to pimp a butterfly track by track review
Kendrick can actually sing pretty good too. Track 8 For Sale? This is an album in the old-fashioned sense--like his debut, it makes greater sense as whole, and requires full engagement all the way through. Kool Keith’s solo debut, underground classic. TheKing36. It's a fitting end to a demanding project, leaving the listener to come to our own conclusions about the heady topics raised, to continue the conversations started, and to reflect on the often unbridled anger on display. As the last line of King Kunta echoes in the head of the listener, Institutionalized starts. Because of that, he's also less readily digestible, mixing hood braggadocio, Black dysfunction, personal demons, spiritual yearning, mediations on fame with James Brown's stomp, Sly Stone's riot, a layered and stripped version of George Clinton's mothership funk, loose free-form jazz and muscular, languid soul. Kendrick Lamar’s major-label albums play out like Spike Lee films in miniature. What makes this song a true G-Funk song is its bassline.                                       misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same. How Much a Dollar Cost — B- u — C This really has damn powerful lyrics on it dealing more with the effects of the ghetto and the darkness of it. 12. If these walls could talk they’d tell me to go deep. The answer is probably never. I enjoyed this song initially but it sounds ten times better in the sequencing of the album.                                         misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same. I like the Lucy metaphor and it is cool to see Kendrick further detailing his struggles with fame/modesty and the even the devil himself. When Kendrick's "i" hit the internet people were confused, general reactions were "oh he had been gone for so long and this is what he comes up with", or something along the lines of disappointed. I really enjoy the sing-song flow that he uses and once again he comes out with some lyrics that basically challenging the people of the hood to change their mindset and do better. I’d go with King’s Dead. For Free? Alright — C A relate-able song on here too for whoever has turned down a homeless person asking for cash (I know I have). Keep in mind these are my personal opinions, graded on an A-F scale. I’m a sucker for storytelling raps and this song checks in all the boxes. 2. He's popular rap's reigning Serious Artist, and since his Grammy shutout in 2014 following his masterful major-label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city, his follow-up has been one of the most eagerly awaited projects in the genre and outside of it (ask Taylor Swift). @Guzzo They’re good songs but idk I wasn’t really feeling them. To Pimp a Butterfly is as dark, intense, complicated, and violent as Picasso's Guernica, and should hold the same importance for its genre and the same beauty for its intended audience. Lucy got million stories about these rappers that I came after when they weas boring. Take Eminem’s Kim for instance. Aside from Drake collaborator Boi-1da, Williams is the lone brand-name producer on To Pimp a Butterfly. ( Log Out /  Track Listing I found myself screamin’ in the hotel room. Mortal Man – A-, There we go @Guzzo however to me Blacker the Berry or King Kunta are best songs on the album, Wesley’s Theory — C How Much a Dollar Cost-B+ Hood Politics — C The beat just keeps on going hard with a slight almost ominous lurking feeling to it. If you have wanted to step into a jazz bar/club in the 40’s just slip in your earphones and listen to For Free? The abrupt beat drop is huge and You Aint Gotta Lie — C 5. Let's talk rap! delivers in the style of For Free?, exciting instrumental with a spoken word style delivery from Lamar. Although some similarities between the two interludes are apparent, this song touches on the subject of when an artist is successful (instead of the up-&-coming artist in For Free?) The 3rd verse is just amazing and brings the whole song to a HOLY SHIT standpoint when he drops the Travyon Martin line. King Kunta-A+ Lamar reaches his breaking point. There’s half a jazz band present at all times; pianist Robert Glasper, producer/sax player Terrace Martin and bass wizard Thundercat give Butterfly a loose, fluid undertow every bit as tempestuous and unpredictable as the army of flows at Kendrick’s disposal. Bilal once again provides a more subtle but just as powerful contribution. To Pimp a Butterfly Track by Track Review Follow. : The surreal sounds ironically make you feel like you’re in the clouds (I’ll touch on the irony later). Kendrick’s criticisms, as they did on good kid, come with powerful, self-imposed challenges. Lamar had the perfect set of words (and vocal tone) to send chills down your spine by embodying such a mischievous character. A house? 