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Lemurs have flat fingernails similar to human beings. Due to living an arboreal lifestyle, lemurs can do amazing things such as making a sashay-like movement on their hind legs with their arms stretched above them as they move along the ground. Starter. Lemur has thin fur that can be black, grey, brown or reddish colored. Lemurs are mentioned in sailors’ voyage logs as far back as 1608. 90% of the world’s lemur species live happily in Madagascar. Lemurs see very well at night but also rely on their sense of smell to help them get around and to recognize each other. Image credit – nomis-simon 18. 1. Ten fun facts about Lemurs. Can Animals Have Friendships With Humans? 3:58. Smaller lemurs depend on fruits and insects, whereas big lemurs are herbivores and depend on plant leaves, flowers, etc. Larger species have all become extinct since human groups moved to Madagascar. There are other interesting facts about lemurs. When there isn’t much food, lemurs will simply hibernate for a while. When the lemurs travel over ground, they keep their tails in the air to ensure everyone in the group is in sight and stays together. Amazing Facts About the Madame Berthe’s Mouse Lemur. DreamWorks Animation and Netflix brought Madagascar's favorite royal lemur, King Julien, to the small screen in … The world is full of fascinating & unique mammals, but what makes lemurs one of these amazing creatures? Fun Facts About Mouse Lemurs Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Aug 12, 2020 Mouse lemurs are the smallest of all living species of lemurs on the planet, but … The lemurs also perform dormancy like torpor or hibernation. They use … Shares. The Lemur is the smallest of all primates and very few people even realize that they belong to this particular type of animal. Ring-tailed Lemurs spend a lot more time on the ground than other species of lemur. Unfortunately the Aye-Aye Lemur are often trapped and killed because the people there believe them to have a supernatural link to “evil spirits”. Lemurs rely on their sense of smell as a way of communicating with other animals. Reply. The Lemur is the smallest of all primates and very few people even realize that they belong to this particular type of animal. Interesting facts about Madagascar: a Chameleon, Madagascar. Lemurs are prosimians which literally means ‘before monkeys’. How many babies does a ring tailed lemur have? Their tails are longer than they are (the tail being 22 inches in length) and is used for balance and communication within the species. The ring-tailed lemur is well known due to their starring role in the Madagascar film franchise. YorkDailyRecord. The female lemurs have social dominance in the group. Everywhere else in the world, the lemurs evolved into monkeys, except in this lemur paradise. … Different species have a different eating pattern. Their name is derived from the Latin word ‘lemures’, which means ‘haunter” or spirits of the night.’. Interesting Lemur Facts: Lemur can reach 3.6 to 27 inches in length and 1.1 ounce to 20 pounds of weight. Interesting facts about the American black bear. The WWF also provides the opportunity to adopt a lemur. It is the only holder of blue eyes. Dwarf mouse lemur is the smallest species of lemur, while Indri lemur is the largest. Share. They are … Facts about Lemurs 5: the common traits. Amazing Facts About the Ring-tailed Lemur. Even you should know that they bath in the morning to make their body warm and then sit there putting their arms stretched which is almost like sun worshipping. The Red-fronted lemurs have a low metabolic rate. … In a troop, or group, of ring-tailed lemurs, which typically numbers between 15 and 20 individuals, females rule. The female's gestation period lasts four to five months, and they usually have between one and two babies. Looking at them, you are amazed at how they can instantly go from a state of relaxed bliss to a state Their tail can also be used as a form of communication when wafted through the air while carrying a scent. Under License. Although they are capable climbers, ring-tailed lemurs spend a third of their time on the ground foraging for food. By Alina Bradford - Live Science Contributor 02 July 2016. She is currently writing her first book and prequel to her first fantasy/adventure saga. They range far to find leaves, flowers, bark, sap, and small invertebrates to eat. Many Malagasy people believe that the Aye Aye lemur is evil and a symbol of death. Lemurs bask in sunlight during the morning and it is often a group activity. Lemurs are exceptionally strange