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If you have a wheat allergy, you are usually safe with all other grains but wheat and its derivatives. While casein protein has been implicated in more cases of milk protein problems than whey… Symptoms Of Whey Allergy | Foods To Avoid With Dairy Allergy Whey is the watery component of milk, which contains about twenty percent of the proteins found in milk. Because whey protein comes from cow’s milk, people with a cow’s milk allergy may be allergic to it. In addition to the above, symptoms can be a result of milk protein allergy/intolerance. Milk Allergy Avoidance Hidden Names for Milk Author: Kids With Food Allergies Subject: How to read labels for hidden names for milk when you need to avoid due to milk allergy. Keywords: milk allergy; hidden names; ingredients; read labels; casein; whey… (Some people (20%) with wheat allergies, in rare cases, are sensitive to other grains as well.) So here is the list for food names and ingredients to look out for and avoid when you have a wheat allergy … Protein Allergy/Intolerance. Whey protein is made from cow's milk, it is a pure, all-natural, high-quality product that contains little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol and is a rich source of essential amino acids.. While it is not all side effects that are related to allergies… In some cases, the immune system considers whey … Although whey protein is derived from milk, you could still be experiencing some symptoms associated with dairy or milk allergy.


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