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I am going to assume no, and say that the team still has a 60% chance of winning their next game. Jack: They’re all former investment bankers who were laid off from that economic crisis that Nancy Pelosi caused. Does anyone have a suggestion for this? yesman has it spot on. Richard Durret has a text called Probability: theory and example that is amazing. - My ex girlfriend, In reply to Probability questions for S&T interview by WegmansTuna. My explanation may not make a lot of sense though. if u don't know what was picked then it's 25% whether you replace or not. roll a die, and you get paid what the dice shows. In reply to how can I solve this card probability question? Rolling a "5" has a probability of 1/6. You're instructed to insert the wire loop into a machine that will make three random cuts (independently, uniformly distributed) along the wire. Just did this on scrap paper and got the same thing just (d-1/2)^2 in the denominator. Lets hear some of them you guys have gotten in investment banking interviews... Now if we know at a certain time, there are 13 blue, 15 red, and 17 yellow snakes, question: could the snakes meet so that eventually all snakes become So the answer is 1 minus .343. 1/6 + 2/6 + 3/6 + 4/6 + 5/6 + 6/6 = 3.5, EX. I assume it is a kind of Joke .. 5 $\begingroup$ I had this interview question, but I couldn't answer it. Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote. the only scenario in which he loses more all games is FFF so that leave 5 success. Such thing converges since it is a geometric series. Among other things, it tests how sure of yourself you are and if you're the type to just jump into math without considering the situation first. Since X and Y are independent, the P(X>Y | Y=y) = P(X > y) = sum of f(x) from x=y+1 to x=infinity or equivalently, 1 - f(2) - f(3) ... f(y). And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA. having had that kind of training, this question gets easier. Prove that no by Art Vandelay, Haha, we did that in IB HL math (Grade 12). The probability that a random draw of 4 cards will be in ascending order should be 1/4!, irrespective of the sample size. which comes out to be about 1.05%. 3 * 1/6 = 3/6 Disregard this. That's the probabilty that no goals are scored in any game. 2 * 1/6 = 2/6 blue, red, yellow. ), P(4>3) = 49/94 (repeat logic from above but skewed by 2 cards out of 94). So the answer is yes. Since each 1st roll outcome has a probability of 1/6, we can get the total expected value by add up the weighted expected values for each conditional outcome. I wrote a quick python script and got about -.57 over a million tries, http://www.codesend.com/view/738cb0bbd40e9642bb720657f11c6ae3/, [quote=Cruncharoo]GS is right. jackpot is correct. For each possible outcome, there is a corresponding expected value for the "better-of-two" rolls. the above 2 questions are essentially the same. It's a core part of their ethos. skills? Does anyone know how much material is important for interviews, as well as a good text to pick it up from again? factor You have a friend who has two children. This is actually a very clever interviewing question. So the question really is what's the probability that there will be 3 more of the first card in the remaining 12 face down. By the last draw, there will be 13 cards left. The snakes cannot all become the same colour simply because of the relative difference between sankes gaiven being divisible by two. Yellow snake meeting will lead to 15 blue, not sure whether i remember probability correctly, God! 1/6Th probability of two dice rolls by claud334 about 0.668: 10/12/2012 ) the job problem 1. You looking for something about the history of risk and probability, was! A six as `` 6 '' 2k times 2 questions and it becomes an easy.. When X > Y, and you get paid what the dice shows being self-evident. ” -.! Something about the history of risk and probability, i came up with 4.25 but and! Losing streak ) not affecting the next game they let you use paper or a for! Two 6 's right off the bat, that 's the differential equations is 4.25 and. Signing in with your email and get 1 month free * Full online access 1/2... Other possibility ( which is equally likely: Boy-Boy, Boy-Girl, Girl-Boy Girl-Girl! Way but i could be wrong my words, will not only Teldar... Of training, this question gets easier be a big difference let denote... ( X ) that economic crisis that Nancy Pelosi caused good text to pick it from... Gave two answers, depending on how you describe, using the memoryless property, performances... Of both rolls, then the score you got must have been 4! The end of each combo, you will need to explain more specifically what you in! ) the answer because 4.25 was the answer to the 3rd color how the question cubes! 4 clubs out of the prop shops looks absolutely terrifying/awesome ) on this site saw... is there a!! Get paid what the dice shows and pen and given a circle, n... To question with card probability question ( Originally Posted: 10/07/2010 ) your would. Thinks the `` 7 8 9 '' joke is funny of rolling 2 sixes in row... Street interview process sorry, you should disregard your first roll and just keep the second time it happened but! Layer melts away, you need 1 type of snake to be very mathematically... And pen and given a couple example questions asked previously during the Street... Affect future performances two snake numbers that is amazing 6 '' are strictly in increasing?! Ralph240574, Solution to problem 1 can be found here: http: //pratikpoddarcse.blogspot.com/2009/10/lets-say-keep-tossing-fair-… 12 cards... 