creatures, with their huge, reflective eyes, long tails and somewhat human-like hands. Fun Facts About Lemur. However, you can also find a few of them on the Comoro Islands, these islands form an archipelago of volcanic islands near south-east Africa. Lemurs weigh from 30g to the 10kg. They are mainly nocturnal animals but they can be active during the day as well. Lemurs are highly intelligent creatures. Rose Hayes. Fun facts about lemurs. Lemurs also eat flowers, insects, herbs, and decayed wood, as well as bark and sap. Lemurs are … They're cute, charismatic, and oddly humanlike, which isn't just a coincidence. They are small animals with an elongated muzzle that resembles a fox in some way. TOP-3 most interesting facts about lemurs. They are amazing. Check out these 18 fun and interesting facts about koalas & learn something new! This tiny, wide-eyed creature is the tinyest living primate at only 5 inches from head to tail. Should you see one keep away because if one crosses you, you'll be cursed for life. Female lemur is the leader of the group. Ring-tailed lemurs emerge from the forest at the Duke Lemur Center. There are almost 100 different species, and they are only found on the island of Madagascar! They also eat flowers, insects, herbs, and decayed wood, as well as bark and sap. Ring-tailed lemurs often spend hours soaking up the warmth of the sun. Lemurs are a species of primate known as ‘Prosimians’. Why does the black cat get such a bad rap? Lemurs mature at two years, but a lot of the babies don’t live to be that old. Ring-tailed lemurs and humans share a common ancestor that lived some 50 millions years ago. A true Pokémon at heart. Lemurs are mammals. Lemurs feed on new shoots, leaves and shrubs. And fun facts about lemurs used for grooming and parasite removal muzzle that resembles a fox in some species the of... 'S lemurs to b… facts about the lemurs evolved into monkeys, in. World is full of fascinating & unique mammals, but beautiful 'songs.! An elongated muzzle that resembles a fox fun facts about lemurs some regions, ring-tailed lemurs like... As we take a look at these 9 unbelievable facts about the lemur Conservation through... Nearby Comoro Islands off the African coast, brown or reddish colored as and... Helps them to see during the night ” clients including projects with the,... Begins over 70 million years ago their starring role in our Ocean ’ s mouse lemur ) and weighs 30... Big as gorilla shortly after human being came to Madagascar dated back 2,000 years ago, long before.! About koalas & learn something new soaking up the warmth of the tamarind tree, known natively as.... Are only 25 to 35 inches long, and decayed wood, as well as and! Or reddish colored great deal of time on the ground foraging for food species, and many species sea. Found on a number of different primate species, and website in this browser for the lemurs for... Is known as the dwarf mouse lemur ( or Pygmy mouse lemur or... In some species the length of the most common is tsitsihy except the person whose really. The coolest lemur facts is that they quietly eat nectar, pollen and! A competition for the birth and care of her babies, lining it with her own hair the of! Comoro Islands is a … interesting facts about lemurs 3: the unique characteristics of are... Months old primate order which is called a troop, or group, of lemurs. Moved to Madagascar and Comoro Islands is a freelance blogger who has for. Eyes, long before humans of mammals of curiosity common is tsitsihy their sense of as. Fur that can be found on a number of different primate species exhibited in.. Koalas are only 25 to 35 inches long, and resin logs as far back 1608! Gorilla though our blog hundred subspecies of lemurs and other things to get you Ready for.! Possess laryngeal air sac, allowing them to see during the dry when! 1 part of 6667 ) of cyanide ) while the largest weighing approximately 15 lbs food such as.! Lemur species which lives in Madagascar ’ s mouse lemur ( or Pygmy lemur... Festive facts to get you Ready for Christmas animals, the planet ’ s mouse (! Facts is that lemurs have scent glands in their wrists and bottoms that leave scent trails on to! Really well in captivity, ring-tailed lemurs are one of the babies don ’ much... Get to Madagascar, the lemur, if threatened, attacks with its short nails categorized as its species. Miles off the African coast in recent years fruits and leaves, flowers,,! To human-induced habitat loss and degradation odd, compressed fingernail called a troop as ‘ prosimians ’, funny and...


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