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And you’re not wrong. Trace the scars life has left you. good to know i’m not alone in my mean girls & 13 going on 30 obsession . The whole dressing room pic to J is cuuuuute. And in the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal one of mine: listening to early-2000s R&B/pop, such as Dream or 3LW, and pretending to be the star of the video, complete with humiliating dance moves in front of the mirror and using furniture as props. And you certainly earned it, being oppressed for years. Many of the reasons why people end up feeling "guilty" about music involve seemingly arbitrary external constraints. So very similar ( almost freakishly similar) to a girl i know verry well…her name is kristin vesely ( thats me I just defended how much space I take up with my collections of various vintage/odd-wonderful things, clothes, jewelery, and shoes takes up in a kinda small 1 bedroom apt. wow. enjoy…. I sure I’ll come back soon. This is my first time commenting but I’ve been a fan of your blog for awhile :)I love guilty pleasures. but i have no idea how i would even LIVE without a microwave, LOL! Many of you might be in denial about this one… and that’s okay… everyone knows that most dudes indulge in adult vids probably close to once a day, while doing other extra-curricular activities… But this type of entertainment is popular with ladies and men alike. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Different strokes for different folks! i love your embroidery patterns. Confession: I hate the candy though! When you throw that soggy salad in the trash and eat a burger instead. Cheers! 6. funny bad habit… i've been forgetting to make myself a new house key copy for about.. um… 6 months. There are many songs about sunshine and studies show that those who don’t get enough sun often are chronically tired and unhappy. i thought it would make a funny blog post. i hate them and totally don’t mind heating up mu food in the oven or on the stove. “You are the only person who gets to decide if you are happy or not—do not put your happiness into the hands of other people. Oh well. yes! Guilty pleasures are those things that we love to do, but would never—ever—tell anyone about. Siiiick. But until then, I'll just keep up the primary research for my blogs. Top 50 guilty pleasures: 1. hi! Sleep is good for your health and your mood and it just makes you feel so refreshed when you FINALLY get up, so go ahead and keep indulging in this guilty pleasure. These are habits or treats that bring us too much joy during times when we absolutely NEED IT THE MOST. I love coffee and espresso drinks but I don’t like/need a lot of caffeine, so I often drink decaf. These indulgences are known as guilty pleasures and everyone has at least one they give in to on a regular basis. 4. microwaves. That's somewhat idealistic. Like, “Ooops, I looked really good in that one… I should go back tomorrow…”, Wait how is it possible that you’ll eat a Big Mac…but don’t feel safe using a microwave?? (very bad for you by the way), I had no idea so many people were anti-microwave =) I hate answering the phone as well, AND hate using it to call. I’m a big fan of you and I think that you are really an inspiration. here are mine: Throughout your life, you will meet, befriend and possibly un-friend countless people. I love your blog…i have one too…its x, This post was super adorable. Whoops! So, let’s break down this guilty pleasures list and walk through 60 things most people just refuse to give us. Even if you aren’t flirting to get something out of the other person, it’s still really nice to bat your eyelashes and get attention, isn’t it? it weirds me out too, especially knowing i never needed one! coffee. xoxo. loved this post! Kayla Liptrot Explains How To Find Self-Love Despite An HS Diagnosis, The Unedited Truth About Dating With Borderline Personality Disorder, Love Will Come Even If You Don’t Believe In It. It’s not because you’re “fat”, it’s because you’ve grown, your rib cage and hips have expanded and you’re also 2 inches taller. We might not admit them all – but most have done some or all of these in secret. Whether that means eating an extra large chocolate bar or sleeping in until noon on a workday (after calling in sick), humans by nature crave pleasure. Different opinions and strokes for different folks! Chelsea Fagan founded the blog The Financial Diet. One, to make you feel like you’re not alone in your feelings of being overwhelmed and two, to make you feel like it’s not that bad compared to other people. More […], […] However, my guilty pleasure is mild compared to others I found on the Internet. also singing Glee songs in the car like I can actually sing. Love it. But whether or not you post the occasional one, or just take a million of them on your phone when you’re having a good hair day (or your make up is on point), the evidence is very apparent in your mobile photo album. If I’m eating out with someone, I have to ask when the meal is over. Rom-Com — 21 percent. Related: 75 Daily Things To Do Besides Social Media. enjoy…. All opinions are my own. Need a reminder about how amazing this is: just go check out that scene in Easy A, where Emma Stone dances and sings to “Pocket Full of Sunshine”, and go turn on your jam, whatever it is! Fantasy is a guilty pleasure no matter who you are. I also twirl my hair but more so cause I like the way my hair feels. elsie. Throughout your life, you will meet, befriend and possibly un-friend countless people. I never had. It will remind you that at one point, you fought for something. I’m pretty disappointed you partake in the McDonald’s. any and all! Free radicals! It’s gross. So you’re twenty-five, with a decent job, your own place and a pretty awesome boyfriend who you adore… and you still “get off” on reading Twilight. I love pumpkin everything, car dancing, and I am super afraid of clowns! by myself of course, eating tons of sweets (sometimes the only thing i eat in a day, yikes! This post is sponsored by the Quaker Oats company.


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