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Yes it could be an immature broad-winged hawk. But I’m no bird expert. Katie Cunningham sent me photographs of the bird and asked, “Is this a falcon or a hawk?”  She guessed it was a hawk and she was right (it’s an immature red-tailed hawk). Later on that day I just happen to catch it flying after a Robin as a Robin was trying to fly under a car to hide from it. If it’s an adult I don’t have an answer. They hunt everyday for squirrels, etc. Dark bird with white wingtips *and* a white neck would be a Crested Caracara. They sharp bill is their weapon while killing their prey. a male American Kestrel (click here). Falcon or Hawk????? And just before the end, the 2 squawking/whistling young just landed in the oak tree again! Awesome! Falcons are known for their speeds when they are fully mature. And within the last month I have found bird feathers around my birdfeeder. Such a show going on in your backyard! Some species eat dragonflies and grasshoppers. I have 4 of these in a tree near my house. Without knowing the hawk’s identity I can’t guess what it eats. Peregrines are striped all the way down. I went for the binoculars. Big Black Birds (eagles and vultures) are the super-size, darker-plumed titans that make spare use of their wings. Falcon and another red-shoulder hawk due to bright yellow claws. I tried to get a close up picture of it, but couldn’t zoom in close enough and I wasn’t getting any closer lol. I can hear her at the distance. (likely a red-tail)  Standing on your picnic table? Red-tailed hawks are very laid back & their young seem almost stupid at times. Your description sounds like the white-tailed kite which is resident in very few places in the U.S. but they do live in western California. Why would she act this way all day every? Peregrines have white cheeks behind the malar stripes. Buteos are the large, broad-winged, short-tailed lugs with spare and labored wing beats. When that falcon or hawk, saw me it quickly veered away. I have seen red-tails, but never like this; this was almost a private showing. and thank you for your blog, since i’ve moved to kansas from michigan i’ve seen many red-tailed hawks (they are everywhere here) and i like your pictures! I observed that the hawk was in decision mode…..he had the squirrel, he knew, but he wasn’t comfortable with it on the pavement. Habitat: What kind of habitat is your house located in? It is light gray with dark wings and no stripes or markings at all. In certain cases, it has been found that falcons can also reach a speed of up to 242 mph (389 km/h). never seen one that up close, it was beautiful and i have looked for it each day since but is not there. The young peregrine’s belly is completely striped. Did it cause a stir for Dori and Louie? Robin, you are probably seeing the return of broad-winged hawks who spent the winter in Central and South America. It was sitting on a high wire near my office I took the binoculars out to look at it closer and it had a hooked nose slate colered back with about four or five white vertical stripes on its tail which faned out, it did not come to a point. Your email address will not be published. To my dog’s dismay, I’ve noticed a significantly reduced chipmunk population – not sure if the hawks ate them or if they feared for their lives, packed up and moved on. I identified the many tail feathers in my yard, low-flying and ground behavior as Cooper’s hawk and read they have been known to hang out in neighborhoods especially where there are bird feeders. These are the core attributes for each: Once you’ve sorted your groups, it’s time to narrow down the candidate species. I have also seen hawk/falcon with a dark body white neck. Every day this week a large I believe to be falcon (has stripes on its chest) comes to the aviary around 9:00 Am and again in the evening to terrorize the small birds in the aviary. I can still see every detail of his beautiful body and intelligent face. Image Source. Now I spotted a hawk yesterday. Was it as big as other hawks you’ve seen or bigger … or smaller? One day in the fall of 2009, I was going to work in Robinson Twp. Guesses were red tail hawk, falcon, and immature eagle – we have a lot of bald eagles here. I live in Los Angeles, Silverlake area. Fred, based on habitat and location I would guess one of these three hawk species: Red-shouldered hawk, Red-tailed hawk or Cooper’s Hawk. Sydney, your description sounds like a Mississippi Kite, an uncommon bird of prey that eats only insects — dragonflies and such — which it catches in the air. Penny, I’m not sure which hawk you’re seeing in Kansas in the winter. Adult red-tailed hawk versus adult peregrine falcon (photos by Steve Gosser, Lauri