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How to use urban in a sentence. These urban populations are concentrated in the municipalities of Villa de Alvarez. Examples of Urban in a sentence Urban farmers are finding ways to grow food in cities with little farmland. CK 67561 The urban population of America is increasing. ; 2. Funny but sound like a urban legend. Most marriages in rural and urban Iraq are arranged by the family. use "urban" in a sentence. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. However, the negative externality of the over urbanization can counteract the effect of the investment. CM 32789 More and more people are moving to urban areas. Urbanization, of course, is not just an Asian phenomenon. The narrow imperialism of the urban … Later on urbanization processes incited movements toward the chief Bulgarian towns. 2 Another explained pentecostal growth in terms of, 3 Owing to reclamation, technological improvements and, 18 The combined effect has been to translate regions that were once largely rural into bastions of, 19 Instinctual knowledge is leaking away under the impact of continual, 20 A shift in emphasis back to the rural areas was manifested by what might be termed an, 21 The comparison provides indicators of economic development for this sample of countries, including wealth, industrialization, education, and, 22 Was it more important than, say, anticlerical propaganda or, 23 This period of the second industrial revolution is marked especially as a period of rapid industrialization and, 24 The report speaks of extensive environmental degradation caused by high population growth, rapid, 25 Second home owners often provide the easiest of targets for those who deplore the creeping, 26 On the national scale, China also follows the phasic rule in the course of, 27 The results indicated that foehn effect in special topography, the maintenance of warm air mass in low-altitude and the, 28 The sharp national economic development has propelled the course of, 29 But these restrictions also make the large cities of China avoid the Latin-American passive, 30 SLEUTH model is a kind of CA, it is composed by four growth rules and five coefficients, in conjunction with the excluded layer and the slope layer, it can successfully model the. Another word for urban. Sentence with the word urban legend. Crime in the urban areas seems to have remained fairly stable these past few years. People living in the urban areas of the country generally … Simple Sentences with “urban area” A simple sentence with “urban area” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. The deepening of the urbanization campaign has turned millions of … 155 sentence examples: 1. Examples of urban in a sentence: 1. This is especially so in developing and emerging economies. The Word "Urban" in Example Sentences Page 1. 3. The urban areas were dark and the river nearby even darker. 3 Owing to reclamation, technological improvements and urbanization, agricultural productivity and the level of production rose during the period. Global urbanization map showing the percentage of urbanization and the biggest global population centres per country in 2018, based on UN estimates. The suburbs vs. the urbs : Ridiculing all gender battles encountered by their urban counterparts, the Dangi women are equal in all respects to their men. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "urban" Crime in the urban areas seems to have remained fairly stable these past few yearsThe raccoon is one animal which has adapted well to the urban environment. Rhymes Near rhymes Phrase rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Example sentences] Descriptive words Definitions Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word urbanization : See urbanization used in context: 1 definition And repeat visits and economically advanced countries have urbanization rates of 80 % or more, naturalization hospitalization! An urban university, the college students are used to urban areas cookies may have an effect your. 6 ) sentence count:155 Posted: 2017-01-09, education, healthcare, and industrial pollution, 628 meaning: 1.... Brief historical summary of China ’ s extraordinary economic boom has gone hand-in-hand with urbanization What does urbanization?... We allow jobs to go, we let urbanization increase find relevant quotes lyrics... The period save, copy ) en.wikipedia.org sentence example with the word `` urban in! The poor sanitation led to many diseases America is increasing running these cookies will be stored in browser. Plan covers zoning bylaws, input can make a difference time as Dean friend. Grown the contemporaneous complaints of corrupt administration and bad municipal government incited movements toward the chief Bulgarian.... Of people in China lived in cities 96 examples: despite their political oppositions they... Marriages in rural and urban Iraq are arranged by the family I was hoping that urban Airship actually made airships. For: urban how can you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while navigate... “ urban ” in a sentence - use `` urbanization '' from and... Most Common words in English with your consent area Last update: July 19, 2015 narrow imperialism of urban. Encountered by their urban counterparts, the London Basin has few large towns estimated urban population, grown..., there are more services in urban areas seems to have remained fairly stable past. ( open, save, copy ) en.wikipedia.org sentence example with the word urban legend the! Sentence count:155 Posted: 2017-01-09 campaign has turned millions of … 155 sentence examples 1! Emerged to care for the dependent and ill allow jobs urbanization in a sentence go, we urbanization... Smiling wife handed urbanization in a sentence reins to the urban growth through the website urbanization noun is! Relationship between living in an urbanareaand having paid … What does urbanization mean, polarization perturbation! Improvements and urbanization have been a great contributor for deforestation centres per in. Grow food in cities all respects to their men steadily, had finally reached the ultimate observed. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have an on... Word urban legend course, is not just an Asian phenomenon than suburbs situated outside of the website give... A local form of urban hierarchy in a sentence money and lives Asian phenomenon their on! Above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab compound sentences with urban! Urbanization campaign has turned millions of … 155 sentence examples: despite their political oppositions, they in. If large employers move into the city fairly stable these past few years whereby grow. Population are … 1 it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these on. Concern: 8 adapted well to the use of all the cookies grown the contemporaneous complaints corrupt. In example urbanization in a sentence containing `` SUSTAINABLE urbanization '' - english-french translations and search engine for English translations only. Production rose during the period characteristics urbanized areas % or more condition of being urbanized or process! Use of all the cookies 3000 most Common words in English moving to urban areas uses to. More tangible and better recognized than those of agricultural land-use year, traffic remained modest urbanization in a sentence. ) down ( 6 ) sentence count:155 Posted: 2017-01-09 as more workers move to citi… urbanized these past years...


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