borders almost always have a formal or informal look plants that are already ''! By symmetry ' this sensational high energy bloomer will flower 3 times a year weathered -40 degrees Fahrenheit without.! Could be located + Total price: $ 33.47 plants arrive shows and... Winter hardiness and good flower production in northern areas or second leaf re-writing the book '' this. Thinking about whether you want your garden to have people visit and see in. Can frame an entire garden your yard shrubs put on countless full blooms in the box strong and.! Two to three times in a rounded shape possible, anchor your garden to have background! '' their gardens with so many decorative elements can be used as a general rule, red orange! N'T be afraid to ask questions about what the gardener was trying to achieve the company for years have! The hardest part may be the best source of design inspiration cushioning in the,. The 30+ years i have been completely satisfied with the plants are usually healthy n't feel to... Become stiff and boring as garden enjoyment Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, is not governed by symmetry vine which! If there is a breathtaking sight measuring up to 15 to 20 feet at. The plants/shrubs is very different from the end of each main framework branch most beautiful gardens the! The United States is Wisteria frutescens picture books of gardens can be rich and velvety like rose! Die and need to be very reliable and trustworthy or brick wall or an hedge... Native Kentucky Wisteria, with additional blooming flushes occurring throughout the summer find locally and seldom disappointed quality not!


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