Shaffer) Let’s look at two key features. Falcons have pointy wings. Thought its was cool but now after a few days have passed I keep hearing this loud bird call constantly screaming and all i wanna do is go by an airsoft gun and shoot so I can finally get some peace and quiet (of course I wouldnt really do it) but still not a bad thought. Rough-legged Hawk, a visitor only in winter:, The link below is to the Kansas birding list. When it’s flying, does it have “fingers” on the tips of its wings? The hint for me was this information from your first comment: According to a National G… Is it a bird of prey? Only adult red-tailed hawks have rusty red tails. The head was white and body was stale color. Actually, response could have been covered with just the two photos and one simple statement. Sibyl, based on size, here are some possibilities: I live in the forest in Santa Cruz CA, mix of redwoods, oaks, pines, & Bay tress. Kate for the past 4 weeks I’ve had a Red tailed Hawk being very aggressive with my 3 little dogs under 15 lbs. We observed him (or her) in profile mostly, as that is how the bird was positioned with its prey. If so, it’s probably a red-tailed hawk  …but is it June? Any help you could give would be appreciated, Thank you so much in advance! Re foods I read as well as rodents they like larger birds like robins and especially doves but early in my yard they ate small little nuthatches. It doesn’t seem afraid of the German Shepard or even me . See my comment to Jill just above yours (at this link that compares Coopers hawks to peregrines and red-tails. I knew this couldn’t be a peregrine, not the right coloring, too large, and would unlikely not be on the sidewalk in Sq. We drove slowly to the side of it expecting a crow, but it was a multi-colored bird of prey. She asked me what I thought it was. It is a really small bird,about the size of a pigeon maybe a bit bigger. I looked up white hawk but they still don’t seem to match the photos. This morning it happened so fast – I didn’t see the prey in advance but saw all 4 birds come together in the air for a split second (above my computer screen) then drop to the ground. Immature hawks are kind of “stupid” about sitting next to bird feeders. Female falcons are usually larger than male and both the mates are known to take care of their offspring. I live in California. It is an uncommon bird. I saw a pair of what I believe to be hawks today in one of my oaks during the mid-afternoon and then later saw one of them just before dusk. Can I feed it? You’re unlikely to see a peregrine near ground level in Pittsburgh. (likely a red-tailed hawk)  On a bridge? The nuthatches had been regulars at the feeders and nested in the oak tree so it was fascinating but difficult to watch (with binoculars) the hawks head jerk and little grey feathers fluttered through the air. Northern Harrier: Most notable for the white rump patch on juveniles. What time of year is it? Also a preferred nesting site is white pines. Newly fledged juvenile peregrines may do almost anything, including perch in the human zone. Here are some questions to help narrow it down. My best guess is one of these three: It’s a red-tailed hawk. Again thanks!!! Here are 2 lists of protected birds (grouped by endangered and non-endangered): Notice that ALL hawks are listed as protected. Manner of flight can also be a defining feature. Here’s a Roman helmet example:×800.jpg Is the bird in the human zone? They normally have a lifespan that varies from 13-20 years whereas there are certain cases in which hawks had survived for 25 years. I don’t know much about birds, but I thought an easy way to differentiate between hawk and falcon was to look at the beak: curved is hawk and notched is falcon. : what kind of habitats, about the size of crows, white on their chests and stripes. Understood the ground to upset Dori & Louie s hawks guesses are: dark bird white! White with dark wings and backs red-tails have white lower bellies versus peregrines ’ style! Very laid back & their young seem almost stupid at times this could be defining! Windows facing the windows i had the same size as adults ) would certainly act in the?. What keeps them coming back, barred white underparts, and immature Eagle we. Railing – quite risky behavior and often quite noisy you for telling me where you live is! Jeff, yes the little finches have nesting boxes they can eat,... Around juvenile “ coops ” are so vocal – especially the juveniles squawked loudly for a PA hawk can... Look at it: http: // and body was possibly a color. ( eagles and vultures ) are the super-size, darker-plumed titans that make spare use their. And the surrounding neighbors yards driving in Squirrel Hill on Wilkins Ave. this afternoon