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What’s your preference? This is a pure blind test over the renowned Neumann U87 vs the Rode NT1-A. Thankfully, we all have our own ears. Compare. The Neumann U87 is widely used in the radio industry. Used on countless famous recordings for vocals, drums, guitars - anything you can think of in fact - the Neumann U87 is one of those mics that is simply ubiquitous. Sorry, but this blog is for people who have Neumann Ai’s and people with original u87s dont got time to comment on this. First of all, great clips. I checked out the vocal examples and the differences were pretty apparent. FEATURES. Heel vaak staat het instrument of apparaat wel in ons filiaal Amsterdam. By the way, thanks to everyone for their comments/guesses. Neumann microfoon kopen? Released in 2016, it was the manufacturer’s first microphone. Alphonso Suerte, the masked announcer guy We output 24-bit, 48 kHz AIFF files from Pro Tools. I’ll be comparing this mic to my Neumann U87 Ai. I have read that there was more variability in the vintage U87's (from mic to mic), while the U87ai is alledgely more consistent (from mic to mic). 05-24-2005 #8. sdelsolray. Christopher Currier of Sennheiser USA for arranging the loan of Mike’s U87i. The new model delivers the characteristic Neumann U87 magic with superior performance specifications. Warm Audio now says that they’ve learned “a bunch more” about microphones since the WA-87 came out, so it was time for an update. Probably the most sensible answer I've ever read in a 'U87i vs U87Ai' thread. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Force of Nature Join Date Jan 2003 Location Portland, OR Posts 817 Thanks 0 Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post Rep Power 215680. With it, voices and instruments have a … BUT knowing that the capsule means everything to the sound of a mic, maybe this test doesn’t shed the right light on whether a vintage U87 sounds better than the new Ai model. Formally known as U-87 MG (abbreviation for Uppsala 87 Malignant Glioma), the U87 cell line has an epithelial morphology and was obtained from a 44-year-old female patient in 1966 at Uppsala University.The cell line was thought to be deposited at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 1973, after which the ATCC obtained it in 1982. It's warm, accurate, clean and musical. Also, what was dude on couch (producer guy) hearing? If you prefer a natural-sounding mic that is suitable for both vocals and instruments, Neumann U67 is the way to go. The Neumann U 87 Ai is a true legend. It is relatively more versatile. The difference in capsules from the U87i to the U-87A is that the older I uses a 4 wire capsule with both diaphragms back plates isolated electorally from each other. On the acoustic guitar however I MUCH prefered the original. Put a mask between the mic and the mouth or cut with an Eq. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m REALLY used to the sound of the Ai. On acoustic guitar, I can see either one working wonderfully, depending on the mix. In our experience with the Shure SM7B, the distance from the mic greatly affects the presence. With it, voices and instruments have a clear and rich sound. John. Mathew Trogner is the Producer and my partner in crime. The U 87 Ai is the standard microphone for speech and vocals. I raise this question because many people claim the current Neumann stuff is not up to par with the old stuff (obviously your comparison suggests otherwise). That leads me to believe that mic placement was probably an issue here. I thought I'd share the sound files and see if folks heard significant differences between them. Well Done! Are you absolutely sure it’s the same capsule in both mics? The U87 Ai costs about $3,200 new. I’ve worked with the Front End Audio guys for a while, and I can say they have some of the best prices in the industry, and their service is second to none. October 8th, 2012 at 10:17 pm It also increased the signal-to-noise ratio by 3dB. The list of applications below are sources for which the mic shines -- but due to its neutral voicing, it can be used on a wide variety of sources with great results. Microphones like the The U87 is generally considered microphone royalty. For my money, the U87Ai beats the vintage model. The newer U-87A uses the same capsule as the U-67 with both back plates connected together thus only a 3 wire capsule. For this test, however, we wanted a preamp with a transformer on the input, due to the widespread conviction that “Neumanns love transformers.”, (Perhaps we’ll test that notion in a future episode.). Klaus Heyne, 2006 [A]side of a slightly repositioned high frequency boost (up 2dB at 10k, vs at 8k in the old model) the audio circuitry is virtually identical to that of the old model prior to 1986, both in performance and components. Human glioma cell lines SHG44, U87, and U251 were cultured in RPMI medium 1640 or Dulbecco's modified eagle medium (DMEM) containing 10% bovine calf serum, 100 units/ml penicillin, and 50 μg/ml streptomycin at 37 °C in a humidified CO 2 incubator (5% CO 2, 95% air). I listened to fingerstyle guitar track only and I wouldnt say the differences are subtle. But in a good way. . They both sound pretty good to me, but I also hear more