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Dipika was our Minister for Seniors Affairs and it's great to see her back in action at City Hall in Mississauga", "Our former member for Mississauga-Streetsville, @BobDelaneyPeel. Mario was our Minister Responsible for Seniors and a staunch advocate for North York. A controversial former Conservative stalwart plans to run there for his own upstart party. The party organized six debates among the candidates, held in Guelph (December 8), Windsor (December 12), Sudbury (January 12), Ottawa (January 20), Markham (February 1) and Toronto (February 24). permissions/licensing, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com. An organized “draft Chris Hadfield” movement was present at the party’s annual meeting, even though the former astronaut at no point expressed any inclination to enter politics. ", "Proud to share the support of my friends @LucasBorchenko, @BobbieDaid, @alanhomarkham & MP @gagansikand! I know together we will paint Kingston and the Islands red again and deliver real support and powers for municipalities", "I have always admired his work ethic, drive, passion and dedication to the people of Ontario and to the Ontario Liberal Party and I am proud to support his leadership bid", "Wonderful to have the support of my friend @rorynisan - a strong voice for Burlington. At the party's Annual General Meeting held on June 8, 2019, an organized attempt was made to amend the party constitution to change the leadership election system to eliminate the delegated convention and adopted a weighted One Member One Vote point system similar to the ones used by the Progressive Conservatives and the federal Liberal Party. @JeanAugustine07 for endorsing my bid to become the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party! Bill 218 from Parliament 42 Session 1 of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: Supporting Ontario's Recovery and Municipal Elections Act, 2020. I am proud to be his 150th endorser", "Rebuilding a party is no easy feat. Your endorsement means a lot! Together, we will put a stop to Harris-Ford cuts, thank you for your support, Mario", "Our former member for Toronto Centre, @G_Smitherman. The election was concluded with a delegated convention that took place March 6-7, 2020 at the International Centre in Mississauga. At this critical juncture we need to rebuild and position the party to win the next elxn. Chris was our Minister of the Environment and I'm grateful for his support", "Our former member for Sudbury, Rick Bartolucci, who was Minister of Northern Development and Mines. At this critical juncture we need to rebuild and position the party to win the next elxn. ", "Thank you for your support @_BryanMay! I know that working together we'll rebuild our party in every corner of Toronto", "Proud to be part of the #OLPRebuild with my friend @StevenDelDuca. Despite the outcome of the leadership election being a virtual certainty leading up to the convention,[13] about 3,000 people attended the two-day event, co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and interim leader John Fraser. Coteau, with the longest tenure in the legislature and cabinet, pitched himself as the primary rival to Del Duca, and was generally viewed as the runner-up. ", "Great to have the support of my friend @rsangharamesh. The former Beaches MPP had hoped to launch tomorrow but says the support just isn't there. Del Duca earned over 55% of the elected delegates, won the most votes in 89 of 124 ridings, and led delegate counts in all regions of the province. #OnPoli #OLPldr #TeamTedjo #ForOurFuturepic.twitter.com/qWwRgi5Qy5", https://www.facebook.com/TeamTedjo/photos/a.579352105936631/579943179210857/?type=3&theater, "Kinga Surma wins Etobicoke Centre for PCs", "Can anyone lead the Liberals back from oblivion? Over a thousand Grits are working hard to make @fordnation's 1st term, his last term. To order At the cut-off, Del Duca claimed to have recruited 14,173 members while Coteau, Hunter and Tedjo claimed 8500, 2000 and 1000 respectively. ", "Steven has a plan to make life better for people in all communities across the province like the one I'm proud to serve. Thank you for your support, Sophie", "Our former member for Peterborough, Jeff Leal. On the night of the election, Wynne announced her resignation as party leader, while continuing to sit in the legislature as MPP for Don Valley West. Together we'll build the movement to defeat Doug Ford in 2022", "Happy to add my support to Steven Del Duca who really delivered for Ontario as Minister of Transportation", "Glad to count on the support of my friends Sam Bulte, Ahsanul Hafiz, Suman Roy and Nickel Belt's own @MarcSerreMP as I continue my campaign across Ontario", "Great to have @JudySgroMP on the team! Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com, The Toronto Star and thestar.com, each property of Toronto Star homebuyers shocked after hot tub removed before closing, Two more Toronto hospitals declare COVID-19 outbreaks, Toronto's COVID-19 positivity rate now nearly double 'high alert' range, Several neighbourhoods in Toronto have positivity rates above 10 per cent: new data, Ontario premier says he can't 'force' people to get a COVID-19 test as numbers slump, Remembering Canadians who have died from COVID-19, Toronto's St. Mike's dealing with COVID-19 outbreak in emergency department, Thanksgiving, fewer restrictions contributing to Canada's surge in COVID-19 cases, experts say, Calgary's COVID-19 field hospital hasn't seen a single patient with the illness, CTV News declares NDP majority in B.C. All six debates were livestreamed on the party’s website. Graham, a political newcomer who campaigned to “change how we do politics”, also put forward a competitive campaign with the endorsements of former Deputy Premier Deb Matthews and a number other prominent figures seen as close to Wynne. [13] With strong second place showing in