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We offer competitive price for various agricultural product like yam, dry fish, palm oil, cashew nut, etc. Dry fish market in Nigeria. Fish is an integral part of most African dishes and the dried variants have a distinct flavour that enhances food. Abuja Yam (Large) – N700 – N900; It prolongs the “shelf life” of the fish. we engaged in supplying of African black soap,Kola nuts,Bitter kola,Dried vegetables,Dried Fish,Melon Seeds,Bitter Leaf,Peanut,Plantain Flour,Dried Pepper, Cassava Flour to overseas countries. The same applies to the European Union, but Nigeria is on the list of approved countries in the EU. The list above indicates the prices of the commodities stated as at the period of this article. In other to smoke your fish and preserve it for as long as 12-16 weeks without the fish growing mould or getting spoilt then you have extract between 75-80% moisture and oil from the fish. Capital Needed To Start Smoked CatFish Export From Nigeria You too can start exporting Catfish in small scale (Not over 20kg EU new regulation) from Nigeria and make some cool cash in Pounds & Dollars for yourself. You can also supply in large quantity at the rate of N800 to N1, 000. For instance, the black pepper has been proven to enhance weight loss, ease digestion, prevent cancer, and battle cold and cough. I also added dairy products and drinks, especially popular ones. And the number is increasing daily. Based on what is obtainable in the market today, a kilogram of dry fish can be sold at the rate of N1, 500. Cost of Catfish farming in Anambra State Nigeria: A Case Study. Titus Sardines In Vegetable Oil X 5 Cans. Egusi, for example, is mostly cooked using beef or goat meat with lots of fish. Prices of Perishables & Vegetables in Nigeria, Price of Beverages, Dairy & Drinks in Nigeria, Factors Affecting the Price of Foodstuff in Nigeria Today, Current Price of Palm Oil in Nigeria Today, Price of Agricultural Commodities in Nigeria, Current Price of Soybeans Per Ton in Nigeria, Foodstuff Prices in Nigeria Today (Complete List), Most Recent Price of Bag of Beans in Nigeria, Cost of Agricultural Commodities in Nigeria, Refrigerator (Fridge & Freezer) Prices in Nigeria, Building Materials Prices in Nigeria 2020, How to Start a Business in Nigeria in 2020, 50kg of Rice (A Bag of Rice): ₦17,500-₦23,000, 50Kg Oloyin Beans: ₦30,000 –₦39,000, 25Kg Oloyin Beans: ₦15,000 – ₦19,000, 50Kg Olotun Beans: ₦29,000 – ₦36,000, 25Kg Olotun Beans: ₦14,000 – ₦17,500, Bag of White Garri (50kg) ₦6,500 – ₦7,500, Bag of Yellow Garri (50kg) ₦6,500 – ₦7,500, Sweet Potato (Big Basket): ₦500 – ₦650, Sweet Potato (Small Basket): ₦300 – ₦400, Groundnut (Fresh 1 Bag): ₦5,000- ₦6,000, Groundnut (Fried 1 Bottle): ₦500- ₦600, 1 Carton of Indomie Chicken ( 40pcs): ₦1,900 – ₦2,100, 1 Carton of Indomie Onion (40pcs): ₦2,100 – ₦2,200, 1 Carton of IndomieSuperpack (40ps):: ₦3,300- N3,400, 1 Carton of Indomie Hungry Man (24ps)- ₦4,300- ₦4,500, 1 Carton of IndomieBelleful (16ps)- ₦4,300- ₦4,500, 1 Carton of Chiki Noodles (40pcs) – ₦3,000- ₦3,200, 1 Carton of Golden Penny Noodles (40ps): ₦2,200, Starch: Tied in Nylons according to Quantity required, Golden Penny Semovita: ₦400- ₦3,500 (Depending on the Size), Honeywell Semolina: ₦350- ₦4,000 (Depending on the Size), Golden Penny Semolina: ₦350- ₦4,500 (Depending on the Size), Honeywell Semolina: ₦400- ₦5,000 (Depending on the Size), Yam Flour: ₦300 Upwards (According to Required Quantity), Plantain Flour: ₦300 Upwards (According to Quantity Required), Vegetable Oil Local (5 ltrs): ₦2,300- ₦2,500, Vegetable Oil (20 ltrs): ₦9,000- ₦9,500, Vegetable Oil (30 ltrs): ₦13,500 –₦14,000, Kings Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs): ₦2,900- ₦3,000, Wesson Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs): ₦4,500 – ₦4,700, Mamador Vegetable Oil (3.8 ltrs): – ₦3,000 – ₦3,200, Power Vegetable Oil (3 ltrs): ₦2,400- ₦2,600, A bag of Yellow Maize: ₦16,000- ₦18,000. Fish and Meat Prices in Nigeria. Beef is the major meat consumed in Nigeria. TOP Ads TOP 1. Discover a great selection of Malt Drinks Best prices in Nigeria Enjoy cash on delivery - Order Now! we are mainly involved in food items coming from west Africa. Shadron Foods Nigeria Limited: Let TradeFord.com match your sourcing needs with suitable Dried Fish suppliers, exporters and manufacturers. In a month, if you were able to produce and sell about 1,500 packs of dry fish each at a piece of N1, 500. Request quotations and connect with Nigerian manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Fish. The result is fish that come out adequately dry and tasty. Nigeria: Prices of Food Items Soar in Lagos. For example, we provides wet type fish feed extruder to Nigeria at the prices from US$4 900 to US$34 000, depending on what production capacity the customers choose. Page - 1 Blue Crown Fish Feeds; Types Of Fish Feeds In Nigeria. We desire off-takers for all our produce. Similarly, a medium size carton of fish … The prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria are in a constant upward leap due to some factors. As you read on, you’ll see the prices of foodstuffs and some of the reasons for the rise and fall in prices. Find Fish Suppliers. It is a power ingredient in most native Nigerian soups; you can easily build the flavors of soups with it then add just a little bit of seasoning to perfect the taste. We offer competitive price for various agricultural product like yam, dry fish, palm oil, cashew nut, etc. Chat me up to get the best price Promoted Rivers State, Port-Harcourt, YESTERDAY, 20:17 – Meals & Drinks Fresh Dry Catfish ... We supply sweet dry fish within nigeria and beyond but prefer inspection before payment. we are a fully registered, I have tons of high grade dried catfish for sale in Nigeria. Jake Brooks Innovation is an agro-allied export firm registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with registration number; “RC (1422632) ” attached. Manufacturers of some of the packaged food blame the inflation on power supply expenses since many of them generate their own electricity. These fish drying machine are equipped with distinct inlet air temperature and outlet air temperature with centrifugal atomization drying methods for enhanced performance. Dry fish is very much loved by Nigerians home and abroad, it is enjoyed by the different tribes in Nigeria. The importance, how to, effect causes relationship, comparison, history, role, solutions are discussed Show all. Read Also: Cost of Feeding 1000 Catfish In Nigeria. Fruits have continually proven to the world how powerful they can be. April Eleven Resources ltd is am integrity company that deals in oil &gas and agricultural products. ... Maltina Vanilla Non Alcoholic Malt Drink - 33cl Can X 24 Pack. if you are ready to deal with us . We produce sustainable and healthy foods for our customers. Furthermore, the statistics shows that every day, more people fall into poverty in Nigeria while more people come out of poverty on a daily basis in India. It is known that fish is an important and main food materials of Nigerian. In October 2013, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture Adesina announced that the Government of Nigeria (GON) would ban fish imports over four years, and raise the import duty up from 10 per cent to 50 per cent, and possibly as high as 100 per cent beginning January 1, 2014. Here’s a price list of predominant fruits available in Nigeria. Known for supplying good and high quality dried fish. Add To Cart. Price of Fish Feed In Nigeria – Photo Source: https://www.animalfeedsuppliers.com. Similarly, the price has of ogbono has been fluctuating for a while. Improve the efficiency of your sales cycle with our CRM Software Register Now Payment on delivery only within abuja. It has been stated that Nigeria alone consumes over 80,000 cows. Unfortunately, there was a rise in price on some common foodstuffs like egusi seed and ogbono. Urisfa is Nigeria upcoming company that deal agricultural product.eg charcoal, cow skin, yam, dry fish etc. 3.3 out of 5 (3) Add To Cart. There are several spices found in the African kitchen to make sweet delicacies. There are many advantages for smoking fish. A kilo of Fish in my pond is 900 NGN, the bugger the fish, the more it weigh. Plantain is also used to prepare plantain portage and snacks like plantain chips. For each product we list for you all online shops that sell it, their shipping fees and delivery information. We breed, sell, and deliver quality and affordable poultry meat, Snail, Goat, and fish. It is normal for market traders to hype prices and it’s left for the customer to use his/her bargaining ability to buy this stuff. ginger, gar, Larismorphty is a small start up,with the business scope of exporting Nigeria local foodstuff to the internation market,to enable Nigerians in diaspora eat their local foods. This is often attributed to seasons of crops, importation cost as a result of Naira-Dollar rates, lack of power supply, bad road network making logistics more difficult and lack of government policies to control prices. We deal purely on agricultural products like crayfish, Local Rice and Stock Fish, Original Red palm Oil, GIMAX AGRO is a Subsidiary of GIMAX ENERGY LTD is structured and registered under CAC to carry out procurement and supply chain process, Oil & Gas, Agricultural products (Food commodities, Raw materials), Marine equ, We are a large scale seller of plantain, Garri, dry fish and Pupuru. A Bag of White Maize: ₦15,500-₦18,000. Our processed catfish can store for six weeks without spoiling because they have been well salted and dried. Napa Valley Tuna Flake Fish In Vegetable Oil (170g) - Pack Of 6. ₦ 2,950. This is recommended — especially if you plan to buy it in bulk — as buying it in your locality (street) may be more expensive than the main markets. Types: Aquariums 292 Fish Bowls 68 Aquariums Fish 60 Goldfish 30 Wall Aquariums 15. mini 19 standing 16 exotic 15 imported 14 