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• Wipe with 1% sodium h ypochlorite Showers area / Taps and fittings Warm water Detergent I have got Sigma aldrich's sodium hypochlorite solution (Pdt. Prepd by diluting with distilled water a soln of sodium hypochlorite, adding a 5% soln of sodium bicarbonate, nad adjusting to proper strength and concn according to procedure described in N.F. Cite 29th Sep, 2020 In some cases it is necessary to dilute Sodium Hypochlorite for an application, this is typically done to achieve better mixing / accuracy in a Sodium Hypochlorite feed system. *The table is designed to make a 0.12% sodium hypochlorite bleach solution based on CDC recommended 1:48 dilution of 6% sodium hypochlorite bleach (1,2)**Prior to March 26, 2020, the CDC recommended a 5 minute contact time for their bleach disinfecting solution recipe intended to disinfect areas contaminated with the novel coronavirus. 1% Sodium Hypochlorite • Scrub floor with soap powder and the scrubbing brush • Wash with water • Use sodium hypochlorite1% dilution Sink Soap powder / detergent and nylon scrubber 1% Sodium Hypochlorite • Scrub with the nylon scrubber. (dilution as per manufacturer’s instruction). Household bleach is 5 - 6 % sodium hypochlorite; therefore a 1:10 (v/v) dilution of bleach to liquid biological waste is appropriate. Hope this helps, you might find some online calculators through Google to make this easier so you don’t have to work it out each time. Softened water should be used where possible. Prepare 5% sodium hypochlorite from 10% sodium hypochlorite , Take 50 ml 0f 10% solution and dilute it to 100 ml water which will give 5% sodium hypochlorite solution. Liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) Strength of bleach Dilution to achieve 1000ppm available chlorine Volume of bleach to be Parts of bleach Parts of water added to 1L cold water 4% . Dilution water should be of quality to prevent precipitates from forming and reduce decomposition. So to prepare 100 litres of a 200ppm solution of Hypo – Sodium Hypochlorite, dilute 160ml of a 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite solution with water. Continue by wiping with a solution of 1000ppm (0.1%) sodium hypochlorite solution (dilution as per manufacturer’s instruction), rinse and dry if appropriate. Place bed in horizontal/flat position. Have a great day. 1 : 39 : Precautions. Soln of sodium hypochlorite containing 0.45-0.50 g of the salt in 100 ml. The following tables provide a guide to the correct dilution according to the product used. The appropriate concentration of sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting general liquid biological waste is 5000 ppm, approximately 0.5%.


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