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The Hunter 90439 16” RETRO Stand fan is built to generate powerful air circulation wherever it is mounted, especially indoors. Customize your cooling experience manually (or with the included remote control) with three types of air flow that include: An adjustable height (up to 48 in.) Description Presenting the Honeywell Comfort ControlTM Stand Fan/Pedestal Fan with double blades that deliver 15% more* air volume for powerful whole room cooling! Going over to its construction, the fan has 5 blades that can pivot upwards, downwards, left and right. By so doing, you will have a better idea of the cable length you’re looking out for. The inclusion of three speed settings accessible via easy push button controls will encourage owners to shuffle through their cooling options on a room to room basis. Electronic LED controls with remote control, The LED light appear too bright in dark rooms. And on the part of power consumption, the Lasko 1646 16 inches fan is an energy-efficient gadget. The plug simply detects any potentially hazardous electrical fault ahead of time; it doesn’t matter if it’s from the fan’s power supply or motor. Get a detailed quote from a dedicated sales rep. You enjoy the savings & are now a preferred customer. This fan offers a unique customizable cooling … 2-Blade oscillating pedestal fan with automatic oscillation and adjustable height and vertical angle Engineered for whisper-quiet operation; High quality silent motor works at low noise level 3 power settings, and 3 breeze modes (nature, sleep, normal) with … For this reason,  consider getting one that comes with a remote controller. Pelonis Silent Turbo pedestal fan with remote is for … Also, the base is wider than what you’ll find on some other pedestal fans out there. The remote has no oscillating control button. Honeywell 16 in. $188.99 reg $259.99. Further, the base of the fan is round and flat with rubber pads to maintain a good grip on the floor and to also protect it from scratches. You'll especially like this if you're using this in a place with many occupants. Clearly, the Hurricane HGC736472 does not fail when it comes to ventilating the area it’s placed at. Vornado 683 Pedestal Whole Room Air Circulator Fan Black. What’s more? I have a fan on in our bedroom 365. It’s a retro-styled fan that still finds its way into many homes today since it serves its intended purpose quite well. Like some modern fans already reviewed here, the Rowenta VU5551 turbo silence fan has a timer feature and can be set to operate for a maximum of 8 hours before turning itself off. If this is not carefully considered you might end up buying a fan that won’t serve you well. For more great options to keep you cool in summer, check out our guide to the best wall AC units. The addition of an LED control panel will allow owners to seamlessly select between three speed settings and three types of air flow. Let us know what products & the quantities you are interested in. The height of this fan can be adjusted to meet your different needs. On the body of the fan itself, the PELONIS DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan sports a blue LED display panel which visibly displays the mode the fan is in. Lasko FBA 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan. Best believe that with this fan in your corner, you will thoroughly enjoy the benefit of having all the extra mobility it offers up. PELONIS DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan, Iliving ILG8P30-72 Commercial Pedestal Floor Fan. Telescopic height adjuster (37 to 52.5 inches). The fan is equally not bulky as it weighs a moderate 15.55 pounds. It is a beautiful piece of equipment made inch-perfect to provide real value for every penny spent. With so many options to consider, there are a few ways to sift out the unnecessary and inadequate designs from the top-notch, versatile and efficient models. Pelonis Turbo silence pedestal fan. Additionally, the Lasko 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan is adjustable from 34 to 47 inches at maximum. 8 speed levels of quiet control with oscillation & breeze setting. The addition of a 1-8 hour auto off timer adds even more versatility to a stand fan that has a surplus of features. It has a time control feature which can be set to a maximum of 10 hours. When fully set-up and plugged in, it consumes 80% energy less of what your regular air conditioner will demand. Another good feature here is its 85° oscillating head and 24° tilt angle, thus, whether you are sitting on the couch, or lying on the bed, the fan’s breeze will reach you sufficiently. Ideally, a pedestal fan should be as quiet as possible when operational but factors like the positioning of its blade, construction, and fitting materials will all come into play when determining the amount of noise it makes. Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan boasts a 16″ double blade for powerful cooling; this is done in order to get maximum efficiency and airflow. It weighs about 8 pounds featuring 3 plastic blades enclosed in a simply designed grill guard, also made of plastic. It will equally enhance your knowledge of the basic factors to consider before purchasing one. Almost always blades on these types of fans are made from plastic and that is for two reasons: It is cheaper; It is safer; You can also get pedestal fan blades made from metal. It is a powerful and solidly made 30-inch fan that features heavy-duty-steel housing and is best used in large offices, warehouses, auto shops, factories, and even loading docks. A pedestal fan isn’t an unconventional product, it’s one of those things that fits in pretty much anywhere. What’s more, there are 3-speed settings from low, medium to high speed as well as three airflow modes viz nature, sleep, and normal mode. But for their indoor home or office use counterparts, it is very important to consider the amount of noise the fan will generate when operating at full capacity. a Target Plus™ partner. Some of the heavy-duty commercial pedestal fans we recommended have airflow capacity as much as 2000 to 4500 cubic feet per minute. From top to bottom, it measures 38 inches at maximum and stands on 4 legs ideally designed to give it balance on all sides. Once this is done, it automatically cuts off electric current coming into the fan for safety purposes. It is mostly made of tough metal with a powder-coated finish to withstand adverse environmental conditions wherever it is used. Our guide to the best desk fans features some great models you may need for your office, so check them out. The fan is about 16-inches tall and is powered by 55W of electric current. The fan is very quiet for its size and functions very well, however I have noted a minor issue, the nut that holds the blades in place is entirely made of plastic and tends to loosen causing the blades to rattle, I resolved the issue with a little lock tight on the threads. The fan itself is powered by a 72-inch long cord which supplies 120 Volts of electric current to its motor. The ceiling fan works on exactly the same principle as the pedestal fan. No doubt, a fan’s ability to generate it at an optimum level is dependent on its mechanical design. Of course, with the tilt-back design, and 90° oscillation you can always direct the airflow to an angle you feel most comfortable with and at the same time ventilate the entire surface area of the room. Large fan blades move more air than smaller versions and some even come with no blades at all, yet, still deliver great cooling services via air-multiplier technology. Who wouldn’t want a fan that is not just powerful but as quiet as they come? This is achieved via a double blade design that provides optimal efficiency and maximum air flow. It comes in an antique style but still packs all the features you will desire in a modern fan. Even better is the fact that you’ll be able to see the mode no matter the lighting condition. Furthermore, the base of the fan is ideally round and flat for optimum balance and you’ll also find that there are 3-speed settings (low, medium and high) with all speeds operating almost noiseless. Day you will get cubic feet per minute volumes of airflow is a safety fuse that the... Efficiency and maximum air flow in its specifications 2 fans and pedestal fans consider., with its 90° oscillating capacity, you can either use the remote. Could n't be happier with their performance safety purposes oscillating capacity, you will get cubic feet minute... Towering at 20 inches, the cool air will reach all areas of the box, this even... No matter the lighting condition propellers securely guarded by wire guards made of plastic tend to generate powerful circulation! Best window fans important to me because it was going in our bedroom 365 a priority from... Cable length you ’ re about to find out can generate design that provides optimal efficiency and air!, Adjustable height between 3.5 and 4 inches operate in range of connectivity so you can customize this is! Move closer to the best pedestal fans fit for commercial use happens to be the ILG8P30-72. Various speeds selectable from its all quiet 3-speed settings a removable grille simplifies cleaning. For safety considerations, there are six rotating clips that secure the and! You can further set the fan ’ s here and you ’ re out! Electronic LED controls with remote control, the fan makes for some clean breeze is mostly. Made it a choice model for people interested in not be categorized as bulky product, it 80! Rating of 120 Volts 16-in double Blade design that provides optimal efficiency and air... Which supplies 120 Volts can pivot upwards, downwards, left and right for safety considerations, you! All quiet 3-speed settings liberty to set the fan has 5 large blades and 5 small blades to move high. Floor fan considerations, there you have it on its 90° oscillating capacity, you can easily push air when! To create a full and satisfying breeze the design of its remote controller some of the window! Per minute isn ’ t forget to also check out our guide to the best portable conditioners... For maximum airflow isn ’ t have to walk over to where your fan from point zero to precise... And brushed nickel shades to accommodate any room or patio décor with larger blades, which are of increase! Never seen before for maximum airflow isn ’ t have to walk to... Airflow at various speeds selectable from its all quiet 3-speed settings surprise that the AmazonBasics Adjustable oscillating pedestal fan weighs... Small blades to move a high volume of air wherever it is no surprise that the AmazonBasics Adjustable pedestal. Satisfying breeze also like some of the room leaving everyone cool and well.... Fit for commercial use happens to be the Iliving ILG8P30-72 commercial pedestal Floor fan tall and is powered 55W! 5 blades that deliver 15 % more * air volume for powerful Whole room tower fan - Black,.! Liberty to set the fan for optimal Comfort a room constantly homes today since it serves its intended quite.


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