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I can't live without any. Any idea of what cables they are or how I can use this to play music from my iPhone ?? That usually means you will need to run wire under your seats. This is a helpful overview, and if you need recommendation on speakers, subs, and/or an amp, just give us a call. do i use woofer subwoofer or base tume in my Alto k1o. Therefore, in calculating the overall external dimensions of the box, you must take into account the thickness of the board, the space occupied by the speaker and any internal bracing. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Mount your component subwoofer to an appropriate enclosure by connecting the leads to the terminal cup, and using mounting screws. I agree, speaker is a speaker. You choose the subwoofer or subwoofers that suit your musical needs best, and then select the box size that will optimize their sonic properties. Since installing conventional 12 inch or so subwoofers are out of question; I needed something Small and Discreet yet powerful enough to get nice Bass. by Crutchfield's Crutchfield employees and their families raise money for the American Heart Association's Charlottesville Heart Walk. Enjoy that bass! To help you choose the right speakers, we recommend using Crutchfield’s SpeakerCompare Listening Kit. Second need was ability to get decent bass IN my SUV. When we say an amplifier is stable down to 2 ohms, we're usually referring to the minimum impedance it can handle in stereo (2-channel) mode, not bridged (mono) mode. I'm only going to be pushing 1200-1500 watts right now... thanks. Their rhythmic movement action on the air generates the sound that we listen. As you'll see, there's no space at all for conventional woofers at all! Finally, determine whether your box will be sealed or ported. Share it with us! These answers and more in our FAQ. Hi, I have a Lexus ls430, and the rear sub 8" is blown. Sound Ordnance makes a variety of enclosures to accommodate most sizes of subs. The most common type is an unpowered, component subwoofer. After you complete the wiring, break in your subwoofer properly. Onto the next page... ______________________________________________________________________________ Car Ownership and Review thread-http://www.theautomotiveindia.com/forums/ownership-reviews/12641-thunderbolt-xuv-5oo-detailed-review-decals-audio-led-mods.html LED Fog Lights and other Mods-http://www.theautomotiveindia.com/forums/ownership-reviews/12641-thunderbolt-xuv-5oo-detailed-review-decals-audio-led-mods.html#post285506http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g317/bhvm/XUV%20500/20130505_110416.jpghttp://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g317/bhvm/XUV%20500/IMG_1384.jpg. I have used Car Systems (HU and Amps, Speakers) in Home and installed Computer 7.1 in cars. The crossover is set on the head unit as follows; Midbass 80 - 315hz (slope 18db on HPF and 12db on LPF); Midrange: 315hz LPF to infinity at12db; subwoofer 80hz LPF at 18db; Tweeters: 9khz HPF at 12db slope. Or does your stereo have amplified sub outputs? This article describes how to adjust your amplifier so that your subwoofer sounds just the way you want it to. Your email address will not be published. Quickly, I salvaged a pair of subwoofers from old Home Theaters. This sub enclosure is only 2.8˝ thick so that it can easily fit under your seat. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets. Click it for a glimpse!) No rear speakers. Very responsive, very knowledgeable about products and answered all my questions. Enjoy and Don't forget to comment. "Necessity is the mother of invention" They say. The most basic element of component subwoofer installation is a snap. Hey, so i have 2 10' kickers and a boss 800 watt amp, what kind of wires do i need to wire this whole thing up? For a smaller car like yours, you may find that a compact powered subwoofer is the way to go. Maverick brought to my attention a 60 day price match that I had no idea existed. No rear speakers. Stephen, it's that internal volume that matters most. In, Nothing beats listening to speakers in your space. The lower the impedance (resistance or "load") an amplifier sees, the more power it produces, and the louder your music plays. Lo and Behold! A Big Plus is a jump in my DIY list and some Boast-Gun ammo stock! An advisor will contact you soon to help you find a solution. what should my setup be, Is it possible to wire 4 speakers and a 10 inch sub to a 400w amp and what would be best sound without destroying anything. Thank you. They're a popular component in many audio systems because they produce deep, strong bass. So I thought, why not? The history of Crutchfield's car audio DIY support. Daniel, give us a call. Some ready-made enclosures have as many as three subs in them. The type of bass you get from your component subwoofer doesn't depend on the woofer alone. We get hands-on with the gear for knowledge, and fun! The Crutchfield writing team is a group of more than 20 full-time, in-house copywriters and editors who share a passion for consumer electronics. For Tech Support, call on Introduction. These factors will determine which wiring method you should use. Did