one of my favorite pictures of all time
This painting not only tells a story, it makes you feel as if you're a part of the story. I was shooting bikinis for @ellefr with [photographer Sylvie Lancrenon] when Damian decided it was nap time and toddled up, lay down on me and fell into a deep sleep in his safe place,” Elizabeth captioned the photo. Everything just came out right on it. What you personally found great about them. The British actress and entrepreneur, 55, took to Instagram on Friday to share a throwback photo of herself and son Damian Hurley from a photo shoot for the French edition of Elle. While Hurley didn’t specify the year the black-and-white photo was shot, Damian, who is now 18, appears to be around kindergarten age. Very dreamy, mythical, and romantic. All of Durer's self-portraits are wonderful, but this one, of Durer at the age of twenty-six, is a particular favorite. • I knew taking it that it would be. Click Here to See How Much it Sold For. I enjoy the billowy dresses and dappled sunlight streaming through the trees. Your IP: I particularly enjoy the way her body mirrors the dramatic lines of the skyscrapers behind her. My all-time favorite is sculpture: Burghers of Calais by Rodin. “One of my [favorite] pictures of me and @damianhurley1. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. There are lots of great elements here: miniature cupids, snakes, monkeys, doves, and a vial of poison; an eerie premonition of the terrible fate that lies in store for Fair Rosamund at the hands of Evelyn, Jealous wife of King Henry II, who has taken Rosamund as his mistress. Upon syncing them up I would like to have easy way of finding the ones marked as Favorites on the phone. What is there NOT to like about this masterpiece? Depends on the mood of the day. I have some prints of Van Gogh, but I have to confess, I didn't recognize all the paintings. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. When I look at this painting, I can actually hear music, laughter, conversation, and the rustle of the ladies' gowns. Upon examining this surreal tryptych, it's not hard to figure out why. share. This piece is delightfully playful, romantic, and dreamy. Wonderful collection, thanks for sharing! Second, my cellphone and some of the pictures on it. That "Trump is a CUNT" sign is from just before the 2016 election when he went his golf course in Turnberry ? “One of my [favorite] pictures of me and @damianhurley1. I enjoy the composition of this piece, especially the caravan of horses at the top, the arrangement of figures, the dog, and the colorful horses to the right. The ocean adds a a lovely touch of blue to an almost monocromatic background. I have a print of it on my lounge wall!!!! This painting has an innocent beauty. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! You can almost hear their voices and see them dance. Many of my top picks are included here in this lens! God bless you! I enjoy the illumination of the diner, with lonely-appearing people inside. This thread is locked. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Feature suggestions can be made at The woman on the left represents European Frida, while the woman on the right represents Mexican Frida, in traditional tehuana dress. To buy: , $50 for iPhone 11 Pro Max I'm so grateful for each…” We definitely have a lot in common, as I have such fond memories of growing up with art books to fuel my imagination! I'm a big fan of all of Charles Burchfield's work. The story aspect of this painting piques one's curiosity. And yes, this was one of the paintings featured in that humongous art book I viewed as a child. It was the UK a few years ago. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. I enjoy the stark contrast of the beautiful, dainty doll-like little girl and the dwarves and dog. Some of these have made it to the National Gallery of Australia and you have certainly featured some great paintings here. I was shooting bikinis for @ellefr with [photographer Sylvie Lancrenon] when Damian decided it was nap time and toddled up, lay down on me and fell into a deep sleep in his safe place,” Elizabeth captioned the photo . The tone of the painting is very foreboding. First of all, you have a beautiful nude goddess in the process of being born. These are all wonderful! This painting is fascinating--not only for its macabre subject matter, but also for its message: the obsession for wordly goods and pursuits is futile--for death will triumph in the end. I love Grandma Moses! This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. I have quite a few of my favorite here and some others that I did not know about. 16.7k. I love the fantasy aspect of this piece, which is considered one of the earliest Post-classical paintings of the three Graces. Happy day fellow artist. Looking forward to being this shredded but much…” There is something about the combination of horse and harlequin design that is very becoming to me. 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