14. Simply expressing a deep passion for hip hop and welcoming anyone else who shares this passion. u – A March 14th. At the end of this verse he says: And everything you buy, taxes will deny,                                                                                           I’ll Wesley Snipe you ass before 35. To Pimp A Butterfly is encompassed by black styled genres such as Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, and some might argue spoken word. 40 cares and a mule? To Pimp a Butterfly pivots on the polarizing lead single, "i". I really fuck with the verses on here with K.Dot taking on the different perspectives, one from his first getting onto a label mindset and the other of the uncle sam character encouraging the new signee to spend all their money. While in Verse 2 Kendrick plays “Uncle Sam” (something he does often in the album) manipulating Lamar to spend his money. Mortal Man-A In both artists’ worlds, the stakes are unbearably high, the characters’ motives are unclear, and morality is knotty, but there is a central force you can feel steering every moment. i – B I hate to use the word but I’ll go ahead and say that this is a masterpiece for me. Track 6 u This is a great project to both praise and critique the black culture as well as being a great piece for other cultures to show them that there is no difference between our colors at all This means no new threads or posts can be created, The Industry’s Vermin is a Hip-Hop track about the way the Industry, we all know to be corrupt, treats, NEW HOT OLDSCHOOL BEAT PRODUCED BY BEATCOYNZ Kendrick does really great with his verses, but Rapsody really stole the song on here. The abrupt beat drop is huge and funky with George Clinton really dropping a great intro. Some of the best lyrics at this point dealing head on with getting out of the hood and trying to be modest with the newfound fame and not going crazy with it. Track 2 For Free? Resentment that turned into a deep depression. So I went runnin’ for answers. I found myself screamin’ in the hotel room. Kendrick is a lot more aggressive on here really spitting hard bars and the great lines about relating our government to the gangs. Track 16 Mortal Man Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Like Wesley’s Theory, this song has a funk vibe to it, as Lamar channels his inner James Brown. Lamar’s records, while crowded with conflicting ideas and arguing voices, have a similar sense of a guiding hand at work. The film’s motive was to make the notorious “n word” into a positive word, uplifting the people of Jamaica (more on this motive later). 15. i-A+ The song’s structure itself is…, Gardiner sample>Clinton> Chorus 1>Verse 1>Chorus 2>Chorus 1>Dr. I need forty acres and a mule not a forty ounce and a pitbull. It’s interesting how he manipulates the name and uses it to his advantage in the song. 9/10 He states not only is he going to be aright but “WE gon be alright”. The scream adds to the winding down effect perpetuated by the music. 11. When Kendrick's "i" hit the internet people were confused, general reactions were "oh he had been gone for so long and this is what he comes up with", or something along the lines of disappointed. Instead the album relies heavily on outliers like Flying Lotus, bass virtuoso Thundercat, Taz Arnold, frequent co-conspirator Terrace Martin, and Lamar's Top Dawg in-house go-tos Sounwave and Tae Beast. I got a bone to pick. “Pity the fool that made the pretty in you prosper…” like Kendrick in the second verse of Wesley’s Theory. "What's your perspective on that?" The closest thing would be the Pharrell Williams- co-produced "Alright," which showcases what passes for optimism during this dense and involved 80-minute listen: "My knees getting' weak and my gun might blow / But we gon' be alright." © 2020 Billboard. It's no surprise that the record's release would cause a small frenzy. Nice little skit to start it up. Note: This is the only song where Kendrick is consumed by the evils that seduce him. Upon release last autumn, the sunny soul pep talk came off lightweight and glib. How Much a Dollar Cost – A+ (best on album) Track 10 Hood Politics On the final track of To Pimp a Butterfly, the winding, 12-minute “Mortal Man,” Lamar lays out and ponders all that he has unpacked over the course of his album. The outro is also great giving you a chance to kind of soak everything in u-B let me know what you think As Lucy (Lucifer) talks to Kendrick, she tries to manipulate and wow him with material objects. Post opinions/ratings of projects you’ve recently heard,, hey guys, this is typically not something I would do but my friends have some wack tastes in music and I, Sweaecation was garbage bruh. 10/10 10/10 Great hook work from Anna and Bilal as well as a great bridge by none other than Snoop. Addressing himself as “u” instead of “i“ would be an example of the contrast; and also how detached he feels from himself. and How Much a Doller Cost, with their being both references to God and Lucy in this joint I absolutely love the Boo Boo parts of this song and definitely know that this will be one of the most memorable things to come off this album. For Free – B Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ", switching from shouty gymnastics to drunken sobs on "u" and even effecting the lilt of a caring mother on "You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)". It. A super great instrumental here that once again almost has a drugged out feel to it.


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