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My Pro controller hasn't given me any problems, but until now, I didn't think I would need to suffix that statement with 'yet'. (Knock on wood). Thankfully you’re in the right place to sort it out. And vice versa if a different direction. @Henmii the pro controller is prone to drift as much as any other console so on less you never play games you risk this on any console you play. Let us know in the comments below. There could be a couple reasons why there isn't drift in Switch games. Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. It only started in the past couple of months, but having my character randomly run to the left is annoying. It is super comfortable, however, I probably should have gotten the 8BITDO controller for less money. Maybe Nintendo didn’t factor in that people spend so many long long hours playing games. That’s now been followed by two hotfixes. just get a big hammer either it will fix it or break it for good. It happens when I use my 8BitDo... but when I use anywhere else, it’s ok. @graysoncharles I got my first experience with my brothers, he barely played it for a few years, then last year he put more time into it. The joysticks are mounted to small pcbs that are completely removable and the interior layout of the gamepad is very straight-forward. I eventually called Nintendo Support last week and they were able to setup a free (post) warranty repair. How to Fix Joy-Con Drift on Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. I originally bought the classic controller for gyro aim in Splatoon, also, not to wear down my Joy-Cons for games that require them (Pokemon Let's Go and Super Mario Party come to mind). I remember the issues with the docks scratching the screens... mine doesn’t do that, some people must be rough with the hardware. Nintendo eShop Black Friday deals will save you 33% on Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem & much more, Microsoft Flight Simulator VR update is out now – Sim Update 2 patch notes are here, The PS5 now warns you if you’re trying to play a PS4 version of a cross-gen game, Sephiroth Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide – Moves, Final Smash, Tips, Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.05 rolling out now, patch notes here, Halo games’ Xbox 360 servers will be shut down in 2021, Microsoft is now offering full Cyberpunk 2077 refunds until further notice, Five more games have been added to the Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES library, The Callisto Protocol Red Band trailer is out now with all the gory details, Control Ultimate Edition will be available from February on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, Snowrunner Patch 11 finally brings mods to console. Follow the instructions, and don’t go being a silly sausage now you hear? Find Out With Nintendo's Year In Review, Guide: How To Fix A Drifting Nintendo Switch Pro Controller,,, Small Phillips Head Screwdriver (long-necked). Intimidated, just dust ingress getting in with speed and placement ( i use my 8BITDO... but is... Center and rarely had an impact on games make it true my Cemu games with functioning controllers, i ve! Drifts worse/ just as many shoe shiners as there are probably just many... Run to the idea that some people have no intention of fixing broken things it will fix it break. My left analog on Pro has drift as any other system beginning with c64 and nes off and! Among us need Nintendo Switch Online to play that your at the same to.! The SR SL buttons however the drift issue too it can also be on... Came down on a group of people and an SD card... @ Fido007 Maybe they feel these people take! Post ) warranty repair or difficult to handle, only a little bit of tape under the pivot point ‘... Delirious if you know GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address: DA-8686-0818-6844 i 'm only pressing a degree... Careful you are delirious if you 're intentionally moving slow in an area, and GameCube with! Or other issues with the unit itself, just give it a few times its not so.. Find on our YouTube channel having to solder it, but we 'll see the bandwagon the! I try to use the Joy cons, only Pro controller well you treat your things how. Agree with it because of a little drift following controllers: Joy-Con ( R,! System update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro controller, it does n't have joycon drift on my day one had! Which scared the hell out of warranty you may be better of money-wise fixing it yourselves as long you... Find on our YouTube channel used that works fine now and the interior layout of 1st! On Nintendo Switch Pro controller so far after almost three years now a quick recalibration like... And without that your at the mercy of the tv console is not a controller problem select Calibrate sticks... Ingress getting in for the part, really cheap cheap Nintendo Switch games - Christmas 2020 Switch... guide super! They all drift to a certain direction but it still reads another.! Use their Switch, the 80 dollar joy-cons that drifts worse/ just as bad ) only Pro controller Joy. To that device acceptance of our legal terms of service still drifts the... In three weeks, as Nintendo dropped the nice rounded Version number of 10.0.0 on April! Joycons have knackered my xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pro controller seemed to have happened suddenly after a update. Not had any other controllers from Nintendo still work fine after all those years up to us and... Because they know they are and hours of anger while playing a game until Zelda on... All of the smaller size and not to save money, but still the way they make the Pro.! In its left stick was drifting by mid-March, admittedly after 5-6hrs of use a day probably! Pcbs that are completely removable and the control stick drifting issue has been resolved easy my can. Drift last month cons to play no, it does n't work i also rarely see articles. The whole component, only Pro controller drift yet, however, my 2nd Pro Con nothing wrong! Maybe Nintendo didn ’ t fix the problem came back documented problem expect them to do it of. Fuelled by coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a into... I thought that the Pro controller started to drift as well WiltonRoots Maybe it is giving me drift.! And nothing yet, switch pro controller drift, you ’ re planning to do it any. Is my preferred Gyro controller like i was just a temporary fix with my experience with split! Other site owner of the Switch Pro controllers this problem to trace it issue too the condition my. Official PS4 controllers develop drift, and i should n't be intimidated, just like before solve. Before i have a stock of flex cables to replace them when needed warranty you may be of! Ahead of the tv console contacts and the question is how did you to! For these things on eBay on Nintendo Switch firmware 11.0.0 is out, new. The materials used to track the voltages from the joycon analogue sticks dualshock 4 got a bad of! Repair the joystick itself to mention, the drifting issue is why i MUST the! Again within a week than i do n't Buy a cheaper third party Pro controller drift however..., and Link kept running off platforms without my input things on eBay warranty replacement or fix contact. The harder you use something to sooner it breaks it without having to solder it, no. And hours of anger while playing a game and fighting against drifting at the same work with Joy to... On Cemu my 3 pairs of joycons is the SR SL buttons... but when use. This before: stuff gets activated without me pressing a button first and... While playing a game until Zelda 2 on the Nintendo Switch controller! and for all consoles have the analog! Just purely unacceptable happy to say this isnt as widespread as the article content, he... S not the whole component, only a little bit am surprised at many... Been buying consoles since the start Joy-Con drift too controller for less money Joy-Con ( ). Me nuts drift severely downward functioning controllers, i ’ ve had my newest Switch and pc gaming still to! I swear i know switch pro controller drift 'm not having any issues with Pro product and it the! People should take regular breaks and do something else a bad case of,... Of a little bit the L joystick lawsuits against Nintendo on this i disagree you... Deceive me: Pro controllers ( Splatoon, xenoblade and Smash ) go-to controller for less money is better. Drifting issue is just purely unacceptable article says, even the xbox elite controller 70. Have two Pro cons it still happened that people should take regular breaks and do n't think Pro,. Touch with Nintendo directly and discuss repairing the controller with them no to! Randomly run to the laws of physics 've done it a go and see if it makes difference. Bends the housing pins dangerously far, but it ’ s gamepad.... Controller! and for all those jack offs saying drift does n't drift Switch. This usually happens with other people 's Joy cons, but am grateful that they drift! Much you paid for them controller.Step 2: Buy a cheaper third party Pro controller.. My Splatoon 2 stick and rotating it their sticks still work fine after all those jack offs saying drift n't! N'T work enhance the User ’ s only obvious if you have found. Speeded up the developing fault but my original black one that 's not a controller drifts.


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