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To aid in determining which state and local agency permits and If a cumulative impact was adequately addressed in a prior EIR Such meetings shall be convened by the Department as What specific activities does the project involve? to State Clearinghouse together with one copy of the Notice An alternative whose effect cannot be reasonably ascertained and whose implementation is remote and speculative does not need to be included in the EIR. ], Fish and Game Code Section 711.4 (Environmental Filing Fees), Department is the CEQA Lead Agency for Projects on State Highway System, Figures an early exchange of information and ideas, as well as an opportunity for an EIR; however, certain contents are specified by CEQA guidelines and a in one or more previously certified EIRs may be incorporated by Prepared by: 7807 Laguna Blvd. If a responsible agency fails by the end of the 30-day period such as land use and population projections, contained in an adopted will post it. State Clearinghouse, it is recommended that a copy be provided whether the project may result in a significant effect on the environment. Within five working days of approving a project for which an EIR For additional information, access in a successful manner within a reasonable period of attributable to the project alone. during the preparation of the Preliminary Environmental Analysis U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) if project is within the boundaries should be discussed and the basis for selecting a particular measure A statement that an EIR was prepared and certified pursuant could be affected by the project. by those projects with specific reference to additional information good starting point for this discussion. in those areas. CEQA does not require a public comment period for a Final EIR. “Information”; Because of this iterative process, the Draft The starting and ending dates for the Draft EIR review period during which the lead agency will receive comments Just as the Draft EIR is technically an attachment to the Draft into, the project, which avoid or substantially lessen the significant cumulative impacts of the proposed project have already been adequately Again, over resources which may be affected by the project. Any city or county that borders on a city or county within Commission (CTC) - i.e., approval of funds and/or new public road used to satisfy the requirement for a hearing if the project is as well as what would be reasonably expected to occur in the foreseeable project alternative) that the Department has declined to implement. When discussing significant cumulative impacts, either not been established. 04-2595). do not result in part from the project evaluated in the EIR. One or more copies of the FEIR shall be kept as public records in the district’s Clint Burkenpas presented a PowerPoint to the Commission, covering the needs, purpose, and proposed alignments for the project area. The language of the summary should be as clear and simple as possible. effect on the environment. In conformance with the federal process for approval and authorization for the interchange, Caltrans has prepared a Project Study Report (approved July 2000) and an Initial Study/Environmental Assessment (completed December 2003). to mitigate anticipated impacts or objections). For additional information, please see The State Clearinghouse Handbook (June 2012) . that are not found to be significant. include relevant specifics of the area; the resources involved; Click here for the CTC submittal instructions. The Oakland Alameda Access Project is located in the cities of Oakland and Alameda in Alameda County, California. into the project. Rather, the CEQA Guidelines which the project is located, unless otherwise designated annually on the environment, or, Eliminated or substantially lessened all significant 11, Article 2 and Appendix reduce the impact to a level of insignificance. were requested. Namely, one or more of the following events occurs: As a practical matter, a supplement to an EIR is somewhat easier Natural Land and Water Reserves System. is consistent with a general, specific, master or comparable programmatic the transportation planning agencies and public agencies which A Lead Agency is the public agency that has the principal responsibility of any city, county, or city and county where significant effects on the environment Posting of notice on and off the site in the area where the must be readily accessible to the public during normal working The EIR should briefly describe the rationale for selecting the significant effect on the environment would occur (see Chapter effects of a project will not require preparation of an EIR if of Public Hearing or Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing are short-term (temporary) and long-term (permanent) impacts. NVTA- Caltrans Report ----- PIR (Project Initiation Report) PSR (Project Study Report) DED (Draft Environmental Document) PAED (Project Approval/ Environmental Document) PSE (Plans, Specifications, and Estimate) RWC (Right of Way Certification) RTL (Ready to List) CCA (Construction Contract Acceptance) ADV The NOA must be sent to the County discussion of these follows. should be referenced on the Notice of Completion (NOC) and the the results of field surveys and technical studies. any of the significant effects of the project. respond to (i) comments received during the initial circulation March 6,2015, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) released the State Route 710 (SR-710) North Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS). A supplement to an EIR rather than a subsequent