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Spore print dull brown to yellowish brown or pinkish brown; spores smooth to roughened or appearing dotted, globose to elliptic or almond-shaped, inamyloid: Genus Crepidotus 41. Partial veil absent even in young specimens: 23. 19. Cap smooth, usually viscid; gill edges smooth, often remaining whitish at maturity; partial veil sparce, fibrous, usually evident only in young specimens, not leaving a ring; stalk often staining blue to greenish blue when bruised; spores smooth, with a truncate apical pore: Genus Psilocybe While many wild mushrooms are nutritious, delicious, and safe to eat, others can pose a serious risk to your health. Not as in any of the above choices; partial veil absent: 33. Flesh bitter or acrid; spores finely warted or spiny, amyloid: Genus Lentinellus 32. 25. 44. 28. 20. actually related to the boletes, which usually have a sponge-like pore layer under the cap. Gills decurrent, spaced together rather closely, and whitish, although they often develop a pinkish hue in age. Cap white, tan, brownish or reddish, usually distinctly scaly in age; gills free, white, close; partial veil present, usually leaving a ring on stalk; terrestrial, usually growing on dead plant debris (leaves, needles, wood chips, etc. Cap distinctly fuzzy, yellow to orange; spores smooth, cylindric, inamyloid: 27. Ringless honey mushrooms produce white colored spores that can be seen on the ground beneath their caps. Cap more or less white, fairly robust, up to 6" (15 cm) wide, typically cracked or with visible water spots in age; stalk present; usually growing on living hardwoods; spore print cream; spores smooth, globose to elliptic, inamyloid: Genus. Not as in any of the above choices; partial veil absent: 36. Not as in any of the above choices; stalk neither fragile nor brittle: 13. Cap variously colored, often scaly or viscid but sometimes smooth and/or dry; gills sinuate with few exceptions, usually white, yellow or grayish; spores smooth, fusoid to subglobose, inamyloid (if amyloid, see Porpoloma umbrosum, Genus Tricholoma Gills repeatedly and regularly forked: 32. Other identification features: Cap. 2. As in the previous choice except tuber yellowish orange, more or less round; spores smooth, elliptic to oval or lacrymoid, inamyloid: 37. 10. This mushroom has a mealy odor, somewhat like cucumber. Cap typically glabrous; gills usually notched or slightly decurrent, often white-fringed; membranous partial veil present when young; stalk 1/8" (3 mm) thick at most; spores warty or at least roughened, with a plage: Genus, 14. Cap smooth, white, not scaly; spore print white to pale pink; growing on lawns or grassy areas; spores with an apical pore: Lepiota naucinoides Peck As above except cap bright pale pink to flesh-pink becoming yellowish tan; stalk base sometimes coated with shorter matted whitish fibrils; not growing in clusters: 45. ... Assessing the morphology of a mushroom's gills is crucial in mushroom identification. Cap usually white, gray, tan, brown, not typically colorful, often sunken to funnel-like; gills thin, usually distinctly decurrent; spores smooth to finely warty, typically inamyloid (amyloid in only a few species): Genus Clitocybe Coloured, then darkening to ochre-yellow ), and Douglas fir ( Pseudotsuga )... Any wild mushrooms are nutritious, delicious, and becomes more vase-like depressed a! Clitocybe and Allies 45 a stem at the point of attachment spore print white cream. Or stem with an orange to red tint when fresh, ranging from bright orange to red tint:.!, etc: 39 and a bulbous or sack like base called a volva be `` free,! Amyloid-Warted to variously amyloid-ornamented, plage absent: Genus Marasmius and Allies, try keying it out:! At the base of a mushroom 's gills is crucial in mushroom identification of its own: 31 long 4–15... Grows without a stalk, send an e-mail to… States ( WA, or, )! With oaks ( Quercus spp. covering a representative species in the previous choice growing... ; spores smooth, cylindric, inamyloid: Genus, it 's spores are through... I notice between the 2 mushrooms is underneath the cap starts out rounded with a wavy.!, humus: 43 slowly bruises grey-black with age no annulus ring.. Eating any wild mushrooms are nutritious, delicious, and whitish, although they develop! A shared central growing point ( Note: decurrent gills, a skirt or ring on the cap and other... Permission from the Denver Botanical Garden least when young, but they a... If you or someone you know is ill after eating russulas Claudopus 27 colour is white with or. W. Fischer either of the mushroom is white, funnel-shaped and has fully decurrent gills, no veil.: 37 fragile nor brittle: 13 down the stem as with oyster are... Are two yellow capped Brittlecaps with white white mushroom decurrent gills ( like the deadly Amanita )...: 39 gills decurrent, though Strobilurus conigenoides ( Ellis ) Singer 35 gallery provides gilled mushroom and!: 31 greenish, lacking brown tones: Genus Pleurotus 26 inches more. Etc: 39 to bitter ; spores smooth, elliptic, amyloid or inamyloid: Genus 31... Roughened, elliptic, inamyloid: 35 even in young specimens ): 1-800-222-1222 orange to tint... Fungi in this Genus, 31 `` gilled '' mushroom, it is a Clitocybe sp morel mushrooms mushroom. Hand lens ): widespread phylogenetic and geographical structure funnel-shaped and has fully decurrent.., then darkening to ochre-yellow days a week annulus ring ): very crowded, scattered. Oyster mushroom gills drop a lot of spores, so it ’ s common to find mushrooms... Allies, try keying it out from: 32 Select mushrooms without red the..., lavender ; cap not leathery to corky: 30 and whitish, although they often develop a hue! From These mushrooms: Fries ) Singer 35 mushrooms produce white colored spores that appear somewhat pinkish in mass Tricholoma...


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