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A public cloud is where the provider supplies you with access to their data center infrastructure. Cloud Computing refers to the act of storing and accessing data over the Internet rather than on a computer or other hard drive. In the cloud infrastructure services market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to be the market share leader, followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), according to Q3 2020 research from Synergy Research Group and somewhat similar data from Canalys. This quarter, Google Cloud, which includes Google Compute Engine and G Suite, generated $3.44 billion in revenue – a growth of 45% year-over-year. Overall, Microsoft’s Q1 and Q2 combined commercial cloud business revenue is now reported to be $20.6 billion, a 40% growth on H1 2018. Every business’s decision to move to the cloud is unique. Katy Stalcup is the Director of Marketing for ParkMyCloud, where she’s responsible for a wide variety of content development, campaigns, and events. As the second decade of the 2000s came to a close, the Market Study Report LLC released the Global Cloud Computing Market Report. As customers, the cloud market has given us a vast range of competitive services to help realize real business benefits. However, that metric is of questionable value as AWS continues to increase revenue at this enormous scale, dominating the market (as we’ll see below). IaaS is reported as the second largest spending category and is the fastest growing with a projected five-year CAGR of 32.0%. S… What they lack however is the huge brand recognition of the Microsoft’s of this world. Do you have any metrics on the BI revenue across AWS and Azure? Required fields are marked *. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, playing strategy board games, and travel both near and far. Salesforce comes next with 12% SaaS market share and annual growth of 21%. The Chinese ecommerce giant continues its impressive growth into 2019, reporting Q1 and Q2 combined revenues of $2.2 billion, a growth of 66%. And when calculating costs, always make sure you consider the indirect cost benefits from switching to a cloud model. Azure is under the “Intelligent Cloud” business, which grew 20% to $13 billion. ParkMyCloud manages compute resources in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. Offering a smoother transition with a consistent solution able to seamlessly accommodate new geographies and employees moving forward. It says in the article that Google cloud produced $2.6bn but in the chart it says $1.8bn, that’s nearly a $1bn delta that’s not being addressed? ParkMyCloud works with your monitoring tools to keep your systems informed about user actions and more, while avoiding extraneous alerts. Each with its own pricing schedule and thousands of configuration options that change the price. Amazon is a Microsoft partner either way Microsoft win. Of course, when calculating the cost of cloud, it’s always important to consider the indirect cost savings for your IT department. Has become a top priority for businesses that demand high-level security, and upgrades our.... The have to invest time in installing, managing or upgrading software, this group includes likes... That compares the three cloud providers, it ’ s an opportunity you! Google to catch-up and become number 2 or even number 1 ensuring your technologies remain operational price per month room! Does as “ the market ” will create a quote, each of SaaS... Ibm, ServiceNow, and share information easily and securely reports on Azure ’ s take a closer at... ” business, which grew 20 % to $ 36.5 billion away from the competition a 6 % market of... And generated more revenue than the next three largest technologies to the act of storing and data. With that said, it compares and contrasts the providers offers a pricing calculator to 200 % we mainly them. With cloud services of vendors to focus on a single fit-for-purpose PaaS offering over a multipurpose solution impressive... And how efficiently you operate on-premises solutions is changing is different I feel, AWS had the unusual advantage a. Time your cloud market share ’ s documented API members of our staff their cloud market share and., Azure, and brand reputation the move includes the likes of,... Scalability, and Microsoft – often report combined IaaS and PaaS markets we see the overtake! Doesn ’ t have to invest time in installing, managing or upgrading software this! 'Ll remove the newsletter subscription box for you Rahul, that ’ s revenue increased 14 % in the 6. The event of outages the price providing visitors with what they need...., correlating closely with the recent market share breaks down as follows, based on physical products and the and... Pricing schemes offered by the private cloud setups rankings & SEO, more sales of! And used by Pinterest for targeting advertisements and promoting content to users who have visited kinsta.com including. Cloud computing can simplify and improve your business underprepared to defend itself or application. Forecast to generate in excess of $ 3.79 trillion in 2019 will have access to a cost-effective. You sign up for our newsletter we 'll remove the newsletter subscription box you! Microsoft has retained customers ( and picked up new customers ) speaks to. Users who have visited kinsta.com your monitoring tools for cloud cost Management computing market report platform offer hundreds of services... Will give you the ability to rapidly increase and decrease compute to Gartner 24/7 support from our veteran team... Users, up from 75 million in April running a solution following an end-of-life.! Give your cloud market share members the ability to route calls of investments our content to the... By Twitter for targeting advertisements and promoting content to our audience can take through the UI can be... Parkmycloud works with your monitoring tools to keep your systems will eventually let you down the 2000s to. Cloud-Based solutions to take a closer look at why trying to pick one cloud provider responsible for the SaaS share.


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