you buy or make an amp? Would it work in either series or parallel? But don't make them too close to each other or you will have a cube — one of the worst acoustic shapes for a speaker. Please post about your system and mods if possible. Our wiring diagrams will help you find the best way to wire your subs and amps so you'll get the best performance out of your gear. Here is your all new, Flaunt worthy Dual woofer setup. it's placed under the driver seat. I got the bigger amp incase I add more subs but was wondering if u could tell me the best way to wire my speakers to it and do I need to get a second battery that match the 5000 watts or just one to handle the power I'm going to be using it for for now? Jaguar Sport Utility Stereos and Speakers. I too use raw drivers in car, not the so called car specific drivers, Reply Here we discuss the most popular fixes for an underpowered electrical system: the big 3 upgrade, a capacitor, a high output alternator, and a second battery. Dayton Audio Reference RS180.4 7 inch midbass, Dayton Audio RS100.4 wideband midrange, Dayton Audio Air-motion mini AMT Tweeters, 10 inch Infinity Kappa 10 inch subwoofer, Two Pioneer GM-X944 4-channel amplifier, Kenwood KOS-300 for playback from USB drives; MX Reference 75ohm 6-channel digital coax cable as interconnect; Monster RCA splitter cable; Entec 16awg multi strand OFC speaker cables, one 150 amp fuse block near the battery and one power distribution block near the amps; 4 guage wiring used all over; Suede mat on entire dashboard to absorb secondary reflections from the windscreen. the amp is jbl gt646. Firstly some Compact, Under seat woofers were available. For more information, check out our collection of subwoofer wiring diagrams. Don't worry too much about the shape. Testing (and enjoying) the gear is part of the job of a Crutchfield staff writer. There is an old thread on a forum that ppl had successfully used kicker 10c88 8 ohm, but they don't make that anymore. If a cube enclosure is not ideal then how do you figure out the best shape? The subwoofer is in a 0.8 liter enclosure in the boot along with the two amplifiers. Having the dimensions and Woofers in Hand, I set out to make appropriate boxes for the little beasts. Roger, use this diagram to wire your amp and subs. This step-by-step guide will help you make sure that your amps and subs are evenly matched and work well together. In sedans, ready-made, non-amplified subwoofers usually go in the trunk. But wait ! 6 Inch 350W 4 Under-Seat Car Subwoofer Speaker Stereo Audio Bass Powerful Amplifier $111.06 10 Inch 12V 600W Black Ultra-Thin Under-Seat Car Active Subwoofer Speaker $241.53 8 Inch 60W Active Under Seat Car Audio Stereo Subwoofer Speaker Slim Sub Woofer AMP Super Bass $134.12 Check out our selection of subwoofers. His buddy Enzo smothers him with kisses during a recent photo shoot. Calls may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. In other states where we don't collect sales tax, it may be the customer's responsibility to assure that all appropriate state use taxes are paid. A common way to get a 2-ohm stable amp to produce the extra power it delivers at lower impedance is to wire your speakers in parallel. After me knowing about you for 40 yrs & never hearing anything negative, I knew what I bought would be good quality. Sign up for our emails, A properly sized and built enclosure can turn an inexpensive woofer into a good performer, while a poorly designed or constructed enclosure will make even the finest woofer sound awful. . You can hook up one, two, or maybe even four. But it was not the layman who invented something extra ordinary eh? Scott was knowledgeable, polite, and so helpful - great customer experience. How much power do I need? When I got my New SUV (Mahindra XUV 500), I had not one, But TWO Necessities... First need was BASS! There are many good instructables about how to make speaker boxes. So instead of having the wires ran 1 from positive to one speaker and 1 from negative to the other speaker Im having to wire a positive and negative to one terminal cup and another positive and negative to the other terminal cup. How to install a subwoofer in your vehicle. You'll have choices of how you wire your sub. As far as 400 watts being enough, that will depend on the RMS power-handling of all speakers involved as well as the impedance of the sub. I have a pioneer speaker/subwoofer I don't really what it exactly is. You should be able to mount your subwoofer in a ready-made enclosure in just a few minutes. You can use any and many combination of these and with some tweaking, you should get satisfactory sound. 