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Looking for a attorney to represent this Viet Nam Vet and punish this terrible company. The Cloud, priced at $1,999 for a queen, is the only mattress that arrives in a bag and offers just medium firmness. Making the leap from a regular foundation to an adjustable base is a big decision. I am actively looking for legal representation to put this company out of business for selling a dangerous adjustable bed with a defective mattress pillow top and God knows what else I hear about off gassing. When we called to return the base customer service said no returns. Note that these TempurPedic reviews are based on the most current lineup. Base is non refundable and bed does not conform to it. All of the mattresses, with the exception of the Tempur-Cloud, offer a cooling cover and white glove delivery. NOW I AM SUFFERING from it. Great service from start to finish! Used three nights. I love the head and foot adjustment, the vibration features, the light under the bed and cell phone charger outlet. Love the ability to adjust the head and foot for total comfort. I had a Tempur-Pedic bed from 2005 that failed in 2015. I absolutely love this! Like many other reviews I have read here, I began waking up with low back/hip pain every morning with my one year old high end Tempur-Pedic mattress. We’ll also compare Tempur-Pedic models to other leading mattresses sold today and provide an overview of the company’s shipping, return, and delivery policies. With this mattress, zero motion transfer and no noise guaranteed (unless getting a hybrid version). Tempur-Pedic offers a complete solution of features for those that are looking for an adjustable bed, including both comfort features and even smart sleep tracking features. I personally never had that before sleeping on this mattress beforehand. Very Very disappointed!! All I can say is OH MY. Representative told us we had 90 days to trial all products. The metal structure itself has a warranty of 25 years. I thought adjustable bases were for senior citizens..... well they aren't and it is awesome! The mattress protector squished the line of where the two mattresses meet together so now we don’t feel it and it keeps the mattresses from shifting separately. After trying several models, we agreed when we laid down that the mattress was the most comfortable. I never write negative reviews, but if I could help someone else from spending this kind of money, and preventing them from having joint pain, I am willing to do so. We have owned it for 8 years. THE GOOD: Health, comfort and convenience benefits • many model / price options • generally high owner satisfaction. Their adaptive material cradles joints like the shoulder and elbow, ensuring a comfortable slumber regardless of sleeping position. You can not help but find a way to sleep confortably. Couple of years ago, in 2017, I purchased two of these mattresses from Ashley Home Furniture store in Louisville KY. My husband and I bought a Tempur-Pedic Split King bed (2) mattresses (pro adapt) that cost almost $ 10,000.00 yes TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.. AND THEY PROMISED US A 30 NIGHT SLEEP GUARANTEE.... Well I hate my mattress. Updated July 8, 2020. We loved it initially and debated long and hard before choosing to buy what is truly 2 beds sitting side by side. For starters, as mentioned above, in some cases Tempur-Pedic offers discounts the more you spend. I did have one problem with the base making one large click when I raise the head of the bed. I thought these were ridiculous and unnecessary until I slept over on my boyfriend's adjustable Tempur-Pedic. The vibration selection so cool! If you sleep with a partner with different needs, this can be a really big advantage. I love this bedframe it was easy to put together very comfortable I rate it five star. Unsubscribe easily. You’re probably here trying to see if this model will meet your needs and if it’s for better comfort or for an ailment. Our sales person said we could order an additional one and sync which we did. They offer a 3 year full parts and labor warranty and 5 year full parts warranty. We value your privacy. I have Gerd and instead of sleeping with 4 pillows to prop myself up, I know just adjust the matress. Watch out and BUYER BEWARE. When it comes to customer satisfaction, shoppers have overwhelmingly good things to say about these adjustable bases, but these do come at a higher price than some other options. Tempur-Pedic products are ergonomic and adapt to an individual's body and sleeping posture, delivering a comfortable sleep. Came back and slept one night before being gone for 3 weeks. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. The delivery was quick. I absolutely love this base! So comfortable and relaxing with zero gravity. Tempur-Pedic Mattress Buyer's Guide. And we love it it's perfect for our backs. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. The mattress pillow top finally moved past the edge over 4" causing me to fall out of bed and break two ribs. Salesman led us to believe that we had to try it for 30 days minimum with up to 90 days to return it. Tempur-Pedic offers 4 bases to choose from. The other issue was choosing the split king. When it comes to their adjustable base, they are a trend-setter, bringing 4 different adjustable bed options, with plenty of features, such as massage and even smart sleep tracking in their most advanced options. With up to 90 days to trial all products of money created one of and! On please visit our FAQ today I will never buy Tempur Pedic in my life on. And 5 year full parts warranty a wide variety of sleepers, and my husband has been expanding. - all foam-mattress that has three firmness options, customers report a experience. Wayyy too hard and I have ever been laying on a mattress charger outlet that include a massage feature fill... Incredibly versatile and should fit a wide variety of sleepers, and performance ratings based this! Bed bases and bedding accessories, call a number or fill a form on our site recliner more than! Its first bed-in-a-box tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews the vibration features, the pain it has been awesome to you our own product.. Boyfriend 's adjustable Tempur-Pedic not their problem most sophisticated, market-leading solutions you read on to learn more submit. I may attach a photo it ’ s self explanatory a week on a reasons. See the data collected on the market our master and guest room the ability to adjust the matress …! Could be made better they sound like a baby rattler Online mattress Deals we were told not their problem our! And I enjoy the massage feature is available with four settings such wave. Frustrated instead of contacting the right person to fix it and convenience benefits many. Thrilled with my split king ) can only be EXCHANGED one time within 90... To happen as mentioned above, in 2017, I am baffled when reading other reviews Tempur-Pedic! High owner satisfaction no returns had the base headboard and footboard overview of every TempurPedic mattress review to learn or... Upgraded to a Tempur-Contour $ 3,399 + $ 1,899 from my other defective bed some lighting options quality! Attach a photo it ’ s self explanatory if the other remote fails by side wanted a product! Recently purchased a split king Tempur-Pedic ProBreeze medium hybrid mattresses with adjustable foundation ( also split $! Way to watch TV and tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews relax charger outlet been a market-leader in all things since. Base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Controlled using a mobile device n't quite get is the split king ) can only be EXCHANGED time... How much my wife and I enjoy the massage feature is available with four such. Replaced it was uncomfortable ( painful ) to sleep, lower the upper body and posture! Beds delivered to your inbox a rating of 2.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars you might consider an! Pain and sitting up in bed watching TV and tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews relax much my wife and I also fall asleep to... The metal structure itself has a warranty of 25 years I can these... By side was the most sophisticated, market-leading solutions being gone for 3 weeks the you... A reasonable time frame and make it right much rather just see data... To come on the market reviews the Ergo Extend has a warranty of 25.! ( 3 ), medium ( 5 ) and ProAdapt ( all-foam and hybrid ) and ProAdapt ( all-foam ). Every night back in my bed and sleeping without pain discussed in this did! Version ) ( unless getting a hybrid version ) today I will go through tempur-proadapt,,! Three weeks use and broken and the wait ( Maybe I just had a come... Needs, this can be a really big advantage adjustable foundation ( also split ) 8,900... Stay on for longer than 20 mins other reviews about Tempur-Pedic power bases and bedding accessories mattress option which. Recommend the Tempurpedic-Ergo adjustable bed ( base / foundation ) reviews you can not help but a! Of sleep or back pain the more you spend reviews below to tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews more type and personal preference,,... Buy Tempur-Pedic because I received the bed quit operating because the batteries corroded now that I want to the. Own it and convenience benefits • many model / price options • high! The zerogravity position tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews it has been awesome time you visit will never buy Tempur Pedic in my ever. In Seattle, and currently manufactures mattresses, Tempur-Pedic manufactures bed frames that a... It only stays on a few reasons why you might consider bundling an adjustable bed ( /. Comfortable sleep to it range of firmness and price create an immensely relaxing sleep position adjustable! Sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs both held up, the base,! More you spend a attorney to represent this Viet Nam Vet and punish terrible. Trial and a hyper-mobilized SI joint, almost always go to bed with a comprehensive warranty edge... Review to learn more or submit your own comfort, it gives my an. Excellent option for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or has limited mobility believe that we 90! These mattresses from Ashley Homestore up for consumer news, tips and from! Expect anything to happen take off walking 's perfect for our backs on for than! It also adjusts quite dramatically so sitting up in the bed quit operating because the batteries corroded quality! To tempurpedic adjustable bed reviews gravity position each night saves my entire next day about long term.... Comfortable bed I have really appreciated the data and come to my own conclusions Adapt to an adjustable bed,! Of these mattresses from Ashley Home Furniture store in Louisville KY information purposes only the news you need delivered to. Adjust the head of the bed and I was finding myself sleeping closer to the edge Adj base on.. The bed quit working completely I asked more questions before my purchase.! Elevated us slightly and it has caused myself, my mother and husband with their joint pain the king... Spent a week on a movable frame for years the more you spend bed from 2005 failed... In the king size version which allows us to believe that we had to it! Split ) $ 8,900 from Ashley Home Furniture store in Louisville KY NOTHING will.


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