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Slide Guitar Songs. The are many slide guitar masterpieces in his repertoire, such as Stones in My Passway and Terraplane Blues, among others. In the hands of an expert exponent, it’s a thing of wonder. The below list includes some of the best slide guitar songs by some amazing slide guitarists: Statesboro Blues by The Allman Brothers Band; Dust My Broom by Elmore James Rollin And Tumblin Acoustic. His premature death at the age of 27 was reported to have been the result of being poisoned by a jealous husband of a woman he was sleeping with, but later accounts dispel this legend, citing the cause of death as syphilis. And it’s got a long tradition in the history of the blues, reaching back to Charlie Patton, Blind… Led Zeppelin. Eric Clapton. Tags: Allman Brothers, best slide guitar song, best slide guitarist, Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, electric slide, Elmore James, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Pedal Steele, Robert Johnson, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Sacred Steele, Slide Guitar, Sonny Landreth, The White Stripes Categories: List, Top 15 Posts Pay attention to the tuning in each song + 408. Q: What are some cool slide guitar songs? The song has two guitar tracks, Winter’s two, one with slide and one without, which sound at the same time - and the result is magnificent and became one of the favorite songs of Brian Jones (another one that could appear on that list). 25 Blues Slide Guitar Songs You Must Hear Slide guitar – it’s sweet, it’s gritty, it’s sensual, it reaches right inside and grabs your innards. In My Time Of Dying. More Great Slide Guitar Songs. 39. From Post in One-Man Bands > My good mate, customer and MandoHarp [1] endorsee, Bo Jenkins [2] on Howler cigar-box slide guitar, stomp boxes, Seydel Session Steel harmonica, and vocals. Posted Dec 02, 2016, 13 tabs. 3. guitar pro. Once you feel confident in the techniques and ideas from the above slide guitar songs, you can take a look at how other guitarists use the slide.


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