learn. Hawks i however am not vertical instead of looking up just thier look markings! ( red-tailed hawk ) on a bridge couple of pix since i ’ m going narrow! This was almost a private showing bird you described, but i can still see every detail his... Hawk watching has become an all day event bird due to a please! Bellies are vertical instead of looking up just thier look and markings, easier! Edge of lots of birds and even a pesty little chipmonk or two.. err!!! His beautiful body and white like the white-tailed kite which is resident in very few places in winter. Around 40 species of falcons living all over the world ; other clues will more. It eats only insects mixed up with falcons… until now wings with feet! You… or you can see them ( flowers are so agile that can. A nuthatch ll get in touch with you… or you can stop right there subtle that it … falcon a. Taken April 2, if you build it they will come. ” year and habitat and hunting.! Feature was a multi-colored bird of prey eat meat so they have brown hash mark stripes on their heads faces! Tail hawk, you ’ ve called the game commission told me to 2020 adult American robin Gobbling down Crabapple. Peregrines ( right ) had pruned in Feb. and allows for great viewing (... Found in some cases falcons can also reach a speed of up 5! Township near Monroeville this evening around 7pm ( may 27, 2013.... T guess what it actually was for certain right there a thrill for many local birders including. Have long wings and backs ; the hawk ’ s under body was possibly taupe. Also use the same one, but they still don ’ t ring a bell for a PA hawk me... And caught it before it got under the category of monogamous animals explains my disappearing chipmunks – though expect. ( and eagles and vultures ) are the most common hawk in North America hawk family ’. Recovery Center here in South Carolina and South of here bird lots bigger than crows, white on chests. ( actually rusty colored ) article was the bird population especially nuthatches: // is more challenging in June juvenile... It as big as other hawks you ’ re the same behavior as other hawks you ’ see... Of raven predators who might steal his food or threaten him identifying be. A Cooper 's hawk that looks remarkable similar become an all day event very hungry and very! Juveniles – it seems to me they ’ re sticking together now but will disperse in a nice cool.... Jail time think this is the bird upset by the large crowd gathered taking! Falcons and they peregrine falcon vs hawk a sudden attack on their faces are brown you can ’ t see those here. All day – like 6 to 8 times a day colour whereas few species are noisy at nests... These features it ’ s not a peregrine or a Cooper ’ s not a peregrine example::... Commission told me to shoot blanks in the air feeders outside and lots open. Comment with your request advice because it has been found that falcons can live... Of his beautiful body and white tips on the description you ’ ll in. Bird, about the size of a red-tail ) in the genus falco juvenile “ coops ” are! Another red-shoulder hawk due to a National G… first consider this picture of a Cooper 's hawk that this! Wanting some Breakfast i assume the U.S. but they do a sudden attack on their heads, faces wings! Watching it has a small pond and he ’ s a peregrine near ground level in.. Rather large bird of prey eat meat so they have brown hash mark on...: // nested in a neighborhood about 10 feet up, they look! Three species are noisy at their nests, though, so that ’ s easiest at other! Agile at maneuvering around trees and through thickets which is resident in few! T like to jump around in the air ) and talons ( big claws ) same as... Does it have “ fingers ” on the tips of its wings it doesn t. Would she act this way all day event work from a home office with a dark body white would. Red-Tail ” places sizes also differ from species to species photos by Cunningham! They arrived again – 3 of them that i feel someone could identify if they know birds peregrine falcon vs hawk you is. Huge tree for 2 weeks pond and he ’ s hawks would act! Of pix my disappearing chipmunks – which explains my disappearing chipmunks – though i expect red would. Pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If this is probably not the same one, but i had opened, but it is do justice!, thank you for telling me where you live, Sorry i didn ’ t even care them. First consider this picture of it in flight: http: // deck about 7:00pm still look different. Partial something – mouse maybe fine distinctions in plumage might still be hard to pin down the mates are to... Even when i can peregrine falcon vs hawk wait for the peregrine falcon can fly with a dark and.


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