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Having seven stroppy teenagers to contend with was probably something Kenny and Bobbi found difficult, but they never let it show in their interviews. To be honest, it does not look bad at all. Perhaps that’s why this story is something quite incredible. The septuplets were not born due to a crazy genetic coincidence between Bobbi and Kenny Sr. (AP) The mother who made national headlines in the 1980’s after she gave birth to seven children has died. They can spend on average $300 each month on groceries. Legal Statement. According to Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey, during the earliest months of their lives, the babies were getting through 52 diapers every single day. However, as opposed to the praise and help which was heaped upon the McCaughey family, Suleman has gotten death threats and derision in the media. It even seems as if she has a new beau. They had people from all over the community coming in to help take care of all of the children. The last time a big media fuss occurred was on their 18th birthday. After the initial buzz around the McCaughey septuplets had died down, the family decided to keep out of the public eye. Little did they know that they were soon to have a much bigger family…. She seems to be doing a lot of work with her sister at their local child care center and having a great time with her friends. Kelsey seems to be enjoying her time at Hannibal – LaGrange University, doing everything from pumpkin picking and hanging out with friends – at least according to her social media page. Considering seven babies were squeezed into one womb, this could be seen as an absolute miracle. Phew! Now, what is a man to do once he becomes an empty nester? Van Houten lived in the Holland area in western Michigan. (AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Cory Olsen) ALL LOCAL TV OUT; LOCAL TV INTERNET OUT(The Associated Press), In this photo taken on Jan. 21, 2005, Ben Van Houten looks back to make sure his wife Amy and the rest of their sextuplets are following close behind while arriving for a Hamilton High School girls volleyball game in Hamilton, Mich. A relative says Ben Van Houten suffered a fatel heart attack Wednesday night, April 9, 2014, after setting up a trampoline at his home in the Holland-area in western Michigan. Alexis was the top of her high school and wants to become a teacher one day. In fact, they’ve always come across as a pretty perfect family despite their struggles. Some people thought they were selfish for not taking the selective reduction route, as it meant that there would be a better chance of all the remaining babies to live healthy lives. They're now 10 years old, and they have a 7-year-old sister. This is another way for them to keep their grocery bill down as low as possible. She also seems to still have a very close relationship with all of her brothers and sisters. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Legal Statement. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Only around birthdays would Bobbi post an update on how the children were doing, trying to ensure they lived as normal a life as possible. Of course, when news like this breaks, it quickly spreads. They spent a lot of time with doctors, discussing the best way forward. HOLLAND, Mich. – The 39-year-old father of Michigan's first surviving set of sextuplets suffered a heart attack and died after setting up a trampoline for his children, a relative said. When they were first born, the septuplets were offered an extraordinary opportunity – scholarships for the Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri. It’s just been getting better and better.” That’s dedication! What’s college without at least a little bit of romance, right? She is married and has had her first child. He said, “I taught myself how to walk because I really wanted to learn. Kenny and Bobbi declined selective reduction to give their babies a better chance, saying they would put the decision in God’s hands. Ben Van Houten died Wednesday night, said Sue Herweyer of Dykstra Life Story Funeral Homes in Holland. However, despite the complexities of the arguments, the McCaughey family is against selective reduction, saying “Well, come to our house, and tell me which four I shouldn’t have had!”. Other than Alexis and Natalie, who both want to become teachers one day. After news of the birth spread, and during the first years of the babies’ lives, the McCaughey family would receive an incredible amount of donations from well-wishers. But the McCaughey family decided to forego that route. Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey were already proud parents before they had their septuplets. The McCaughey family were famous, and making headlines all over the world. In an interview given to NBC about the kids leaving the home, the parents say that while it may be easier now that the children have left in terms of groceries and toiletries, it is in some ways more difficult, as they worry for each of their children. Each of the seven children have all made their own choices in life, along with the help of their parents and their older sister. They ranged in weight from 2lb 5oz up to 3lb 4oz, but all seemed healthy enough after the C-section. HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) — The 39-year-old father of Michigan's first surviving set of sextuplets suffered a heart attack and died after setting up a trampoline for his children, a relative said. Many people ask why, especially given the fact that both families are so similar. There is a movement in the United States which aims to get people to have less children. Well, you can be like Kenny McCaughey, buy a motorcycle, and ride around the United States. In fact, when the kids were at home, the family was doing 17 loads a week. She also did extremely well in high school, finishing in the top 15% of the class. When the McCaughey septuplets turned 13, in 2010, TLC made a documentary about their lives so far and their thirteenth birthday. All had their own hobbies and kept themselves busy. Lexi has a muscular disorder which made it difficult to eat, while Natalie had a form of severe acid reflux which caused her enormous pain any time she ate. Well, the answer to that is probably no. The McCaughey septuplets (born November 19, 1997) (pronounced "McCoy"), are septuplets born to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in Des Moines, Iowa. She started taking part in beauty pageants specifically for children with special needs. Bobbi said of her busy children, “It’s fun to see the work pay off.”. Some of these included a 5,000 square foot house, nanny services, a year’s worth of free mac and cheese from Kraft, diapers, and even a van.


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