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Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! Hymns on God’s Sovereignty, Providence, and Power 1. This purpose of this post is to encourage you by sharing classic and modern Christian hymns and their gospel-centered lyrics. Here you can find series of hymns of God's words and church hymns including Knowing God, Testifying to God, Praising God, and Life Experiences. The Top 10 Hymns (and How They Were Inspired), ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ – Beautiful Live Performance From Alabama, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Earlier on in his life, he lost his fiancé. 136 - Let All Things Now Living It is based on Lamentations 3:22-23, which says that God’s mercies fail not, they are new every morning. Here's What You Need to Know, 8 Ways Your Husband is Silently Showing He Loves You, 10 Unexpected Reasons for Infidelity in a Marriage. The verses picture Jacob’s dream after he escaped Esau’s hands. One of the major ways Christians have let the Word of God dwell in us richly throughout history has been through singing hymns in church gatherings. 175 - Onward Christian Soldiers. All hail the power of Jesus’ name! Our Songs and Hymns 8) TO GOD BE THE GLORY (Gray Psalter 473) TO GOD BE THE GLORY (Lift Up Your Hearts 604) Piano/Organ. This hymn was originally a poem written by Thomas Obadiah Chisholm in 1923. This is the song of every sinner who meets God’s redeeming love. When I survey the wondrous cross / On which the Prince of glory died / My richest gain I count but loss / And pour contempt on all my pride. Lord God Almighty! Hymns are beloved because they share the richness of the gospel and the beauty of Jesus Christ in a catchy and memorable way. Halfway across the Atlantic, the ship collided with a vessel and sank rapidly. Lina composed a few hymns out of the depths of her broken heart, and “Day by Day” is one of them. This hymn was written by Lina Sandell in 1865. Most copyright owners are allowing this Channel to share their songs/music, however, you may find ads running on them, they are monetised by their respective copyright owners.Please note: This Channel does not monetise any video that we share. This Psalm captures the attributes of a God, who is a refuge of His people in times of adversity. All rights reserved. Her recent eBook An Ode to the Word is a collection of 31 poems inspired by the word of God referenced in God’s word. Alice William is a wife and programmer with a passion for writing. However, these embedded fonts are not yet supported on Mac computers. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound / That saved a wretch like me / I once was lost but now am found / Was blind, but now, I see. This collection of hymns of God's words and church hymns are available to download and listen to for free for all those who long for and seek God's appearance. You can opt out if you wish. They teach us theology, help us minister to each other, unite us with Christians from the past centuries, and take our eyes off ourselves and put them on Jesus.


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