Southwestern Ontario (which voted on Saturday of the weekend), Graham actually led Coteau on delegate count after the first day of voting. [7], Under the procedure outlined by the party's constitution, all members of the Ontario Liberal Party are eligible to cast a two-part ballot at one of the "Leadership Election Meetings" held across the province. CONTACT: Paul DeVillers Chief Electoral Officer c/o Metis Nation of Ontario Unit 1100 - 66 Slater Street Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H1 Phone: 613-798-1488 or 1-800-263-4889 Ext. [1] However, the Liberals' standing with voters was badly hurt when Wynne’s government partially privatized Hydro One in 2015, after campaigning against it in the 2014 election, as well as rising criticism over "ballooning provincial debt, high electricity prices and costly, politically expedient decisions". In a bid to determine whether Premier Doug Ford is bluffing about the timing of the next provincial election, Ontario's Liberal party will test the government's commitment to the June 2022 vote. Will return to helping Michael Coteau. Use the links above to download a new browser or upgrade your existing browser. The 2020 Ontario Liberal Party leadership election concluded on March 7, 2020, resulting in the election of Steven Del Duca, a former cabinet minister in the government of Kathleen Wynne, as Ontario Liberal Party’s 33rd leader.. Our team in Southwestern Ontario just got stronger. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. The names most frequently discussed were of finance minister Charles Sousa, health minister Eric Hoskins (both 2013 leadership contenders), Attorney General Yasir Naqvi (party president at the time of the 2013 leadership election), transport minister Steven Del Duca (co-chair of the 2013 leadership convention), and backbench MPP Yvan Baker. [12] Del Duca briefly sought the chair-ship of York Region until the election was cancelled by the Ford government. Members vote directly for their choice of leadership candidate (or for "independent") in the top part of the ballot, and for local delegates for the leadership convention in the bottom part of the ballot. The party imposed membership cut-off for voting eligibility for December 2, 2019. Steven is a strong, progressive leader with a proven track record of working hard for Ontarians", "Our former member for Kingston and the Islands, @SophieKiwala. ELECTION 2020 ELECTION 2020: Ontario's Bentz takes nothing for granted in Congressional race Ontario attorney Cliff Bentz, former state legislator for the region, has far outpaced his opponent, Democrat Alex Spenser, in the quest for campaign funds. With Sousa, Del Duca, Naqvi and Baker all losing their seats and Hoskins leaving provincial politics, the likely slate of candidates became uncertain after the 2018 election. [5] With four of the remaining seven caucus members actively contemplating leadership bids, one being in poor health, and one being the outgoing leader, the Liberal caucus quickly endorsed the seventh member, Ottawa South MPP John Fraser, to serve as interim leader on June 13, 2018. He is a proven leader and has the experience we need to rebuild the party into one that is ready to defeat Doug Ford in the next election. I am proud to be his 150th endorser", "Rebuilding a party is no easy feat. To date I've received the support of 23 former caucus members,", "Last but not least, it's great to end the day with another friend who's joined the team, Khalil Ramal. To order copies of Liberal party insiders say a vote in parliament carries more weight than the premier's daily press conferences, and a vote in the legislature could be used against sitting MPPs should the government choose to call an early election. Thank you Amrit", "Our former member for Richmond Hill, @rezamoridi. No one person will be able to do this alone! Wishing @MitzieHunter all the best as she runs for #olpldr #onpoli. All Thank you for your support, Sophie", "Our former member for Peterborough, Jeff Leal. Here in Vaughan, we can attribute Steven's advocacy to the 427 expansion, Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and the new residential hospice", "I am happy to support Steven for leader. Next Ontario Liberal Party leadership election, Ontario Liberal Party leadership elections, worst electoral result in the party's 161-year history, Minister of Economic Development and Growth, Ontario Deputy Minister of Health and Long-term Care, Minister of Community and Social Services, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, Ministers of Training, Colleges and Universities, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, "Why Kathleen Wynne is still so unpopular", "How a historic Liberal collapse and PC upheaval turned Ontario election into a wild horse race", "Liberals fall short of official party status; Wynne resigns as Liberal leader", "Liberals begin process to pick interim leader to replace Kathleen Wynne", "Ontario Liberals to vote on interim leader as MPP John Fraser endorsed by caucus", "Ottawa-area legislator John Fraser appointed interim Ontario Liberal leader", "Weekend delegate vote will define the leadership race", "Next Ontario Liberal leader to be chosen by 37,831 members", "Ontario Liberals vote against changing system for selecting new leader", "Liberal MPP Des Rosiers leaving politics to assume Massey College post", "Here's who might replace Kathleen Wynne as Ontario Liberal leader if she's ousted after vote", "Why Steven Del Duca has the Ontario Liberal leadership all but locked up", "The Ontario Liberal leadership now favours the old guard", "Former cabinet minister Steven Del Duca elected new Ontario Liberal leader", "Former cabinet minister Steven Del Duca running for Ontario Liberal leadership", "Mauro, Gravelle endorse Del Duca for Liberal leadership", "Our former member for Newmarket-Aurora, @ChrisSBallard.


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