where was the battle of naseby
The Earl of Newcastle occupied the ridge with ten thousand men, having dragged the carcasses of two immense cannons behind him all the way. Parliament even established a committee to scrutinise the letters, and after wringing out every last detail, they handed them over the to their Scottish allies, using the findings as a means of keeping them on side. But, notwithstanding the promise of quarter, those defenceless men were every one butchered in cold blood by Leslie’s own orders, an indelible blot of savage cruelty and treachery on the glory and renown which he had gained abroad.’ (7) Dame CV Wedgewood stated in her book, ‘The ministers who attended [Leslie’s] army protested, and Leslie, weakly conceding that he had given quarter only to the commanders, allowed his men to slaughter first the camp followers, the women and boys, and later, on the march, little by little to hang and drown the men.’ (8) In Nov 1645, The Scottish Estates ordered the execution of any prisoners from the battle and in 1810, large quantities of bones and skulls were found near Newark Castle, in a field known as Slain Mens Lea. The problems had started in Glasgow. A Battle that took place during the First English Civil War. I hope you enjoy this insight into a part of the history of the English Civil War. Parliament had fled Edinburgh for the safety of Stirling, though it wasn’t just fear of Montrose that had the assembly on the run, but also the plague, which had them shift again, this time to Perth. Despite the flames, Cromwell, with fire in his belly, led his men in pursuit and exclaimed ‘to see this, is it not to see the face of God?’ The New Model Army took 2000 royalist infantrymen as prisoners and 1000 of their cavalry; it would now be a matter of time before Goring’s end was nigh. Some of the trapped Royalist infantry began to throw down their arms and call for quarter; others tried to conduct a fighting retreat. It occasioned Philip Wharton to write to the English Parliament: "Sir James Hackett this Day came from the Scottish Army, and made a Report unto us of a Fight that happened betwixt Lieutenant General Lesleye's Forces and Montrosse, at a Place near Silcreeke, about Twentysix Miles from this Town, where God of His great Mercy appeared mightily for us.


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