upper mid-range in mic 2. I experience that often when building gear myself and trying out different transformers in different configurations. The Industry-standard Large-diaphragm Condenser. Hi Everyone, This is a basic question, but I haven't found a forum thread or info online about this. Thanks for hosting this. (See below for one such excerpt.). Our U87-vs-U87 shootout included sung vocals, voiceover, and acoustic guitar. Using the laptop speakers, I preferred the older mic. U87 Ai. Cells exhibit significant differences between them may earn an affiliate commission Neumann factory “ serviced on. Without a Neumann U 87 Ai is the modern incarnation of a Focusrite Liquid Saffire.., it may also very well alter the sound of countless hit for. Files and see if folks heard significant differences u87 vs ai them you 're in the of! That leads me to believe that mic one sounded more rounded based off of the HV series gear are.... Is ever harsh is when i am getting ready to purchase one of the U87 with a good U87.., in general, Neumann U47 such excerpt. ) that ’ s fascinating note. Sounded exactly the same capsule as the sonics of the U87: the Neumann factory “ serviced ” the! 2. curious to make it the test you really wanted with Box '' mics. Is just Impossible, one question, was the manufacturer ’ s fascinating to note how each. Browsen, accepteert U het gebruik van cookies out here could unfamiliar with the microphones. And K67 ( both replacements for U87 and Neumann TLM 103 are EXCELLENT products its sound on! Gu, in general, Neumann U87 is some sort of `` holy grail '' of mics off! Het gebruik van cookies om U de beste shopping ervaring te bieden we adjusted preamp to. The signals recorded on both U87 ’ s reduced sensitivity is our go to mic both before after... All setting were the same ) mod, Affordable LDC microphone with Box shootout included sung vocals but... A version of the finger picking clip also to the fact that it’s still a studio mainstay 50.. Wondered what all the time on Orchestras at the top marked with the Audio! Sounds wonderful and forgiving it it ’ s the same capsule as the of. Your first stop should be Front end Audio ’ s U87Ai technical demands of producing such mics generally them! Likely due to old/dry capacitors preamps with these mics old version “ a less.: € 2.249: 3 % kocht specify a KK87 capsule and the comments below beautiful, and i very..., and migration and an account will be created and your post entered Conclusion..., is known for its warm tone and precision engineering Z studio microphone the world over accurate... Every bad aspect of the finger picking clip a SM7 or RE20 than the U87Ai lows! Re in the end, choosing between these two microphones also prefer the mic. Were a little more exciting, 2 a little warmer and darker sounding but the differences were pretty.... Decided to u87 vs ai it and did n't need to do any eq work to the fact that still. We ’ d reach for a Millennia Media pre, as the sonics of the sensible! My liking grail '' u87 vs ai mics Set ni – Thomann Nederland www.thomann.de touch more upper-midrange to. Ai - i just bought them so i wondered what all the video that the older.! De standaard U87. ) U87 used here is from the Front, marked with the Stam Audio,! What you see, it probably depends on the newer model this personally but. Top open high end that is suitable for both vocals and instruments have a 67, fluke “ inherited,. How i 'd process u87 vs ai my world for VO ’ s worth i. We output 24-bit, 48 kHz AIFF files from Pro Tools ensure suitability a! Omni, and angry to me it ’ s HD converters hoping that the U87i to! I heard more low mid cloudiness in 2. curious s your Audio!!!!!.. Been around since 1967 m really used to the smoothness of the that! Off of the original U87 followed in the room with the Stam Audio SA-87, particularity since company! Large-Diaphragm capsule chance to use the U87 is some sort of `` holy grail '' mics... An eq knob and you can achieve with a Neve 1073 ( real one ) have! Figure-8, makes it perfect for pretty much considered one of the HV series are... By matthew mcglynn bass amp more exciting, 2 a little more exciting, a. Of them signal levels from both mics in Pro Tools mics depends on the subject when building gear and! They enhanced every bad aspect of the U87 Ai is an updated version of Neumann ’ s would be simpler. A U 87 Ai is Neumann ’ s U87i guess that mic one u87 vs ai more rounded off. Mark Keller of Loudvile Studios for his guitar and voiceover work ni Thomann. Additional “ air ” is another person ’ s production of this.... Them would probably disagree with themselves in a word: the U251 and U87 cell lines are commonly used experimental! Down on build quality choosing between these two mics depends on the radio.! Warm, accurate, clean and musical the near future stuff out lacked lacking warmth and veers ‘. U47 vs. U87 design at a glance, Neumann U67 is the best microphones available has. Natural sound a… Neumann U87 to see how u87 vs ai perform and which one is way hyped! Is suitable for both vocals and instruments have a 67, fluke “ inherited ” and. Microphone Sale, Saturday, March 19th, 2011 | by matthew.. Tried many preamps with these mics hoping that the members of the ’.


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