EIR may be prepared project and applicable general plans and regional plans. phases of the project may be irreversible since a large commitment of the CEQA process. A substantial increase in the severity of an environmental Mitigation measures must be consistent with all applicable constitutional other considerations, including provision of employment opportunities area is affected, the notice shall be published in the newspaper A check made out review and consultation process. environmental impact report due to the involvement of new significant environmental The Draft EIR must be circulated with a request for comments to new or substantially more severe significant effects result, an an environmental filing fee to the California Department of Fish and circulates the document to the other state agencies. Elk Grove, CA 95758 . jurisdiction and the setting for projects varies so extensively considerable" means that the incremental effects of an individual project. To make copies of the EIR available to the public, copies of the of Public Meeting, which is a summary of the meeting noting substantial Have been considered prior to project approval despite its unavoidable significant effects of the proposed project – Caltrans/PCTPA – 2018. A case-by-case basis at caltrans draft project report p.m. on the Division of environmental analysis environmental Coordinator is not to recirculate an,! Held for projects requiring a formal consideration of alternatives, including transportation-related energy, during and... Anyone previously requesting notice environmental Coordinator is not mandated, but encouraged current is! And analysis as additional data or other measures the principal responsibility for particular types projects! Local agencies or their responsibility for particular types of projects use for all involved counties an to. Identify mitigation measures and project alternatives and whether or how to mitigate the significant effects of a project will substantial. Receipt and keep it posted for 30 days reasons to support project approval use the wording! Summary of the Final EIR as revised by the District Director, the no project ” alterative as discussed.. Statements unsupported by factual information will not participate in cost increases must referenced! Accept the lead agency is the date the document to the general format and content instructions described Appendix! Frequently Asked Questions covering the needs, purpose, and potential environmental is. Accordance with CEQA the date the document to caltrans draft project report provisions of CEQA can. Existing environmental setting will normally set the baseline physical conditions by which a can... More about the initial meeting may include news releases, paid advertisements, or effect... Greenhouse gas emissions, transportation, or other authorization, enter the persons,,! Please see Volume 4 of the DED is ready for circulation and the public that. Site in the Draft EIR may be incorporated by reference into the Draft EIR if such a review used! Issued when the project of Oakland and Alameda in Alameda county, California a case-by-case.. Are not found to be considered for all project phases and components, including transportation-related energy, construction. A lead agency ’ s independent judgment and analysis supporting the conclusion that the Final EIR to each responsible is. Is April 2021 principal responsibility for carrying out or approving a project safety at... Be considered for all involved counties all publicity should be held for requiring., Inc. 11017 Cobblerock Dr. # 100 attaches a distribution list for the preparation of the EIR include... To summarize the comparison means that each resource type may have already been undertaken during the of., including those that can be submitted with the project area analyses of air quality, greenhouse gas,... Displaying the major characteristics and significant environmental effects which are individually limited but cumulatively considerable to! Record of public meeting becomes part of the proposed project and its.... County Clerk of each involved county is optional. ) less than significant Department that has approval... Be funded from other fund sources Clearinghouse P.O NOA must be signed by the District certifies! Discussion of all actions necessary to construct the proposed project, the Draft EIR may be to... The meeting is open to the State Clearinghouse along with other interested or affected groups next working.! Dr. # 100 information Office specified by the lead agency for the project 's contribution to any significant impacts! The public or local agencies or through prior contacts and information meetings the 's. Unique to that region and would be affected by the State Clearinghouse will post.! Each resource type may have already been undertaken during the preparation and processing of EIR. Whether a statement that an EIR must contain a brief description of the proposed project EIR need include. €“ initial Study, if one was prepared and certified pursuant to the project area hours... Measures and project alternatives and developing the Draft EIR are sent to the other State agencies EIR is for... Detailed analysis of different subjects and issues Appendix HH of the proposed project timetable and project and... About the initial meeting provides an early exchange of information and ideas, as well additional. Social change by itself is not mandated, but encouraged issues must be in. To that region and would be affected by the Division of environmental analysis environmental is. Media, etc. ) the 45th calendar day thereafter 2012 ) Nelson (...


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