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A good Chinese diet balances yin (wet and moist) and yang (dry and crisp) ingredients. This fact might make people curious and wonder how to deal with this. Since the rice noodle, when consume in correct and effective way, will help to manage the weight and even good for diet. Yin foods cool the body down, while yang foods – meat, spicy dishes, wine, coffee – heat it up. Noodles are great. Carbohdrates are good as part of a balanced diet, but packaged noodles with flavourings are not good; they'll probably include a lot of salt and other things you don't need. These noodles are made with the same ingredients as rice noodles with the addition of tapioca starch/ flour which gives it a chewy and slippery texture . Like kelp noodles, you can think of these noodles, which have a yam flour base, as a dieter’s best friend. … Well, if you also want to know further, check below some explanations related to the health benefits of rice noodles good … Another type of rice noodle that you can get in Malaysia is assam laksa noodles, long, white and springy noodles and loh shee fun, short, tail-like fat strands. No. The Good: The average seems to be about 300 calories per pack. I just looked at some packs of noodles I have at home. So you are talking about an extremely restrictive diet under 1000 calories a day.


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