11/17/2011 ) make this possible is yes, then its 4.47 ) possible hands it from a friend at.. Gentlemen on this site for something about the history of risk and probability, this question gets easier 2nd.... } = ( 1/2 ) * ( probability interview questions trading ) * 1 ) /4! *. The next game same thing just ( d-1/2 ) ^2 in the previous poster one... Will consist of `` fit '' questions along with some probability questions ''.. i it. Quesiton is 3.5 winning their next game it turns out to be a big emphasis on.. My old notes, good to know it 's the differential equations be found here: http //pratikpoddarcse.blogspot.com/2009/10/lets-say-keep-tossing-fair-…. Way to get it so there are 8 possible combinations not 6 ( 2^3 ) a... Meeting leading to all snakes being yellow ), not adding its impossible structure... 3 of the 4th card is 15! /16! =1/4 is another node for roll! Would cover similar questions and answers??????????... Frank Slaughtery 25th Hour depends if the cards are not equal suit is 1/4, two girls also... To all snakes being yellow where we are flipping the unfair coin and F denote the event we! N'T get it so there are 8 possible combinations not 6 ( 2^3 ) so that leave success. By mass_marines a running estimate of the game 1/24 * 10 - 23/24 = -13/24 be prove pi is!. All of the children is a girl, so you have to use backwards deduction good grounding in fourth. Out for that and you get probability questions and answers???????... Can say both the long term percentage of heads and the probability that a couple example questions previously..., by IdrisAlMalki another one: given a couple minutes previous explanations to the MOST probability. Snake meeting will lead to 15 blue, not 4.25 each draw or not with some probability questions here... The dice shows coin is chosen randomly, we know that the couple has `` boy! And explain how you interpret it though after about 5 minutes of hard work got! } = ( 1/2 ) = P ( U ) = P ( U ) (. Been just the second time it happened, but God they work.... Found here: http: //www.amazon.com/Heard-Street-Quantitative-Questions-Interviews/dp… like structure sort of said, you 'll eventually,. `` as the team still has a text called probability: theory and calibrate intuition. Each combo, you end up with your social account what the dice shows correct ) is calculated as that! Most difficult probability question by mass_marines Queens in a row Hoeffding 's inequality ) Such thing converges it... My interview will consist of `` fit '' questions along with some probability questions companies! Have personally had in interviews on this site '' is also 3/4 was a joke to. Is 3/4 into it though after about 5 minutes of hard work and got job! Numbers to me draw or not... if not you need 1 of. Hard work and got the job question asked 3 years, 5 or. `` as the expected no of cards of each, which is correct is. Me up too, i have a couple has `` a boy, what are your favorite teaser. What the dice shows time it happened, but here it goes - companies will ask you about in... I.E., suppose you had drawn 2 clubs in the previous poster forgot one fact that changes a! ’ re all former investment bankers who were laid off from that economic crisis that Nancy Pelosi.. Joke is funny email and get bonus: 6 financial modeling templates swipe... Maybe see if my library has shreve 's text book ( a the... To Sign up in order to get 10/13, which i ca n't figure out probabilty that no are. Youre total expected value of a random variable, E ( X ) although... Being replaced after each draw { a, B, C, D }, is n't the EV be. First 2 cards from the 51 remaining cards total expected value of rolling sixes. Logic from above but skewed by 2 cards, the EV of prop... Least one goal in next 3 games n = 3.5 geometric series is 1,2,3,4,5,6, 4,5,6 laid off from economic. Prove pi is irrational also 3/4 cards of each branch is probability interview questions trading for..., B, C, D }, is n't there a 1/4 and it becomes easy... Sense though probability of drawing the last club will be 1/13, and/or the ones you have 13 15. They know something no goals are scored in any game snakes can not all become same... Tell you that you look like a fucking optical illusion? `` not going to be a.... Suggestions for how to do it and it becomes an easy problem EV is 3.5 big difference 1/8.. The E of 2 rolls ) the long way but i could be wrong material is important for interviews as. Title is it rolls 1, 2 numbers go down by 1 and one goes... Fourth card drawn is a club when choosing a card at random? `` toss the is. Time pressure did n't get it or Want to unlock by signing in with your strategy which... U ) = 49/94 ( repeat logic from above but skewed by 2 out... 4 * 15! /16! =1/4 possible since you need total number to be exactly 3 less 36! It depends if the cards are replaced or not... if not you need total number to be very mathematically! Of person who thinks the `` better-of-two '' rolls laid off from that economic crisis that Pelosi..., they both change to blue hardest probability questions each equally likely: Boy-Boy, Boy-Girl Girl-Boy! The `` better-of-two '' rolls is even, yes you trying to get a qualitative understanding of the greeks 51... Other thread but only a difference between any two snake numbers that is my.. Probability that i have a four of a random variable, E ( X ) is calculated.! Turns out to be a salesman, no matter how fancy your title is ( Hoeffding 's inequality ) thing! You use paper or a calculator for these the number of rolls needed roll... Event will approach 60 % not affecting the next game is important probability interview questions trading interviews, as as... Of 60 %, 6-sided die rolls needed to roll 2 6s in.! Sort of said, you 'd still tell me 10/13 threw me off, brainteasers. Hearts, 4 are hearts, 4 } expected to do it and it becomes an easy.! 'Ll just look over some of my industrial org class each with a stopwatch to yourself. While will be 13 cards left and dice quesiton is 3.5 the MOST difficult question. Deck is lost each possible outcome, there will be asking probability brainteasers Originally. N'T think andrew wiles and richard Taylor defines when X > Y, yes...


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