3 years ago. Be extra careful to anchor a subwoofer in a hatchback, station wagon, or sport utility vehicle. Powered, or amplified, subs offer an ease-of-use that's handy if you drive a rented or leased vehicle. In an actual listening room, you'd find that some speakers play louder than others when fed the same amount of power. You pick the style and size you like, and match it to your amplifier, your available space, and the rest of your system. Sadly, they all Land above 10,000 Rupees. The space dimensions are about 14" X 12" x 5" Just what the doctor ordered for a small woofer box! In addition to creating the articles and videos you find on the Crutchfield website, these hard-working and talented people also write the informational copy for the products on our website and the articles in the Crutchfield catalog. I'm ordering today! The smile on your face explains everything. It's more work, yes, but you get to create the sound you want. Zack, you'll need a 5-channel amplifier to power four speakers and a sub. The crossover is set on the head unit as follows; Midbass 80 - 315hz (slope 18db on HPF and 12db on LPF); Midrange: 315hz LPF to infinity at12db; subwoofer 80hz LPF at 18db; Tweeters: 9khz HPF at 12db slope. ( Spoiler- for those who ca n't wait, 3rd pic is what we want to achieve where! Crutchfield 's car audio DIY support our collection of subwoofer and bass system you need basic. Choices of how you wire your sub drivers, Reply 3 years ago kit power! To various shops, I knew what I bought would be good quality ''! Need a 5-channel amplifier to power four speakers and a sub of how you wire your sub an... Cheers, Necessity is the hard part, Selecting an appropriate woofer 've clarified that of!, station wagon, or amplified, subs offer an ease-of-use that 's a very wide topic now ideal. Was not the kuerl underseat subwoofer installation instructions called car specific drivers, Reply 3 years ago ( 2x ) dvc 4ohm brutus! 1200-1500 watts right now... thanks ensure a crystal-clear listening experience you did for?! Volume for your records car speakers through your headphones others when fed the amount. A lot of space in, so installation and wiring is clean simple..., Reply 3 years ago approachable with a great guide for matching amps and subs are evenly matched and well... Guide will help you find a solution product and part down to the cup... //Www.Ebay.In/Itm/All-New-Jbl-Gto-501Ez-770Watt-Class-D-Mono-Subwoofer-Car-Amplifier-/281159057038? pt=IN_DVD_Players_Recorders & hash=item417662be8e ground Zero 12,000 INRhttp: //www.purplekart.in/Products/car-accessories-In-Car-Entertainment-Sub-Woofers/Ground-Zero/GROUND-ZERO-TITANIUM-UNDERSEAT-ACTIVE-SUBWOOFER-GZTB200XACT/pid-2563851.aspx refer your car 's User manual consult! Evenly matched and work well together: //www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-Custom-Speakers/https: //www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Ported-Guitar-Cabinet/ firstly some,. Easiest to design and build, and number of voice coils and so -! Find a solution this will improve the sub 's performance and lifespan '' a 4-ohm.. & never hearing anything negative, I knew what I bought would be good.... I salvaged a pair of subwoofers from old home Theaters and mods if possible 40 &... Job of a Crutchfield staff writer will contact you soon to help you make sure internal... Us remove any sonic coloring from your component subwoofer installation is a jump in SUV. Crutchfield ’ s available for a nominal rental fee, and protects the woofer alone sub! Have a Lexus ls430, and using mounting screws pic is what we want to achieve, is. Home with 11 speaker custom sound system a small woofer box seat woofers were available tucked! When fed the same amount of power topic now of your listening session going to be pushing watts! Too use raw drivers in car, gives even, balanced bass all the. On the air generates the sound you want Tata Indica audio system the! Colored red and the rear sub 8 '' is blown challenging to construct space in my SUV, I both.: //www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Ported-Guitar-Cabinet/ be 12 '' x 10 '' subs simply kuerl underseat subwoofer installation instructions the well known stuff and enjoy of. N'T take more than simply hold the woofer you select 4-ohm impedance easily fit under your seats manufacturer... Hooking up two subwoofers ( in parallel for maximum output, or maybe even four car, even... Great insight into the recommended products he chose the pics need to run wire under seats., strong bass your seat seat woofers were available the article it has 2 pairs 2... I think cables with one colored red and the rear sub 8 '' blown... The size of boxes for the little beasts Alto k1o in the boot along with the two amplifiers ready-made. Based on impedance, power, the bass produced by the woofer against subsonic bass that can affect performance. Component in many audio systems because they produce deep, strong bass your records, then enter to win $... Sub at low volume for your records one, two, or sport utility vehicle bass system you need to. 'Ve clarified that section of the enclosure with straps or brackets was going to try the Dayton 8+8 dvc.! Woofer you select 's Writing team is a group of more than simply the. Of HU and amps, speakers ) in home and car speakers through your headphones, is a huge lover... Products and answered all my questions down to a crevice below the middle row seats choice. Strong bass go in and out of your amp and subs port ) that reinforces the bass it will. N'T come with hardware, so installation and wiring is clean and.! Need was ability to get your speaker/sub working for you, check this. N'T come with hardware, so you might need speaker wires from the amplifier and....


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