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Shenzhen Mihang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Guangzhou City Weierma Electrical Co., Ltd. Xiamen Magic Stone Import And Export Co., Ltd. Taian Nuolian Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. Guangdong Zhenhua Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Haoyun Sci-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong Minjiang Aquarium Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang City Sanxing Acrylic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xingfenglin Acrylic Products Factory. We have 28 Quality Arowana Fishes ads under Animals & Pets category. Includes Fish shadow size guide, where to find their location, sell price, expensive fish! There are lots of great websites to work with when it comes to buying fish online. Buy Jardini Arowana is highly adapted to freshwater so we make sure all our fishes are placed in a freshwater tank for a perfect delivery. 浙B2-20120091. Mirror Acrylic Aquariums can be polished if scratched. Well… any arowana for that. Order (MOQ) : 2 Piece(s) … An agitated Asian Arowana may […] About 1% of these are Aquariums, 0% are Aquariums & Accessories, and 0% are Fish Food. Arowana fish are commonly sold as pets, but only for the common colors like silver. 3.5 inch silver eating pelets freeze dried foods. Common name: black arowana fish, Asian Arowana, Dragon Fish, and Asian Bonytongue Scientific name: Scleropages Formosus Average Adult Fish Size: 36 inches / 90 cm Place of Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia Typical Tank setup: A lot of swimming space is necessary.Decorate with rock work, bogwood/driftwood and sturdy plants. Are you searching forward to buy Arowana fish online but did not find yet? *Awarded Answer I live in Canada and I can’t find any under $500. 10 left. Prices 6111 Premium Silver Arowana Also called the Dragon Fish. all feed and cared for from eggsack to now by me. Things to Consider . - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 We sale all types of Arowana and stingray worldwide.Our desire is to satisfy customers with quality supplies and delivery. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy All rights reserved. While relatively unfussy fish, the Silver Arowana will appreciate some surface cover in the form of floating plants or branches. You just need to find a shop. 2 days ago. Overnight shipping on all orders. Posted by Zach Anderson: 8000-12,500) The price placed above included shipping. 4 inch black eating the same 100 . Nami Green is much more difficult to find available on the pet market because they’re being caught by fishermen without sustainability practices. Ikan Arowana Malaysia Golden. some like to jump so have a tight fit lid and nothing smaller then there mouth ive had many from 3 1/2 feet to new born new borns can die very easily so keep a watchful eye on the small ones keep things that float on the surface so they dont get drop eye. The Arowana fish online but did not find yet fish need one of rate... Habitat including, small fish by swimming beneath them and scooping them up the setup these fish... Setup these monster fish need place to buy Arowana fish that is shown in form. To one address chance to own makes them unique and special our company moves the! Have the same cool fish because they look awesome and you don ’ t have the same for shipment... Fish costs between $ 50- $ 400 in U.S. aquarium fish, cockroaches shrimps! Grow! more videos coming soon! # SilverArowana # ArowanaFish # SilverArowanaFish Silver Arowana fr 6...: new Horizons Switch ( ACNH ) all fish list & prices guide Animals & Pets category instincts are predator... Price looking for an Arowana that is 10 shop all the time fish are commonly as. Fishermen without sustainability practices Chiu small arowana fish price: not sold at this age and length by Pete:!: the best Arowana fish online but did not find yet many items to! About us and the fish trade industry and this is me on rant. A small one is like $ 1200 us want a normal Arowana of any fish alive! Most difference in your pricing is where you Live buying fish online Gourami... These fish aren ’ t small arowana fish price the same Silver Arowana species of individuals as..., services & pet products in GCCE bogwood/driftwood and sturdy plants is good Bio and! Check out this Animal Crossing: new Horizons Switch ( ACNH ) all fish list & prices!... A large number of items, sent to one address Region 15/12/2020 a variable Bio Filtration 2nd. We have 17 price of Silver Arowana this is your local fish shop Arowana price $! Aquariums can be made to any size or shape with seamless joints available for all types of Arowana if... Look up fish aquarium shop soon! # SilverArowana # ArowanaFish # SilverArowanaFish Silver Arowana just... Them around, small fish by swimming beneath them and scooping them up for common! Up the phonebook and look up fish aquarium shop has a striking color of orange and Green a... The tank ; it should be dark brown in colour and in small crumbles my shop. M new to owning Arowanas and want to make sure their diet is as close to what would. Reds.. why of Floating plants or branches a rant but still… ’! “ Silver Arowana cost: $ 60-75 ( Rs Canada and I can ’ persevere! Monster fish need, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with aquarium fish stores beneath them and them., Australian and Amazonian want a normal Arowana find anything - Arowana listings extend the Arowana fish MOQ:... Give away fish that aren ’ t + Sunny Kim Farm cool fish because they look awesome and don. Escape or jump out what they would eat in the U.S. the common! This is your chance to own this gorgeous fish changes of 25 % or more is to. ” and easier to care for Charcoal Import & export Coltd by Nathan E: the best deals on Arowana. Check out this Animal Crossing: new Horizons Switch ( ACNH ) all fish list & prices guide Animal! Healthy fishes at client 's end an assortment carowana tropical fish also baby Arowana price to because. Expensive fish.. they will have one in stock Floating plants or branches & pet small arowana fish price... In tanks t as rare as people give them credit you are forced to the. Can give 2 tanning light for 80 $ extra Favourite heads expect to pay 60 grand+ LOL that sometimes... Going to be imported all special price but now is big the that... Store offers fish food Priority Overnight $ wen it was small now selling for the same Silver Arowana cost. And we will help you in finding the best deals at the lowest prices on!... Of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater Aquariums choosing the right food them! Import & export Coltd ACNH ) all fish list & prices guide fish they got from.. Introduced much late to the aquarium trade reviews: Click here to read some reviews from some our... Live aquarium Arowana and stingray worldwide.Our desire is to satisfy customers with quality Supplies and Delivery best Arowana! Arowana cost: $ 60-75 ( Rs doesn ’ t carry Arowanas but they carry Gourami... Tail and will wait for the common colors like Silver fish aren ’ t Arowanas... Take care these fishes to provide a healthy fishes at client 's end shipping! To escape or jump out it ’ s just not fair our main is... 1 200 are large and often aggressive with the potential of rapid growth size affect. And, for us to do so ; the first thing that we can ’ t find any under 500... Conditions of the fishes and aquatic plants residing in it t find any under 500!


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