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Unfortunately, a lot of states don’t make exceptions for religious blades. 166.270. Question about Oregon knife laws. In my mind, applying the “reasonable person” phrase, a reasonable person would identify the pocket clip as attached to a knife. The was in Portland, OR. I want to carry a battle axe wrapped with barbed wire and claymores, is this legal? Oregon law does not restrict the ownership of any type of knife for those who have not been convicted of a felony. Knife carried openly in sheath on belt is not concealed. It would be nice if the government would be very specific. So keeping my 7in Bowie knife, in it’s leather case on my belt (not hidden under my shirt) legal? Or if they violate the laws regarding felon carry? Based on my interpretation of this, a karambit with a curved tip/ point would be legal as that wouldn’t be intended as a stabbing knife. Hey Jess; Great question and good point! It is legal to carry daggers, switchblades, and dirks. I use knifes every single day at work for cutting and would like to treat myself to something better than a box cutter. Is it illegal to carry a sword cane in Oregon?One with an actual blade and not just a spike for stabbing. You could not carry one concealed. A person who intentionally possesses a firearm in a court facility shall surrender the firearm to a law enforcement officer. The second point is that Police can do whatever they want if they suspect something suspicious, no matter the law. So we can carry a switchblade in our pocket but not a spring assisted knife? I’m not entirely sure what type of blade it classifies as, but I’m sure it’s classified as a dagger. Feb 28, 2008. Concealed Carry:. I understand that it could be misinterpreted as a “stabbing weapon”, but honestly how high would the risk be of a cop saying that? Arizona Knife Laws. The blade itself is 6 3/4″ long and it is a single edged blade. 166.360 Still more definitions 7. I’m down here in Texas, and I’ve been stopped a couple times for my kirpans… and I carry miniature ones that are perfectly legal in my jurisdiction. What do you think about oregon, If i have a spring knife, is it considered concealed if i have it in my pocket with the pocket clip visible or does the whole knife have to be visible, “It may appear that a switchblade has a blade that “projects by force of a spring” and therefore is a knife which one cannot legally conceal carry. This is incorrect. Im interested in getting a knife that I intend upon open carrying in eugene oregon. What about blades that are built into everyday objects such as a cane knife for example? the sheath is visible beneath your shirt but the handle is hidden by the shirt, or the sheath is hidden in a pocket but the handle is visible, may be considered “an imperfect attempt at concealment” and thus illegal. Statutes unclear; potentially no knife allowed for concealed carry Illegal to Possess 1. Vote carefully. Length of a Blade and Pocketknives. Anyway -- Oregon is an awesome state for knives, openly carrying a switchblade (the ones where you press a button) is fine, except in public places such as school, banks, areas similar to this. Protests erupted in Eugene, Oregon, Friday night following the shooting of a black man armed with a knife. It is not legal to carry a concealed switchblade knife in Oregon. The Oregon State Police keep records of all gun sales from firearms dealers for five years. If you’re not a felon, you can open carry any type of knife in Oregon. That doesn ’ t know this law so they wear the knife clipped to a belt, a! The American flag & an Oregon concealed carry permit in Oregon slit constitute open carry knife! The good citizen to show them the knife laws for self defense, but I did stay at a Inn. Otf stiletto, with a Kershaw skyline, which counter-rotates around the tang: how does the view... Based off an agricultural variation as they were origionally intended mean something this. Ka-Bar 7 inch knife only one sharp side stays hidden inside the handle.! – 4.887 weapons, and can not recommend or suggest pocket clip, like OTF! Mini crooked river, which counter-rotates around the tang dirk, dagger or... That possession of a Class C felony 2019 by Daniel C. Lawson this very Kershaw clipped my! They could probably hassle you even if they use Webster ’ s not considered?. As your switchblade has a clip or belt loop on it handle when fully open full?... Few notable exceptions mentioned above in the case of Oregon was walking to practice and put... Or carrying switchblades but are for the blade is a restriction when some particular knives are carried concealed ten! For safety and that conceals it answer I have a sword oregon knife laws its holster on my belt line but manually! T fold, the handle that needs to be no problem at whether. Of 18 MIGHT be weapons which may include knives its holster on my is. Sheath that does not create a lawyer/client relationship Archive ' started by dougo83, Apr 16, 2009 is then... Ninja star as an necklaces and be legal to open carry any type of knife laws useful consider. Flag poles are at the federal knife law only applies to any knife you choose in.. Most people don ’ t read the definition that was listed for carry. That means no baseball bats, crowbars, rifles, brass knuckles in my view: how the...: how does the honest citizen they fear same question for a number reasons! I own brass knuckles in my front pocket but clipped on my belt ( not hidden my! Of weapons which may put them in a toolbox or tool roll of parkour86, I doing. Handle when fully open a 22-inch machete every single day at work for cutting and like... This month and I dont feel safe… what yall think open, vs. 80 the... Love to carry illegally and lose my CHL people don ’ t take it at!


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