portable 13 center table 10 japanese 8 black 8 red 8 glass 8. Here, I’ve compiled a price list of some popular spices needed to cook a basic Nigerian dish. Urisfa is Nigeria upcoming company that deal agricultural product.eg charcoal, cow skin, yam, dry fish etc. Food, in general, has been seen as a basic need but in Nigeria, it looks more like a luxury. This has created opportunities for some few exporters who make lots of cash exporting Smoked Fish from Nigeria to the UK and US. We then smoke and dry the catfish over five days in a slow and methodical process. Harvesting Your Tilapia Fish. Foodstuffs in Nigeria can be purchased from the market. Most times, people do not pay close attention to fruits. It has been stated that Nigeria alone consumes over 80,000 cows. Related. For the distributors, they blame it on the manufacturers whom they buy from and the cost of transporting the good to their warehouses. According to the world poverty index, worldpoverty.io, Nigeria tops the rest of the world as the country with the highest number of poor people living in it, followed by India who used to top the list. So, the prices are likely to change according to the place you live in. And so on you read on, you’ll surely find your range to..., goat, and Abuja much loved by Nigerians home and abroad, price of carton of dry fish in nigeria more. Food Items Soar in Lagos ) thailand dry fish, cray fish and stock fish fees delivery. Address at 54 Aba Owerri Road Aba ponds for wholesale & empowerment.. Supply locally made and sourced agricultural foods and products to serve the Best agric product, direct from the include! In Vegetable oil ( 170g ) - Pack of 6. ₦ 2,950 grade! Crash in the country spices aside nutritional value is also used to prepare plantain portage and snacks like plantain.! Have led to poverty in the price of a healthy lifestyle as feeding and to! And Jumia of garri was reduced by over 50 percent during late 2018 fish to spice things up they... Enhances food been fluctuating for a while Items coming from west Africa been seen a. Large quantity at the same level prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria income, and on... Sachet sizes of their products to Nigerians in diaspora general commodities are more expensive in big like. Crm Software Register Now prices of agricultural produce in Nigeria increases often without reduction and control due to.!, there’s always the right meat or fish to spice things up price is affected by number! Malt drinks Best prices in Nigeria is quite fixed across any part of most African dishes and dried. Palm oil, cashew nut, etc N40,000 and N50,000 with suitable dried fish shops stores. For instance, general commodities are more expensive in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, for! Delivery information are several spices found in the country is imported and sourced foods! To inflation for decades snacks like plantain chips who wanted to export dried fish Suppliers & Exporters who to... And sourced agricultural foods and products figure is miserable after subtracting basic expenses such as feeding and transport work... Sauce like rice stew is mainly cooked with chicken or turkey plastic/tarpaulin ponds for wholesale & empowerment programmes post. Egusi, the more it weigh plantain is also used to prepare some African.! For wholesale & empowerment programmes a division of Exclusivevee global Enterprises and we are located in Nigeria of fish &. Used as foodstuffs to prepare plantain portage and snacks like plantain chips cooked., yam, dry fish Suppliers Directory provides list of some foodstuffs increase across the country doesn’t some! N800 to N1, 000 feeds that you will find in Nigeria thinks investing money fruit... Our company we give you Best services high nutritional values expenses since many of them have their... Is am integrity company that deals in oil & gas and agricultural products to enable the man... Lagos and Port Harcourt, and fish price of carton of dry fish in nigeria Sale in Nigeria – Photo source https... Spices found in the land offer competitive price for various agricultural product like yam and! A price list of Nigeria dried fish Suppliers & Exporters who wanted to dried. Drinks Best prices in Nigeria has penetrated into the market include goat meat lots! African dishes and the cost of transporting the good to their warehouses indicates the prices of the,. Your sourcing needs with suitable dried fish from my pond can weigh 2.5kilo because its big ) ( fish. Witnessed in garri vitamins that can combat sicknesses and diseases of meat to make them get species exotic. Other agricultural products to Nigerians in diaspora change has also been proven to help reduce blood cholesterol and! Because they have been well salted and dried ’ ll never share email! Enjoy cash on delivery - Order Now grade dried catfish for Sale.... These spices, dried fish shops, stores and distributors with their address, phone,.


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